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  1. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    You can also ad it you're self if you have the level, is the easiest way i think
  2. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    Just ad part 3134a it is not in any set as main part, so it is not important that there will be an part error i have arround 1000 part errors, so the part error on the website is still a bad idee for me.
  3. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    didn't got any email, so no idee.
  4. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    Hi i did ask to ad Part 33173 to the database, that is done but i can not do anything with it because it is stil turned of. And why is 3134a waiting for user, why is the part not added to the database??? 3134a in not used in any set but is a real part, my question is just why is it waiting for user.
  5. Thank you thank you very much for picking this up, i will make a picture of the old 6005 smal bow and the new mold 92903 larger bow, problem to split them really up is the date the new mold is in use. But i will look into it, it has to do with the corner stone that is the time also the 92903 replaced the 6005.
  6. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    Hi this is also still hanging to even be answered i did have to post it in the forum because it could not be done by a change request. 8365-1 to the topic i mean. I would appreciate it if there is finaly somebody who wants to make the change it is a little change, pictures are ready and i'm allready waiting for 4 months now for even 1 reaction.
  7. It seems nobody did pic this up can you please ad the number 92903 to the page of part 6005. Only ad it to the search is not enough,. And there are a lott more of thiese things still hanging in the air to be done, can anybody make these little changes.
  8. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    Please turn part 3828 on again not only did it disapear from my spare parts but also my mocs do not longer contain the part. By changing it to 30663 is not the solution, keep it on so i and we al can stil use it and i also can change my moc's back to the right steering wheel. 30663 does not fit in my moc's i'm working on.
  9. Error 504

    Sorry was away this afternoon yes the time difference, on the moment it is working, the slowest return was 22sec Just 1 further question is there a solution for the Ldraw pictures that are shown wrong i want to submit the rest of my pictures but i can not see anymore which are allready done because the Ldraw pics keeps showing up. Every wrong Ldraw pic is blue and i have a lott of them.
  10. Error 504

    It happens when the USA is awake then here in the Netherlands the build function is down and not only by me, but by all users of our group. We have all different providers so that is not the porblem. On this moment i'm only using it on moments there is low trafic and then it works only if i do not remove any option i have to search in every catagory when i turn of the moc,s and the B-models and ass sets then it gets also problamatic, and only will get an error. I also have to restrict it to only 50 parts a search 0-50/ 50-100/ 100-150/ 150-200 and then it gets better, search from 0 - > will get no result only error.
  11. Error 504

    Any progress in this i stil seeing the whole day error 404, only my ignored sets is better but only on moments there is low trafic i think. The build search is still a huge problem and not only for me the whole group i'm working whit is having the same problem. On this moment there been made rules to use the build search and not get any error ore ad least get anything back, works for the moment but for all sets from 0-50/ 50-100/ 100-150 parts is stil a huge problem and works by me only when there is low trafic on the website. Maybe you have to implement these comments on the build page to lett everybody know what to do when it is not working. A lott of users do not get even the error the page, it is just not responding anymore and the wheel/arrow is only turning for hours and hours. And we also did find out that the amount of parts you have is not the problem even the smallest collection have the same problem, our smallest user has only 21 Technic sets and 1500 loose Technic parts and has the same problems, and could finaly use the page when we gave him the restriction/ search rules to use.
  12. Yes indead and mentioning the number 92903 by 6005 just like BL & BO, and that they are slightly different in shape.
  13. Hi I did also had the same problem last week with 68 LBG, they are not the same but then problem 2 you can not buy them, BL & Brickowl only have 1 type. So i think they have to stay so as it is, maybe only mention it.
  14. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    You can on this page just export Rebrickable part list as Bricklink xml, and you can upload it there you need to check it and maybe correct some parts. Instructions are there to help.