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  1. I'm sorry thea if I have upset you somehow. And thanks for your help!
  2. I see that removing and adding of the Element ID solved the above mentioned issue with Lego render of part 15395 in Medium Azure. Thanks, Nathan! Therefore here are a few more parts with faulty Element IDs: 88292 - 6134551 (Lavender) 41239 - 6133901 (Medium Azure) 32524 - 6133891 (Medium Azure)
  3. I'm sorry if this has already been suggested or planned for the next version of Rebrickable. I think it would be useful if the build function additionally indicated parts that would be completely or nearly depleted after the build. This information might be helpful in various situations. For example, if MOC requires 300 plates 1x1 and my inventory contains exactly 300 of them, it's likely that the last plate will disappear and I won't be able to find it. Moreover, I may want to keep at least a minimum number of those parts after the build. Therefore I may consider buying a few of these depleted parts in addition to the missing parts.
  4. Please add Lego render for part 15395 in Medium Azure. Try removing Element ID 6132411 and adding it again. I hope this will help. - Fixed!
  5. Please move part 24482 to Minifig Accessories, and 26537 (Bricklink ID 25304pb01) to Plants and Animals.
  6. Not sure what's going on here... Anyway, I've found a strange part 28917 in the Other category and I'm wondering what it is.
  7. One more request: Part 26562 should be marked as a print of 72824 and moved to Minifig Accessories. Its Bricklink ID is x45pb07.
  8. Minifig head 26824 (Bricklink ID 3626cpb1620) should be moved to Minifigs and marked as a print of 3626c.
  9. I've seen those redirections on some parts like "Do not use this part, use that part instead". Is it possible to use them here for the secondary parts?
  10. Btw, who is the third guy? I've only found some info on Nathan and Jantjeuh.
  11. That forum decision seems quite reasonable. If you put a strange print on a minifig part, it's still a minifig part, right?