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  1. Further investigation: if I perform this same task using the XML import rather than the API, I get error messages as expected: Part 6538c (5) changed to 59443 Part 4265c (3) changed to 32123b Part 57029c01 (85) changed to 57796 Part 86652c01 not recognised Part 86652c01 not recognised Part 32247c01 not recognised Part 32247c01 not recognised So, to clarify: when importing via the BrickLink API, you don't get error messages, and you get these phantom parts in your parts list that cannot be accessed. I did another import, of only invalid part numbers, and this part list shows 4 parts, but doesn't actually display any parts.
  2. Hello- I created a parts list, and populated it by importing three orders through the bricklink API method. Now, this parts list shows 14 parts, but when I drill into the categories, only 6 parts are listed. The others are wheels with group part numbers (32247c01 for example). I don't see any errors reported during the import. Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks!