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  1. LegoOri

    Importing inventory from IO files

    Hi, When submitting a MOC and attempting to import parts from IO files that have submodules, the parts in the submodules are not imported. I am using 2.0 beta, on a Windows 10 machine, and chrome. [I realize this is probably's fault, and I am not even sure it is a bug, or just a UI issue. However I wanted to let you know, because I suspect a lot of people will be transitioning to from LDD now that it has almost all the desired functionalities in one place] Thanks!
  2. LegoOri

    Converting CSV to LXF

    Thank you. That is a bit cumbersome, but it works - what more can we ask for ?
  3. LegoOri

    Converting CSV to LXF

    Yes. Sorry - I just saw my own mistake... Is there a way? some app or other?
  4. LegoOri

    Converting CSV to LXF

    Hi! Is there a way to convert the Rebrickable CSV format to a CSV file (for user pallettes)? Thanks!
  5. I am running Chrome V63 on Windows 10 (64 bit) In a MOC page, I see the image of the MOC but all images from the gallery are displayed as "brick not found" (screen capture included). This is weird because the thumbnails of the bricksafe gallery are displayed properly. Thanks for this!
  6. The "Save and Next Step" button on step 1 of MOC submissions doesn't work...
  7. Hi, I have a MOC posted (5513 - Bobot) and several others not posted that use parts from three different sets. The Alternate Build has of "set(s)" written down, but I do not know how I can input a few sets there. It always only refers to the first. Thank you!