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  1. I am trying to filter our overseas stores as the postage isn't economic for my order. I have changed my settings to only show stores from my country (UK) but when I go into buy parts from my list it only shows Bricklink stores and omits Brickowl stores. I am trying to buy the bricks from this list: If I list regional (EU) stores then the "Warehouse Hanger 51" Brickowl store appears ( However when limited to UK stores this store and all other Brickowl, GB stores in the original list are missing. I wonder if it is because Brickowl lists the stores as GB (Great Britain) rather than the UK (United Kingdom) which Bricklink uses. I don't suspect it can be my environment causing this issue but for what it is worth I am using various chromium bases browsers under Windows 10.
  2. slangivar

    Known variations from box part count and the box both state 423 parts. The manual meanwhile lists 422 parts including the separator. Using the earlier assumption the sticker sheet is the difference between these numbers. Our inventory not includes both the separator and the sticker sheet and has 423 parts.
  3. slangivar

    Known variations from box part count

    I checked the inventory of the station 60050 earlier. The total part count on is one more than the list in the induction manual. I assume that is the sticker sheet.
  4. slangivar

    new filter for "my lost parts"

    If I understand the system correctly then I think the hard part for this would be the way lost parts are recorded. Currently lost parts aren't attached to a specific set and that set can appear in multiple set lists. There is no way for the system to tell which one of your sets you recorded as being missing the part.
  5. slangivar

    Known variations from box part count

    I have just submitted some change requests for my sets which have the brick separator as a spare. However is it not something which Nathan could automate?
  6. slangivar

    My lost Parts - Enhancement

    You can also create a custom list. I don't think the contents of a custom list are counted as items you own.
  7. slangivar

    Rebrickable Themes

    That's good point, I'll draft a letter my MP tomorrow.
  8. slangivar

    Rebrickable Themes

    I would be inclined to agree that modulars don't deserve their own category. If they get one then why not the seasonal range or the fair ground range. They are all LEGO creator expert ... or are they? Sticking strictly to what is on the box create some strange issues, particularly with re-released sets. 10249 (Winter Toy Shop) is Creator Expert branded but it's predecessor 10199 (Winter Toy Shop) is not. This is a slightly more extreme version of Biodreamer's example above. 10199 was released during the creator period but is not a creator set so where would people expect to find it. Similarly a set such as 10230 (Mini Modulars) is neither a creator set nor strictly speaking a modular building so where would it be found. This leaves another question of which theme unbranded sets such as 10230 or many promotional sets belong to. So perhaps Biodreamer is correct that themes have had their time but should now be retired in favour of tags. biodreamer, the thing about English is that just as you think you have learnt how something works you find the exceptions. We have a phrase "The exception that proves the rule" which comes from the fact that almost every rule in the English language has exceptions. Although nouns aren't joined in the majority of cases there are plenty of examples where they are, for instance bookcase is two word joined. Steampunk is another such example, although i confess to using Google to confirm that.
  9. slangivar

    rookie question...

    That is correct. I remember seeing a lego video on youtube with the old harry potter figures. It was showing the torsos going into the machine to have arms added. If a sensor couldn't see the paint it knew the torso was the wrong way round and a puff of air dropped it back into the pile.
  10. slangivar

    Green Skateboard 42511 not listed in any sets?

    The wheels are a separate part and the only set they are listed in is a 2011 CMF (8804-9). If it was a box of random parts then I would guess someone had switched the wheels onto a green skateboard. Does that sound like something your younger self would have done?
  11. slangivar

    Rock Pit / Quarry Help For Excavator 42055

    Do you have similar parts in other colours? If so could you build it that way to get the count. Alternatively you may have to go down the digital line using something like LDD to get the part counts.
  12. slangivar

    Rock Pit / Quarry Help For Excavator 42055

    I can't help with the inventory, although it looks like a fairly simple wall with a lot of small cylinders and domes in it. I love the YouTube subtitles in the video, which translates the model into a pocket vader with an alternative build of a sewing machine.
  13. slangivar

    Head Print with change of stud type

    I'm not sure what the progression of minifig head moulds is. It's possible that different factories were using different moulds at the same time and the two moulds were both used in 2012. The head was also from a CMF though and CMF parts often show up in the LEGO Store pick-a-mini selections with minor variations (For instance there is often no back print in my experience). So this head could have come from a pick-a-mini at any point after 2012 and been produced with a later mould.
  14. slangivar

    find parts

    Great work. I searched for the trailer base using the stud size of the plate (ie 4 x 9) rather than it's full length. I suspect I somehow miss-counted the first one as I was searching for 6x15 and I have no idea about the second. Perhaps I subconsciously thought it was the same length as the first.
  15. slangivar

    find parts

    What are you using to guess the age? The second part looks like it has a ball for a ball joint. The oldest such part I can find in the Rb database is 3184. This was first used in 1970. As your piece is more complicated I would have expected it to be younger.