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  1. I think that your point is valid, but i was thinking about this new system to avoid small models to be very expensive, for example, once you upload a model, the moderators would ask you for a fee based in the total price of the instructions, it would be almost the same system as the actual, but with different fees depending of the price (By the way, the fee must be paid only one time when the model is uploaded or is paid with every purchase?)
  2. Hello everyone, since some time ago i have been watching several premium MOC´s in Rebrickable, and i was thinking in uploading and selling some MOC´s too, the problem came when i saw the fee that was needed to sell the model, because i was aiming to sell the instructions between $3 and $5 (that price is because most of the models i make are medium size or small), there would not be problems with the first 2 models when the fee is nor required, but after that i will need to pay the fee, and because i want to keep the low price of instructions (again between $3 and $5), and i think that this problem also affects many users that would like to sell their instructions at a low price, this doesn't happen to the people who sell their instructions at pretty high prices, like $25 and above, because the fee is small compared to the whole price; so, my suggestion is the following: Instead of putting a $5 fee for each instructions, change that fee into a percentage of the complete price of the instructions, for me something between 20 to 40% of the instructions price is affair, this would work like this: If a user is selling his instructions in $5, 20 to 40% of that money ($1 to $2) will be destined to Rebrickable and the remaining money to the user If a user is selling his instructions in $60, 20 to 40% of the money ($12 to $24) will be destined to Rebrickable and the remaining money to the user The result of using this new feature will be that every user will have the same chances to get earnings based in their instructions prices, so it doesn't matter if the user sells the instructions in $1 or $100, they will always get earnings and Rebrickable too, so everyone wins, and this new feature would make many users with low cost instructions to upload their instructions to Rebrickable, and even if the costs are really small, there will always be earnings I hope you like this idea, and maybe you could make a poll to see what all the users think about implementing this new system Thanks.