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  1. Oh! OK then! That means the set is ready to submit, except that I can't get in to do so because I'm not Level 3.
  2. I had been working on set 60152-1 (so far, I have checked that all the parts listed in the instruction manual part list are present) but now I "need a minimum of Level 3 to Submit Sets" so I can't even continue my working-through to figure out which parts are spare. I was sent an email saying I had seven days to finish... and this was seven days ago. I knew I didn't have time until today to work on it but now with this problem it appears my work might disappear. Could someone go into that set-submitting page and just submit it for me? Or could the timer on it be reset to another few days, and could I have Level 3 permissions temporarily so I can continue attempting to figure out which parts are spare? (I don't even know if the process I was using would work; I was going through the manual instructions and checking if all the parts needed were listed in the part listing, hoping to see some extras listed in the part listing. Hadn't encountered any spares yet so I'm not sure if this would reveal any. But I'm willing to continue if it will help!)
  3. Oh! I see now where I missed the place to select a new colour for the part! I hadn't had to do that yet. Great! And thanks for adding the LEGO-ID to it. I can also report that http://rebrickable.com/parts/30357 is missing yellow too, and the LEGO-ID is 6167389. And I'm still working through the rest when I can find a few minutes here and there...
  4. So I've been working my way through the preliminary parts listing for set 60152, and I found that Rebrickable does not have a yellow one of this shape: http://rebrickable.com/parts/18671 The Lego element ID for the yellow version is 6170184 and I also found it here: http://www.brickowl.com/catalog/lego-yellow-brick-with-plate-2-x-3-x-1-1-3-18671 Is there additional information I can seek out in the future, if I find another part that doesn't exist here?
  5. I was wondering this too. I've chased leads on several ways to download an inventory as a starting point for the new City set I added here (http://rebrickable.com/design_set?s=60152-1) and nothing seemed particularly straightforward. The inventory on Brickset was claimed to have been downloaded from Lego and corrected, but I couldn't figure out how to import from there to here, and I was also uncertain about how to get the details directly from Lego, or even from Bricklink. I had thought that puzzling through it myself would help me know how to do it in the future, so I kept investigating whenever I had the time. My next step was going to be to see if I could figure out a way to translate between the Brickset CSV and the Rebrickable CSV... but now I see this: ...which seems to imply that you high-level studs might have access to an easier way, and that this thread really is a place to ask for help with getting a preliminary inventory into the set listing. I am happy to wait patiently and to help check it over when it's here, but I'd also love to know if the steps you take to get the inventory from Lego are things we really could do ourselves, and what I might've missed when I was looking for it. All I saw was a page where I could click 299 times to get the pieces into a purchase order, but that really didn't seem like the best way! If there is a way for us to do it, could the steps be added to the FAQ? Or if there is too much risk of us messing it up while trying and cleanup of the mess too cumbersome, could that info be explained in the FAQ? Thanks again to everyone who is working on making this awesome site even more completely awesome!
  6. Hi, I'm new here, but I couldn't find a set and was contemplating submitting it myself, since I have all the info about it. But this topic name is telling me I should simply report it here instead, so here it is: Set ID#: 60152-1 Set Name: Sweeper & Excavator Theme: Town - Cities - Traffic Year Released: 2017 (so says the copyright date, anyways) If it's okay to go ahead and add it myself, one of my questions is: can I use the main image from http://brickset.com/sets/60152-1/Sweeper-Excavator or is that not a good idea? I am enjoying getting a good start on organizing/tracking, and I love that this website is here to help in that.