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  1. Thanks your help. The "Get Element" method on the API seems to be exactly what I am after. I think with some basic simple scripting I should be able to automate the import. Nathan - I guess it depends how many other people are interested.
  2. Hi, Just discovered Rebrickable. It's awesome. I've managed to add my sets and bricklink orders to parts but I am stuck on how to import parts I've purchased from Lego Pick'a'brck and Bricks'n'pieces. There are a lot of parts so I really need a process which isn't completely manual. I have digital copies of the ordes which would be easy to convert into a file of element id and quantity. The challenge lies in coverting the element id into a design/colour pair. Does anyone know a way to achieve this? I'm comfortale writing code to automate tasks if APIs are available. Many thanks, Tas