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  1. Hi, i am trying to get part list for set 8043-1 using the API call /api/v3/lego/sets/8043-1/parts/?page=1 and i get the part list for the v2 inventory. I could not figure out how to get the part list of the same set for the v1 inventory, (the one i own) It is like the api is always getting the most recent inventory, and because of this it incorrectly updated my local set parts list. (i have a small integrated system to keep my sets up to date) There is a hidden parameter or something like this to indicate a specific inventory? Attached bellow a image showing the inventory options i refer.
  2. I Have a lot of nexo power shields that is not in rebrickable. I am waitimg for ages to see it on inventories... Is there a way i can help with it? I can send photos, descriptions, etc.. but as it is not registered yet, i don't now where to send it.
  3. Thanks, it will do! I don't need to import back on rebrickable (i gues i can not do it either), but with the exported list i can import on my database i use to keep track of my collection.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know of any way to export the parts list from a set group, such as a series of minifigures (71013-17). Although Rebrickable counts these parts correctly in my parts, I can not export them from the set number above. And of course, I would not want to have to register each minifigure separately as a Set .... Thanks for any advice ...
  5. Hi, i just acquired Lego shopper, and it's working fine except for the link to see the set on Rebrickable (see them on rebrickable) at the bottom of screen. This link is leading to a 404 error page as: I guess the right one would be: Probably because the update os site v03
  6. Hi, I am having some trouble in understanding how to submit sets without parts, eg a Book. For now i already register the "5004854-1 - LEGO® Star Wars in 100 scenes" and it is with "In Progress" status, but is impossible to finalize the submition because there is no part in the inventory. Someone in the forum (Set inventories Topic) sugested that i have to include the book itself as a part... with makes no sense at all, since the part is not in the database either. (or is possible i understood wrong?) So, how do I proceed? And if it not possible for me to finalize the submission, i gently ask if one of the admins could do it for me. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I just start to submit a new set (actually a book) : 5004854-1 - LEGO® Star Wars in 100 scenes. For now it is with "In Progress" status, but it is impossible to submit because there is no part in the inventory. How can i proceed to finish it?
  8. Hi, In previous version of Rebrickable i was able to reach a specific color part by its element number, for instance: leds me to the TAN image of the Tile Special 2 x 2 Inverted Now this links does not exists anymore, and i can't figure out how to reach for the specific color image. Usualy i show it as a small thumb next to my part list collection. I already implemented de v3 API, but it only gives me the url of the generic image of the part (usualy a dar color image) Thanks for any help.
  9. Thanks! If it's not too much to ask, I would appreciate when you have some time, if you could do the same with the DFB Minifigures ( and the lego batman movie minifigures ( They are the only series for now that is not yet inventoried into a complete collectible set each. Thanks very much for you help!
  10. Hi, How can i submit a "Minifigures Complete Set" to rebrickable? (for instance: Series 9 - it is a inventory with 16 sub-sets in it - each individual minifigure). When a i tried to submit the "disney complete series", i was able to pick the individual minifigures, but i was not allowed to finish without adding parts (and there is no parts, only the sub-sets) Thanks in advance!
  11. Sorry !! i just did the homework and checked inside the file before processing and as you pointed out, the file is indeed correct. Now i'll try to figure out what can i possible did wrong with it.. I'm truly sorry. Please forgive me.
  12. It seems that the csv files from "download" did not change since 12.09.2016. Several modifications on the database were made on september, and it is not reflected on these files. I my self sugested a lot of this modifications and all that were made, but not reflect on this file There is 3 diferent sets of files that is totaly identical: 12.09.2016 26.09.2016 03.10.2016 Thanks.