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  1. Well, it is really strange for badges you earn by doing certain actions on the site... -geever
  2. In My SetLists and My PartLists pages there are checkmarks after each list which is considered in build calculations. I suggest making them clickable to be able to enable/disable them quickly. -geever
  3. +1 SBrick is getting more and more popular, it should be in.
  4. I was awarded with new badges (MOC Admirer and Follower l1). In both notification emails' body they were called Unknown Badge - Level 1. In my Rebrickable profile they show up correctly. -geever
  5. As I see the site was extended with location detection (probably based on some GeoIP data) which is a nice addition! However I still think that my original request make sence (not replacing but in addition to the location detection). A usercase: I can travel around the world, visit Rebrickable from many countries I'd probably still want to see prices in my preferred currency. -geever
  6. Honestly, I don't understand the idea behind the Rebrickable Levels. I mean giving something extra for "Veterans" is a good thing, I support it, but why these features? Level 1: Submit MOC Level 2: Submit Change Request Level 3: Submit Set Level 5: Submit Part Photo Level 5: Submit Part Let's see an example: I have the 4603-1 Set. Rebrickable doesn't have part image for some parts, like the 30643. I could take a picture of the parts, or notify you that there are LDraw parts rendered for some of them, like this 30643, but I can't if I'm not Level 5. So, I could and would like to help making Rebrickable better, but I'm not allowed to? It doesn't feel to be right. -geever
  7. 1. I miss an [Add Set] button on the My Sets page There is an [Import Sets] button, but that's for uploading a file or retrieving set data from external site. I miss the v2 functionality to add a set by SetID right on the My Sets page. I know that I can use the global search bar to find a set then add it to a list but it is counterintuitive. 2. Too easy to [Add new Set List] that you didn't wanted Bit related to the previous point, what I was looking for the option for add a Set I clicked on [Add new Set List] which immediately created a new Set List with default parameters. To remove it, I had to select it, open the Edit Set List Details dropdown, click [Delete Set List], then confirm it on a popup - tedious a littlebit. On the other hand who would like to have Set Lists with default names "Set List 36264"? To change the default name one need to go through the same procedure. What I suggest is opening a popup (Like the Delete one) when clicking on [Add new Set List] button where user can change the default list name, decide if it should be used for build calculations or click [Cancel] if he didn't mean to create a Set List. Part Lists could profit from this feature as well. -geever
  8. The flag and the currency setting defaults back to Czech and Czech Crown unless the browser saved a cookie for it. However some people like me use private browsing option or reset their browser cookies eventually. It would be nice if the flag and the currency respected the Location Profile setting (or a new setting Preferred Currency or so). -geever
  9. Thank You, it worked.
  10. Hello! I gave a brief look into the v3 API and noticed that there is no function to retrieve part list for a MOC and api/v3/lego/sets/<MOC-ID>/parts doesn't return it either. Is it planned for later? thx. -geever