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  1. Eddy

    Part pictures

    There is going something wrong I did close my forum mailbox but i'm suddenly getting emails from the forum again. Superboy just leave me out of you’re personal vendicta against the website. I get a very bad name out of you, i was also very mistaken to post you’re comments on the forum(also to open a bug for you) i thought you were doing it to with real good intentions, but it seems not to be, you are only looking for a fight, don’t use me for that. Also when i tell you something and ask not to use it, and you then you use it against me, yes what can I say, it thought it was friendship what you were looking for, but you used me for you’re personal vendicta. It is ok that you are willing to take up for injustice, but you have to know when to stop and now you’re already doing it for over 6 months now just stop, if non of the admins is saying it then I will. I did contact the Dutch police what to do and if I could stop you, but they say it is a matter of the admins to stop you, there is no law to stop you, only advice the did give change you’re email an phone number, so I did. And do not contact me anymore, do not call and never visit me again maybe you understand on this way in public. And for the admins can you stop him turn of his ability to open ore post comments is the best way i think.
  2. By the parts which have now pics with the baseplate background you can see in the part change log who did submit the first pic these should also be on the website but many are gone so this is a bug. The admin did say they are all safe but they are not, they are just deleted from the website.
  3. Hi Nathan I did already have contact about this with an admin but he did not want to respond anymore, i also did leave it because i have my bit of bad response already had this year about the rules on rebrickable, and to let it not escalate i will not answer but they want a satisfying answer from you because you are the owner of the website. It seems to be more serious as i thought and already commented. On the moment more and more pics are removed completely from the website and not filled as second pic, you can see that in the change logs of the parts. A local Lego group in the Netherlands where i also working for did discover that after reading my comments about the pics, they made a lott of searches for them and discovered a lott of these so that seems a bad thing, and they are from many different users just vanishing from the website. Further some ldraw pics are now replaced by part pics and that is also bad thing, in the parts list these parts show up in the wrong color because the ldraw is missing and the added pic has the wrong color, seems to be several i only did find 1 on this moment but that one was send by email to me, I have no time to look for more between my 25000 parts, sorry i have really no time for that. They also did discover in the forum that the members who did start making the rules, that one of them is now an admin and stated then in 2014 very clear that the rules could not be bend and that these most be the basic rules 800*800(preferred was 1200*1200 but did not make it), most be always on a white background all other most be rejected and not to be admitted, and no other parts on the pics. So with the new wave baseplate part pics there are several conflicts with the basic rules many are just to small and have a with border to meet the required 800*800, others have more then 1 part in the picture the base plate is also a part, and the background is not white. I have no idea were this is in the forum but I think you can find it you're self with a normal search. The members of the group all did have more ore less the same answer to the new pics, shit. They look like peeron, even Bricklink and Brickowl are replacing them by new ones on white background. Other statement was, we rader see no image or pics, then the ones now uploaded they look bad. I’m only placing this because i was asked to do so, i'm the only one who can write a bit in English.
  4. Hi Prezmos19 The numbering is right the 2555 is made in 2 versions but also the 12825 is the same shape as the 2555 only if you look at the number on the inside you can see that inside of the newer version there is 12825 this has to do with where the mold pip is on the part. Just like this part 4085 If you look at 93793 and 60897 they have the same shape but the number inside is different that is the mold number from Lego. Hope this will clear some for you.
  5. Eddy

    Part pictures

    No this is also my last and my last submission, if i'm doing things for nothing then i'm completely finished with it..
  6. Eddy

