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  1. No, but now I find the discrepancy goes away if I uncheck ignore minifigs. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. But it seems to me this is either a bug or a serious unclarity in the user interface.
  2. New user, currently I have one set and some parts in my inventory. I'm finding that the list of missing parts when I go to Build this MOC! seems to be incomplete. More specifically, if I go to and click Build this MOC! and from there click Find Parts to Build it tells me there are 2 parts for which I don't have enough quantity and 32 parts I don't have at all, so I would need to get a total of 34 unique parts. But back on the Build this MOC! page it tells me I am missing 30 unique parts. Four parts shown on Find Parts to Build (30132, 85863, 43898, and 6126b) are not shown on Build this MOC!, nor are they included if I export from there to BrickLink. (And indeed those parts are not in my inventory.) Am I misunderstanding something, or is there a bug here?