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  1. Hi. After using the site for a long time, I only just noticed that there is an overlay button in the bottom right of many pages, with two up chevrons, which only appears after I scroll down, so I assume it is supposed to scroll the page back up to the top. It doesn't do anything when I click it. I tried on My Set Lists, My Lost Parts and a set page (e.g. 4202-1), as well as many others, and I didn't find any page where it does something. I'm using Firefox with Windows 7. I haven't tried any other browser or OS. When I hover over the button, I see the URL of the page with "#" after it. I don't know if it is related, but I see the following in the JS console, repeating rapidly: TypeError: w.easing[this.easing] is not a function[Learn More] jquery-3.3.1.min.js:2:55877 TypeError: w.easing[this.easing] is not a function 2 55877 TypeError: "w.easing[this.easing] is not a function" lostparts:5204:9 Nathan
  2. Hi. When viewing a set that is in my sets lists, I haven't been able to find an easy way to see which parts are marked as lost. Instead, I have been opening My Lost Parts and then selecting the set from the Sets drill down filter. It's quite a few steps to get from one to the other, and there are two points in the process where I have to wait for unnecessary stuff to load, and I think it would make sense to have a button or link or something on the set page which lets you see lost parts easier. Nathan
  3. Hi. Is there a specific reason that Tags in My Set Lists, and Sets in My Lost Parts, don't have a "Full" button next to the "All", "None" and "Clear" buttons? Functionally, clicking "Full" is the same as clicking "Clear" and then expanding the drill down again. Nathan
  4. Yeah, all back to normal, thanks!
  5. Hi. There used to be check boxes in several places that have gone missing: The "Include in build calculations" check box is missing next to each parts list in My Parts List. The check boxes are missing next to drill down options. For example, when viewing My Sets Lists, I can drill down into Tags and each tag should have a check box next to it. It appears that all drill down lists are affected, including My Lost Parts, My Parts Lists and My Custom Lists. While it's possible that there could have been an intentional change to remove the "Include in build calculations" check box, it appears to be unintentional for drill down lists. These drill down lists still have buttons "All" and "None" at the top, and clicking them has no visual affect. Alternately, it could be that all the check boxes were removed intentionally, but the "All" and "None" buttons were accidentally left in. If it's the later then please consider putting the check boxes back, because they were really useful! Note that when logged out or viewing another user's My Parts Lists, I see non-interactive check marks next to parts lists which are enabled for build calculations. This doesn't seem to be browser related. I tried in Chrome and Firefox. This doesn't seem to be OS related. I tried in Windows 7 and Ubuntu 16. The screen shot below shows the My Parts Lists side panel. I was expecting check boxes next to each Part List and next to each Category. Note the "All" and "None" buttons. Nathan
  6. Hi. I can see that sharing My Custom Lists is possible, but what about My Parts Lists and My Lost Parts? Obviously a workaround currently is to export and then import into a custom list, but that's not very convenient (and I imagine doesn't help with server load). Also, what about sharing My Sets Lists? That would be really cool! Nathan
  7. Hi. The interface for managing parts that are lost from multiple sets (and spares) looks great, thanks! I've just been testing the changes and discovered one problem. When I first mark a part as lost, the validation on the maximum isn't being performed. To reproduce: Add a set to your set list and indicate that you have two copies of it. In the set's parts list, click on a part which is NOT already marked as lost. In the "My Lost Parts" tab, increase the number until it is more than the maximum should be. For example, the set has 4 parts and you've got 2 copies, set it to 9. Click "Add Lost Part". Expected result: Validation warning that you're trying to set the count too high. Actual result: No warning. The count, which is too high, is saved. Notes: If you mark the part as missing a valid number, then try to edit it and change it higher than allowed, it correctly warns that you can't set it that high. If you've set the count too high to start with, then try to decrease it to something that is still to high (say from 10 to 9 in my example above), then it'll give you the warning. Nathan
  8. Hi guys and girls. I just posted about this problem. Sorry for not just replying here - I only now discovered this thread (I was searching for "My Lost Parts Drill Downs". Anyway, check out my post. I'm pretty sure my specific reproduction steps might help you to find the specific problem. I think it's caused by two sets having identical lost parts lists (same part/colour, but quantities don't matter): Nathan
