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  1. Are there any articles out there about design for MOC? I have the Lego Design Book, which is really good, but it lacks some specifics on taking an idea and breaking it down into the geometry and / or pieces needed to create it. Perhaps some examples of how different pieces can be used (for example, part ID 4589 - Nose cone small- I've seen this used as an engine, a light, and decoration/ detail for a facade). So an article that gives a bunch of examples like that I think would be helpful.
  2. Fxguy1

    Piece qty...?

    Is there an easy way to find the maximum number of pieces in a set for any given piece? How do you estimate how many pieces you may need for a design?
  3. OMG! I'm not worthy! This is absolutely beautiful! Also in the style I really like (building the Fishing Store I have realized I really like walls built with flat finish plates that look like bricks or siding). Thank you! Indeed, a lot of French architecture share similar elements like this.
  4. So I think I know what MOC I want to build. I'd love to build an MOC of Chateaux Chenenceau, a castle in the Loire Valley in France. Aside from gathering reference photos and the appropriate bricks, I'm thinking of starting with the guard tower in front as a small introduction to the larger castle.
  5. Unfortunately we don't have too many sets at the moment and most of the alternate builds of the ones we have are only a few pieces. I am already planning some customization to the Fish Store. I ordered 100 1X1 round plates in both light and dark blue. I'm going to use them to add some water around the edges of the fishing shop to start. I think right now I just have the urge that I want to build something but I don't have an idea in mind just yet. Thankfully I have the Fishing Shop keeping me busy.
  6. Greetings everyone! What started out as an attempt to get my 4yr old son interested in Legos has turned into a full on addiction for me. For my birthday I got Set 21303 - Ye Old Fishing Store and burned through it in a day or two. Also reading the Art of Lego Design from the library and I'd really like to get started doing MOC. What advice would you give to someone looking to start out in Minifig scale MOC? Essential books, bricks, sites, etc....? I know some of the essential bricks, but then color depends on design. As far as themes, I love Sci-Fi / Fantasy so anything in that area works great. Thinking of castle building as well. Thanks for helping!
  7. Fxguy1

    Im in over my head!

    Greetings everyone. I am dad to a 4yr old boy and I wanted to get him started with a good Lego collection early on. So 13 sets later and a giant bag of loose parts, I have a mess! I've read about sorting and that sorting by piece instead of color is the best way to go, but is there any way to expedite the process? I mean it seems like an incredibly tedious task to log every loose brick, but then if I don't, I won't be able to see what other creations we can build. I wish there was a Lego Sorting Machine....
  8. It would be nice to have an Inventory / Count verified button for parts that are in my inventory. I made the mistake of adding about 1,000 used parts to my collection before going through and verifying which part I had and how many. So now I have to go back and count each piece to verify how many I have from sets in my inventory vs how many I have as loose parts. Its tedious to say the least and a verified checkbox would be great to help keep track of where I am in the process.
  9. One other question. How important is an accurate inventory for finding other things to build? Still new to the site and learning how to use it the best.
  10. Whats the best way to add the parts from an almost complete set? For example, I have the Fun with Building Tub 4496-1 but I'm missing 2 of the bright orange 1x3 bricks. Is there a way to add the set and then take out those two or do I have to go through the set and add each part individually to get an accurate inventory? Thanks!
  11. Fxguy1

    Inventory Export

    Is there any way to get an inventory export of my bricks so that it shows the part number, total qty, and then qty by set? I'm trying to do a complete inventory and verification of all the parts I have and it would be helpful to see I have 22 of white brick 1X2 part number xxxxx 10 from set xxxx, 4 from set xxxx, etc..... so that I can inventory and add the loose bricks from a purchase I made. Thanks!
  12. Fxguy1

    Help finding set

    Awesome! Thanks! I actually have Case 2 from 1985.
  13. Does anyone know if there was ever a lego set released with a large red plastic case? I bought a case full of legos from the thrift shop the other day and don't know if the case was something that was usually sold separately or if it was included in a set. Looks like several large pieces to a boat / barge inside as well.
  14. Our son and daughter (3yr and 1 yr) have recently gotten into playing with a couple of the lego kits we have bought. I used to build back when I was young but the landscape has changed drastically. Looking for help on getting a collection up and running. We currently own the following sets: 10702 - Creative Building Set31047 - Propeller Plane31028 - Sea Plane4496 -Fun with Building TubInterests include anything geek (Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Harry Potter, etc...) robots, dinosaurs and cars / planes. Looking for suggestions on what to do next? The Fun with Building tub gives us a lot of "standard" bricks but little in the way of unique parts / pieces. Suggestions on a couple of sets to augment the collection and provide some substance to build various things? We liked the lego ideas books but again a lot of those seem to require special parts / pieces. While it would be easy to spend a fortune on a collection we are looking for suggestions under $200 for the time being. So perhaps one big set and then a couple smaller / medium sized sets? Is it worth it to buy bulk pieces off eBay or craigslist or stick to sets for now? Thanks for the advice!