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  1. Ok, so when I checked it today (~ after 12 hours). It is corrected and it is enough to refresh the page in web browser.
  2. Hi. First of all thanks for both these great sites. I have found issue with image overwrite on Bricksafe. When you overwrite an existing image by uploading new version with the same name, then the original image is not "completely" overwritten. I understand that the thumbnails for different resolutions are generated only when they are clicked for the first time. But this can lead to an image that has different content for different resolutions. Because thumbnails are still cached on the server. I also tried to delete the image and re-upload new version. But it is still the old one. I also tried it from different web browsers and computers to be sure that it is not cached on my computer. I made an example image. You can look on the image and open different resolutions. It should be every time in a different color: http://bricksafe.com/pages/RabbiT_CZ/ldraw/test I didn't wait for longer time. So if the cache is reloaded based on some schedule it may solve the issue.