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  1. I completely misspoke. Man I need to go home and rest long week. I thought I had the file I needed but I don't.
  2. Sorry, maybe I wasn't so clear with my request (or maybe I was but don't understand the answer ) On the Download page you can download parts, colors, themes etc. The Inventory Parts CSV is what I am looking at. I would love to have that list with not just the RB Part ID number but with specifically the BL and BO part numbers. I think the data is already there because it shows up on the parts pages already if you were to type in any part, it just isn't available as a field in the csv export. Does that make more sense?
  3. Hey Everybody, I know where to find the Inventory Parts download list, but unfortunately that lists only exports with the Rebrickable Part SKU in it. When you go to the actual part page you can see the Bricklink SKU , BrickOwl SKU, Lego , Peeron etc. Is there a way to create the same Inventory Parts List with all known/ related SKU's this is a God send if anyone knows how to do this. Any help is so greatly appreciated! Josh