  9. Hi. I'm not sure that this is actually a bug, but it doesn't really make sense and there isn't enough information in the interface to deal with the problem without more info. The situation is that I added a part to My Lost Parts. Now I want to remove that part, because I've found it. The problem is that the Delete Lost Part button doesn't always show up. It seems that the button/lost part is linked to either the main parts list or the spare parts list, depending on where I mark the part as lost. Following the reproduction steps will make it easier to understand. To reproduce: Add a set to you My Sets list (I'm not sure if this step is required). Take a note of a part which is in the spare parts list. In the main parts list for that set, mark as lost the part which you noted in step 2. Call this the "first" missing part. In the spare parts list for that set, mark one part (something different) as lost. Call this the "second" missing part. Go to the My Lost Parts list. Click on the first missing part. You will see a link to the set. Close the popup. Click on the second missing part. See the identical link to the same set. Click the link - this navigates you to the set. Expected results: When I click on the first lost part in the spare parts list, in the My Lost Parts tab, it will tell me how many are lost and I will see the Delete Lost Part button. When I click on the second lost part in the main parts list, in the My Lost Parts tab, it will tell me how many are lost and I will see the Delete Lost Part button. Actual results: In both cases above, it doesn't tell me how many parts are marked missing and the Delete Lost Part button is missing. Additional notes: The button appears correctly when I have navigated to the set and I click on the first lost part in the main parts list, and when I click on the second lost part in the spare parts list. I could just delete the part using the My Lost Parts popup when I select a part, but the Delete Lost Part button doesn't appear there if I have marked the part missing in more than one set. I can think of a couple of solutions to this problem. One is to treat the part the same when clicked from either list. The other is to somehow inform the user that the part is missing from either the main or spare part list. I think the first option is a far better and easier to use solution, unless there's some reason that the parts need to be explicitly linked to either the main or spare list. Thanks again for all the improvements you've made recently! Nathan
  10. Hi. I think there's a bug. I marked the same part lost from two different sets. In the My Lost Parts page, the Set list in the Drill Downs section contains only one of the two sets. I'm pretty sure they should both be there. To reproduce: Add two sets which contain at least one common part/colour to your My Sets list (I'm not sure if this step is required). Go into one set and mark the common part/colour missing. Go into the other set and mark the same part/colour missing. Go the the My Lost Parts list. Expected result: Both sets are in the Set list in the Drill Downs section. I can select a set and it shows the parts and counts missing from that set. Actual result: Only one of the two sets is listed/filterable. Additional observations: If you include the part from more than two sets, it still just shows one of them. It seems to be the set where the part was most recently marked missing. The one set that is displayed can be selected, and filters the part counts correctly. I suspect that this will only occur if you don't have additional unique parts marked as lost in each set. Thanks for looking into this and for having such a great site! Nathan
  11. Hi. I'm trying to import a file I'd saved from Rebrickable before the upgrade, in Rebrickable csv format. When it finishes, it gives the following warning: Any idea why? I'm fairly sure that I really do have exactly 200 of that part/colour. I thought maybe it was suggesting that the part count had been truncated down to 200, but other parts in the file have more and they import without problem. Any ideas? I've just ignored it for now, since it seems to have imported successfully, but would be good to know if there really is a problem, or maybe a faulty warning. Nathan
  12. I just tried to do this myself and came up with almost the same solution as thea. I first copied the parts list to a private MOC and then edited each part I wanted to change the colour of. It takes a bit more clicking than if you edited the xml file, especially if there's lots of parts to change, but if you're not familiar with editing xml then it might be an easier solution. Also, it's easy to pick and choose exactly which parts you want to change colour (for example, in the set you specified, you probably wouldn't want to change the blue axle/pins to red), and when you edit the part, you'll see what colours you have of that part (assuming you've got your parts list set up). Still, a colour replace option would be pretty cool.