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  1. Icarium

    List of liked MOCs

    I assume there is one but I cannot find it. Please advise. :)
  2. http://44bricks.brickowl.com/store/lego-rebel-commando-torso-without-arms-973
  3. Are you going to sell Lego management robots? Seriously though, the Find Parts feature is actually what I was looking for! But it does not work for custom MOCs.
  4. I find myself wondering where a specific part is when building a MOC. Ideally rebrickable would be able to tell me the exact physical location of the part in my house. That seems unfeasible, though. However, it would be great to be able to see from which Lego model or loose parts list rebrickable has deduced that I have the part! That would allow me to 1. deconstruct a MOC that I may currently have built which includes the part 2. look in the box of some of the models that are not built but the parts of which are not sorted in their usual place yet.
  5. I agree that this would be a great feature for rebrickable. Just came to the forum to ask for it. I would of course prefer not to use an external program for this. (This is mostly for security reasons but it would also be more convenient to have everything in one place.)
  6. Just noticed that the Android App costs 1.29 € but I'm not actually interested in a shopping helper. Plus, I assume that Google would be getting a cut. Is there some other way of donating?