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  1. All, thanks for your help so far. It might very well be from an Ideabook of some sort, I'm aware of that. I've also found out that the sticker is used in set 6399-1 To react to your question @thea: the color of all parts is red. I've searched with all separate parts to find out if any set might contain the sign, but unfortunately no positive result. I'll keep on searching and hope for some tips from the community.
  2. Hi all, I've got a few boxes of undefined lego bricks and I'm already well on my way of making sets from it. Unfortunately I cannot find all the sets where the pieces belong to. One of the hardest sets to find is de set to which this hamburger sign belongs. I haven't created it myself, but it consists of: - 3x 4865a; - 1x 3666; - 1x 3004; - 1x 3010; and of course the sticker. Can anyone help me find the set this sign belongs to!? Greets, Thur