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  1. Hello- Found a part that does not seem to appear the Rebrickable database. The part refers to itself as 85772-2-04. It also has the following text: "© 2009 LEGO Made for McDonald's Under License China TRC Chine" For reference, you can find this part in BrickLink's database at
  2. Hello- I love your site. One suggestion on the "Search for Parts" page. I often use the advanced search features, but sometimes forget to completely reset my search parameters. For example, I might search for a piece in a specific color, find my piece, and then move on to my next piece by typing in its part number. The database will then respond "Part Not Found" because I still have the specific color selected, and my new piece does not happen to exist in that specific color. However, it might be helpful (especially in cases where "Part Not Found" is the database's response), to provide a list of "Approximate Matches" or Suggestions. These would be listed below the "Part Not Found", but especially in cases where an exact part number can clearly be found in the database (for example), this could streamline searching a bit.
  3. Hello- Your site is fantastic and I've been using it with much success to sort my collection. However, finding the exact color of piece can be frustrating. One option that might make this task less frustrating is to be able to sort the color list by general color name first. For example, if I have a green piece, that isn't quite green, how best to determine its actual shade? Is it bright green, or medium green, lite green, or dark green? No, the database says my part isn't available in any of these colors. Wait, it's "*yellowish* green"?? What in the world is yellowish green? This issue might be resolved by re-sorting the names such that the primary color appears first: Green Bright, Green Medium, Green Lite, Green Dark, Green Yellowish, etc. This way, when you scroll to the Gs to find Green, you have all the green options right in front of you, instead of having to scroll the entire list to find the arbitrary first letter of some descriptor of "green" that you've never heard of. The one exception to this might be "Trans", "Chrome", or "Metallic". These are such a different take on the color that the identifier should probably appear first, setting all of these into the same alphabetic range of the listing. As I mentioned earlier, this could be an option. I'm sure certain some of your most active users have the list memorized backwards and forwards in its present form. In order to not disrupt their workflow, re-sorting this list to primary color first should probably be an option, or possibly a separate drop down in the search page.