    Part pictures

    That was in May and extreme rude for me, just read the topic, if such a statement is made then it must be for everybody, they wanted to set an example for everybody to hold you on the rules and they took me to do that, that is why i can not accept the way of the picture now, very simple i think. If the rules are bend then the comment from last May is even more unreasonable, manly because after that other users did the same and these minfig changes were just executed without any questions ore comments. Yes what can i say i see more and more good pictures disappear and are replaced by baseplate versions. Second they do not even fit the minimum size that is required many have white borders to fit the square. look here Bear, picture is replaced and to smal for the dark orange version, many are to small. Arch 6060 red there is no need to do that on a baseplate, many are replaced or done now on this way and looking bad. This is what i mean but hé if that is the way it is wanted then i can only say why are there rules. If you ask me i can make of every part pics on a white background i have over 25000 different ones. I have only done the ones without a pic and that are on this moment about 2500 and still around 60 have to be uploaded this week. But if they are going to be replaced i do not see the point in spending more time in it to do so, every picture takes about 20 to 25 minutes till it is online, it takes a lot of time and if you see them replaced by for me Peeron pics. Some pics are done 6 to 7 times before the look reasonable to upload.
  7. Eddy

    Part pictures

    Then it is a pitty is see more and more parts appear with baseplate background and that are not white and Trans clear parts but just red/ blue/ black and on and on. So as it now goes there is no urgency anymore to make them with white background because a lot are already with the baseplate background. And everybody can submit them without concerning the background that is what it is meaning now, as i was referring "it's beginning to look a lot like peeron" sing it like the Christmas song. Yes i make a joke out of it but i'm dead serous, if there are rules then they are for everybody, lets say that was made very clear to me a half year ago.
  8. Just a stupid question from me, why are good pictures with a white background replaced by pictures with gray and green baseplates in the background, now it begins to look a lot like peeron. If i'm right the rules are very clear try to get a background as white as possible. I know my pics are not always the best but my camera hates LED light and makes the background some times darker and some times verylight blue, i can not do anything about that but i try to get them as white as possible. Can someone explain why the pics are replaced, and if the rules are changed can that be mentioned somewhere. Ok it is very good for the points you earn but is it necesary to replace good pictures??
  9. Thanks for looking no hurry, still have lots of old sets to build.
  10. When i use the build i use all my parts from the sets and spare, no list ore set ore part is set on not use for building But when a search is returned i see that it has not used all my parts. All my parts are 614828 but the search only uses 608119 so were are the 6709 parts which are not used to calculated the build. In V2 i did have a sets list that was for not used for build but that was locked when V3 came online is that still the problem i can not find what is wrong. I did have 30+ sets list and did have to shrink it to the max allowed of 25, is there still some old data from V2 in my set ore spare parts???? And when it is a system ignored something i want to know what the system is ignoring so i can use it manually to see if i need it.
  11. There's no need to do that i want to sort all my parts so that has to work, but it does nothing if i choose sort on color.
  12. Eddy

    Error 504

    Yes that is exactly what i meant, it is still a kind of a problem to write in English what i think and explain it right. To make all my parts a lot faster to use that would be great, now i open it and everything i do i open in a new screen so i do not have to wait till the main page is back and that is a time saver of 50% for me. In my loose parts and set list that is already the case and a lot faster and works very fine. I hope you also can do that for the colors in all my parts that also would work a lot faster i now have 127 different colors and would also be a huge time saver, and less traffic on the server i think.
  13. Just ask Nathan. A few years ago i did ask to set it on 1990 it was 2000 before that, for me 1978 would be a good year start of the minifigs in sets.
  14. Eddy

    Error 504

    On the moment i have no problems, but with pale moon there are less problems then with IE11/ Edge and mainly Chrome that was causing a lot of problems whit the time out. 1 thing pale moon always does is loading the page, after that it is downloading the pictures and when it is very busy i don't see them all but the page is there. What is causing a bit of a problem is the m.rebrickable(that is what pale moon is saing) response when that takes to long i am missing the part pictures, but the page itself is there. Just 1 question you made for the my spare parts list a other menu then for all my parts, is it possible to make the same menu for all my parts as the spare parts, the complete menu stays and you can just choose a new 1 without loading all again, that is 50% faster then that it is now, i only use all my parts now by opening everything in a new page because it is so very slow. Every page i want to see takes about 20 to 25 seconds to load completely, that is in my spare parts also but i do not have to go back and that is a time saver of 50% And just a further question i have a second account and have also the same mail options set for that one but when my cookie expires also the emailing stops is that build in??? I still have it because it occurs regerly that i do not get every new moc submitted in the mailing, and have to check the website to see what i did miss.