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  1. Eddy

    Sorting on color does not work anymore

    Sorting on color not there is nothing happening, it only turns everything around. On category there is, only i have no idea what. I get i think 4 categories ad a time sorted on color and them some more, but i can make no sense of it. Sorting on part does work, only there starts a problem the names of the parts are not the same so they are all through each other. That is why i did ask for a new sorting also on part number then i can check every part also on name in my collection, on the moment there is no way for me as a normal user to get wrong named parts on the same page. With 25000 parts on 51 pages i can not see that anymore. I can search on part number with the normal search but then i can not see which part is already in my collection, i have to check them by hand 1 by 1 and takes a lot of time.
  2. Eddy

    Can the basic color green be changed to black

    Maybe Italic, i did use that on my old website a few years ago, that did look nice Underlining by mouse over is also nice.
  3. Eddy

    Can the basic color green be changed to black

    a that is why i could not find it for me to read it makes no difference, maybe it is even better without the underlining, makes it just a little easier to read, now the underside of the letters disappear in the underlining And the website looks much nicer without the underlining
  4. Eddy

    Can the basic color green be changed to black

    Yes it is easier to read how darker the text the better it is, black on white stays the best way to read, mainly for part list i have to mouse over the text to read it, then it turns black. Also the new medication i did get 14 days ago did improve my eyes a little bit, the old medication was also harming them. Only suddenly the underlining of links is on i did make so much changes to read the website better i can't find it to set it back in pale moon.
  5. It is the meaning if you find a set were the parts of the minifigs are missing you can mention the set number here then they will be added by the admins.
  6. Sorry for the misunderstandings but when this is in use for over 4 years and 14 days ago it did just work and the minifigs were added and then suddenly whitout notice ore any reason it is rejected. That causes a lott of misunderstands and other comments did not make it better. Just communicate in the rejection why ore send a private mail in the forum, but all starts with communicating and communication, it worked verywell in the past till 14 days ago with Theskerrid/ Jantheu en all others who worked as admin so i hope you understand my problem with the way it did go the past days.
  7. Eddy

    unknown color

    Yes it is a very strange discoloration and also i did not see before. But i sold 6 weeks ago 16kg discolored white and some parts were changed to tan and the differnce was only to see with very bright TL light. And also found Light Bluish Gray parts discolored to Light Gray and Dark Bluish Gray to Dark Gray and Tan changed to a orange like color, so a lott is going on when you put Lego into the sun. But also the new colors used in the Friends sets are very fast discoloring so be aware if you buy them second hand, like Bright Light Blue and Medium Lavender it takes only a few weeks in the window and they start showing brown discoloration.
  8. Eddy

    unknown color

    Yes sorry you can see the Lego logo on the studs they are Lego. I have the same they are sold by 1 seller but they are just discolored blue and very breakable. If you look very close to pin 4274 you can see the normal color blue on some very tiny spots.
  9. Eddy

    unknown color

    Sorry i have so many things to do it got on the long run, many things are waiting on an answer, again sorry. After testing some of the parts are broken they are all discolored by the sun, maybe they have been in the back side of a car ore something like that. I have them still will look tommorow for some pictures, but they are deffenitly discolored and are now of a very week kind of plastyk and not ussable anymore. The seller has also changed the discription of the parts on Bricklink.
  10. Yes sorry but for the admins it is a simple step to open BL and look which numbers it are that is why i do not submit the numbers less typ missmatches. If i have to retype all the numbers for the minifigs that is the same as they look for them self ad Bricklink, for me it is a lott of do it twice. And if i could i would do it myself but i have no admin rights so it has to be done by a real admin, sorry, did ask it in the past but there where enough admins.
  11. Do to my bad eyesite i can not read the green text anymore i'm working on 125% now with clases but stil i can not read it. Can you build in a way to change all plane text to black just in the user settings, i'm working with 4 browsers on the moment so it is only on rebrick were i can not read the text IE11/ Edge/ Chrome are not working properly anymore in Windows 10 so i'm now switching to Pale Moon that works fine whitout Microsoft changing the settings everyweek but i can not change the color of the website just like in IE11. And for chrome i have to buy it, and that is a no go for me, the free version makes parts of the website unreadable, but this feature disturbes all other websites and i do not like to switch the whole day the settings on every website. I have asked this last year also but you did not give an answer to my question but it is realy a problem when you can not read what there is on a website. I hope you can and will help me, but for a lott of users it will be very helpfull, and then mainly for the older users i think(i'm not so old as it looks but my eyes seems to be these days).
  12. Ok then the minifigs will be missing from these sets, i'm testing every set now if the parts are right, but won't test the minifigs so then that is not my problem anymore and will not submit any request for minifigs anymore. It's a pitty these sets are not 100% complete by this way that is also for the other 100 sets, i'm working about 6 to 8 hours a day to get al sets right,. I have done on this moment almost 3000 sets and stil 3000 to go, which i can build.
  13. OK somebody did remove 4 change request for missing minifigs so here a new request just look on bl for the parts i have no time for that, i will build the sets to make them complete and give the right version of parts and will give info about the missing minifigs in sets but you have to search for the rest, and if not ok by me, but everybody will miss the minifigs there are still over 100 sets missing the minifigs. 5980-1 5983-1 4643-1 3222-1
  14. Hi can you ad set 2000451-1 for me it is still listed by Lego (Brickset info).