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  1. So, I was adding my sets and testing the site out, looks like it will be very nice and a great resource by the way, but for some reason my sets are not working correctly. Grabbed the 10702 Creative box from Walmart. It shows up the correct picture, list the correct parts, and says I have everything to build it. But if I run that set it brings up zero 100% matches, the closest being a 60% match. For some reason it is not actually figuring out what can be built, even the basic builds in the manual. I then grabbed a 10697 from walmart, the 1500 piece. This is showing a few of the manual builds, and a couple Mocs and maybe 2 other possible builds, but it is still less than even the established manual builds. When I run both of the above together the results are the exact same with or without 10702. If I then add in 31044 it does a great job identifying some nice MOCs from that set. I still have several to add, and really want to keep it simple to do with my family, but I am really confused why the potential builds are not being reported, and clearly with no difference by adding 10702 something is amiss.