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  1. Error 504

    On the moment i can't reach again not all parts of the website do to the error 504 it is allready a few weeks now i had hoped it would be solved automaticly but i can now not even reach my ignored sets. Also all my parts is often very slow ore just error 504, any solution in the make i started this topic 6 months ago but it is stil the same. Maybe the responce time on 60seconds instead of 30sec, on the moment it is still not nice to use some parts of the website i'm only running into error 504 it has been gone for a little while but it is stil the main problem for me.
  2. Error by adding a set

    Thanks it works and no other problems found till now.
  3. Error by adding a set

    I get an error from the website if i want to ad a set, This is in google and in edge am i doing something wrong? I was adding the new 2018 sets Technic works ok but friends not, every set gives this error.
  4. Did send you a PM, but till now no reaction, do you still want to sort out the colors. I want to help but lets do it by email and wen it is sorted out submit it for Nathan maybe as a bug so he can change it.
  5. Didn't read this message but IE11 is also working well again now.
  6. Yes but nobody knows so we can also sort it out ouside the forum and make a direct request to Nathan he has to change it. I have the first part in and the other will be here tommorow from the color 216 they are defenetly not Dark Orange The tile is Dark Orange the surf board is much darker.
  7. Our answers keep passing wile typing. You also a nice and very good 2018.
  8. Sorry i use only BL color numbers and names and that is confusing enough, if you are going to work with different names in tables there will be mistakes just as you mention and have mentioned. I know the names on LDD, i use it every day to make my instructions but it is hard to keep in mind that there are 2 names for every color you use, and also RB has no consitansy in keeping 1 source to use the names Like 1004 Trans Flame Yellowish Orange has to be Trans Light Orange because almost all other names are BL/BO names on RB so this on most be changed to the BL/BO name, this kind of name inconsistency makes it hard to look for the parts and color on other sites to order.
  9. Yes that can be. But there is only 1 official part in color 216 part 48394, the spoon in that color is not in any set so that one is not important for a chance request, i did lett merge the spoon today x234 and 4337 to 4337, it was a double entry. But i'm not sure of adding 216 to 484 because the part is not Dark Orange, i can only give a definitive answer if i have the part from the McDonnald set but i have to buy it in the usa and lett it send to me that will take about a minimum of 10 days, and about 10$ shipping. So for a def answwer from me you have to wait till i have it and can look how close it is to other colors, 1 color maybe also close to it is still missing here Fabuland Orange BL Nr 160, that is used in set 3710 for part 4424
  10. I think these parts that are supose to be color 216 are in fact a kind of Fabuland Orange ore Brown ore in that kind????? x234 is not a regular part and in that color and is very expensive 2Euro in the Netherlands only 3 for sale on the world now, and will give an part error and who has part 48394 skateboard out of the McDonnald set, inventury is a direct copy from BL even with the same names. Did indeed find them on BL and they filed them under Dark Orange part 48394 and x234 but i have more parts which i can not file ad RB because the color is not added to the database and is also not gonig to be added asked for a few in the past, you have to make a compromise for you're self there are only a few users who know it and use it, so is it really important. If i know it myself that is important. That is also that RB uses BL color names and then for others the Lego color name that is much more confusing, use ore BL names ore Lego not booth, i prefere only BL makes ordering parts much easier, and also searching for them. Some colors are very hard to find im working on the last parts to get and hope to have them all halve way next year, a few 100 to go. You can see all my parts here, counter stand on 22253 different in all colors on the moment so i'm also not happy with switshing colors that means i'm loosing parts which i never can find back again, just like merging Rust en Bright Red i will loose my rust parts in on RB to red parts. So i think to leave everything as it is.
  11. Sorry to say but you are not right Bl rust is not Bright Red. The BL rust has nothing to do with the Lego rust just look here he does not give the BL color, so bl id 27 is right. Only here on RB id 216 has to be removed from the line, ore just leave it they are almost the same color. If you gone change it you are gowing to make a lott of noice for only 2 fabuland parts.
  12. Script error om every page in IE 11

    Thanks for trying. I do not use IE11 anymore but i still have my test account with sets i'm searching for, that is why i use IE11, main problem for me is that edge is not working anymore in Windows 10. firefox is not my choise of browser. For my main account i use Chrome but with IE11 i can open 2 account on the same time. Now testing the daily email with the new moc's i'm still not getting them all in my mail box 2 out of 10 are not send to me. So i wanted to set the mailing also on my test account but that does not work i do not get any mail no idea why, do you have an idea everything is on and the same as on my main account but i do not get mail about new moc's?
  13. I do get these errors for a few weeks now can you stop them it is a getting a little bit anoying. They are on every page in IE11
  14. A lott of missing images in my part list

    All are back only 3044b keeps giving me a problem with the Dark Orange one, it is in a set but only as extra(set 4696) so it is a part error All other 22252 different parts are back.
  15. A lott of missing images in my part list

    Do you want a list of the missing thumbnails?