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  1. Hello! The "Add Set's Parts to List" button stopped working for me on Sunday evening. I use a Windows laptop and an iPad for Rebrickable and am getting the same result on both. When I am on a Set Page, all the free functions under "Actions" work except Add Set's Parts to List, which is, of course, the one I really need right now. When I click or touch the radio button, it briefly highlights, and then nothing happens. While fussing around I found that the function DOES appear to work if I am on an MOC page! Any help is appreciated. I hope I provided enough info. Thank you!
  2. Ah, yes! I knew I was missing something obvious. I would just use the option that exports the CSV to rebrickable and then import it to where I want it, right? Thank you!
  3. I recently purchased a large lot of loose pieces. When I started entering them into rebrickable I (for some reason I can't remember now) used a new parts list. Now I really want all my parts in one list but don't know how to combine them. I saw a reference to merging inventories but haven't found any directions. I'm guessing it's probably done by exporting, manipulating the files, and then importing? Any specifics on how to do it would be really appreciated! Thank you in advance!