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  1. Any news on this features plans? Still hoping for minifigure collection / listing to be implemented as I think many of us collect full sets as well as minifigures and of course the cataloging of our stock part per part. Yes I could use brickset for that but I'd very much love to handle all my lego inventory handling mainly from one site.
  2. Is there any preliminary list of the upcoming features so I Icould star preparing in advance for the inventory task that is upon me.
  3. Parts missing in the inventory of LEGO Set 75013-1 - Umbaran MHC (Mobile Heavy Cannon). There should be 2 of these Umbaran minifigs with accessories instead of 1. 3626cpr1188 973pr2333c01 970x001 87781 2447 The full valid inventory can be found here http://brickset.com/inventories/75013-1
  4. May I ever so humbly ask when v3 is going to be available?
  5. I have tried to find if this is already implemented but no score thus far so I have to ask for help from the more seasoned users. Is there any way to share your collection of parts lists, missing parts, lost parts etc. or even completed sets listings easily to say to a FB group. The use would be to easily share ie. your either extra pieces or missing pieces list to a local group for trade offering or holler for anyone having anything I am missing.
  6. The Magazine promo Probe Droid is missing. http://brickset.com/sets/SW911610-1/Probe-Droid