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  1. Thanks for the reply and the welcome Thea I did play around with exporting into a HTML Grid but found that for some reason when they were printed some of the images dropped off which was annoying. I will try the print screen way and hopefully that will do the trick My son is not quite 5 but I am planning on many hours of playing lego with him. I still have a bit of time to get the sets ready for him..
  2. Hi Apologies if this question has been answered before. I have brought a few Kilos of mixed Lego for my son. I have pretty much sorted them and identified some of the sets he has from the rarer parts. My plan is to now print of an inventory for the set, find the parts and identify the missing parts. Once this is done for all the sets I will then make an order and complete the sets. So my problem is being able to print and inventory using the least paper and ink I can. The ones I have printed so far are in list form and see to use a lot of sheets of paper. My preference would be something like the parts list at the back of the Lego set building instructions that I have found online but I do not want a coloured background. Can anyone advise the best inventor list or how I can print the PDF version of the online booklets but with out the coloured background ( I would still like the parts themselves to be the correct colour) Many thanks for any responses you will certainly make my life easier.