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  1. I just got the mythical creatures set, so I decided to build the dragon from the red creatures set (I had the scorpion on display) to see how the two dragons compared, because I noticed they looked very similar. Well, I a part that was broken. One of the white clips. As a consequence, I can't clip more than one of the flames into the red dragon's mouth. Also, one of the dark grey hinge pieces for the wings has mysteriously gone missing. So yeah, I'm going to have to look into getting replacement pieces. Luckily, none of them are rare or unique to the set. But is there a way to keep parts from breaking? I have a similar problem with my construct-i-bots with their clips breaking. Is there a way to avoid this? Can they be repaired (I doubt it, but what's the harm in asking?). I'm particularly upset about the clips on the construct-i-bots since those sets have a lot of unique parts.
  2. I managed to work around the tan (or 'brick yellow') 1x1s after looking at someone else's attempt to build the 'mighty dinosaurs' set in LDD. I managed to build the entire Wyvern, but hit another roadblock at literally the last step. The 1x1 black holder pieces are my issue. I wanted to put them on the 3x3 curved pieces, but the way I have it on the model the program won't allow for some unknown reason. I don't understand why I can't put that piece there in the LDD when I can with real bricks! There's no alignment issue, it fits fine and is stable. There is no reason in the world why the program won't let me build my model when I have the pieces assembled in the exact same way!!!!!
  3. I just came up with a build for a wyvern using the Mighty Dinosaurs set, but I can't build the thing in the Lego Digital Designer because it doesn't have all the parts! It doesn't even have alternate colors for some of them. Specifically the tan 1x1s with the two side studs. What can I do? I don't have a camera so I can't take a picture of the thing or make a video of it. Literally the only thing I can think of is to draw a picture of the instructions, and I'm not good at drawing. What can I do?