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  1. If you are in a parts/category page. For example: https://rebrickable.com/parts/bricks/ and then you use the in-page select to switch in other category, the url doesn't change. Result is when you use pagination or change number of items to show, you back in prevous category page (first category choosen) OS Windows, tested with Chrome and Edge.
  2. Yeah, I think it depends on querystring on URL.
  3. I have several lists. The first of they has 2059 parts in this list in 350 unique parts/colors (and default your site show 248 parts on first page). If I click in one part of first page my browser open an ajax modal where I can manage my part (with tab "Edit this tab" for example). But if in url there is a query string like page=2#parts or parts_page_size=496#parts (even "page=1#parts") my browser not shows ajax modal but directly part url. My user is "mincia" my bug partlist is 25486. I use mac 10.11.6 and chrome 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit). But same bug with safari (and I think is independent by browser)
  4. In the 6066 part_popup the Rebrickable ID: is wrong (it's linked with 2586pr0005)
  5. Sorry (again), I don't understand (again). After your advice, I'm just trying to create an inventory of my "minitalia" sets. I opened my box where the parts are in and I entered the data of parts that I have in website. I was happy. Then I went on http://rebrickable.com/sets/15-2/large-house-set-minitalia-1973 and "wow I have 60% of this set", I clicked on "Build this Set!" button. So I thought: "I miss these parts...", I clicked on first part, BUT there is no button Lost Part(s) in the Part details popup, like in set page. So, can you explain me regular workflow ? Where am I wrong? Thankyou Daniele
  6. Ok now it's clear! Finally after years I have found the perfect website for my collection. Now I just have to proceed with the inventory Thank you so much. Daniele
  7. This is the point. Now I have 4 sets to complete, but every with 1 or 2 parts missing. Thank you Daniele Ps. So perhaps it would be better have the possibility to assign a part to a specific set not completed to avoid the site say to me that I have this part on 2 different set I'm building.
  8. I have many parts, I'm making an inventory of all of them. When I find a set that I'm able to build, I'd like to have into "build_set" page a button to "convert" spare parts in a set, so parts I own will be removed from My Parts and parts that I miss will be added to lost parts from the set. Happy new LEGO year to everyone! Daniele