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  1. In addition, I would like a "remove category/color" option. Not only the select category/option. Browsing through my black parts takes forever. I would like to filter out certain categories.
  2. kgb

    Cardboard sleeve id

    I would love it if it was possible to search parts packed in cardboard sleeves by the id on the cardboard. Now I find no way to know what parts are in my cardboard sleeves without tearing them open.
  3. Ok, but kind of stupid, don't you think? Isn't it kind of obvious that the category "Tiles printed" includes printed parts??
  4. When in part search, I choose "Tiles printed" and "Reddish Brown", but no items come up. This happens even though the database has the part 98138pr0048 which is registered as a printed tile in reddish brown.
  5. kgb


    When going through my backup of parts list, I'm finding that I have approx 50 parts registered as 40940. This part number did come from Rebrickable. Now though, I can't find this part number in Rebricable's database. Since I have no registered part description in my backup, I have no idea what kind of part this is. Does anyone know what part this is and what happened to the part number? I might have found the mistake myself... maybe I've done a blunder with the backup. The parts could be 40490 and not 40940...
  6. Thank you for this, but this didn't have free instructions. And I can't remember what kind of modular it was. What I've learnt from this is to download/buy instructions the moment I decide to build it. I didn't know designs could disappear once they've been submitted to Rebrickable.
  7. MOC-1850 was one of them I was gathering parts for. This was, as Nathan write, a modular building.
  8. I've been working on "bricklinking" parts for several MOCs for quite some time now, only to realize that the MOCs now have disappeared from Rebrickable. So much for harvesting bricks I don't need anymore (of course, I'll find use for them in other MOCs) Why can't MOCs be made just as sticky as official sets?