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  1. MOC Instructions readable format

    I Assume you mean the ldd files. To open them you will need to install LEGO Digital Designer which you can download directly from LEGO here:
  2. api with google doc

    You can. The only slightly tricky part is that the API returns JSON and google sheets can't handle JSON natively. You can get a tool here which works in a very similar way to the importXML function: The only drawback is you are using google scripts to do the processing but it is a very straightforwards process.
  3. unknown color

    Could it be dark bluish grey which has faded due to being left in the sun?
  4. Plan ändern

    google tells me that you are asking: How to change your plan from designer to pro plan. I have tried it several times and it remains on designer. But I do not need a designer plan and have activated it only by default. For tips on how to change that back I would be grateful. If I understand correctly then any change will not take effect until the end of your current plans period (either 1 month or 1 year) after that you will be billed for the new plan type.
  5. how to request to add a new part, in a specific color?

    There is a thread where you can request them here:
  6. What color is this?

    I don't have the set so I'm working from the pictures on your link but I think it might be Aqua (
  7. Find a part - In which specific set?

    I'm not aware of a way to do that currently. You could add it as a suggestion.
  8. Adding Tags to Sets

    Simon, I don't know how closely you communicate with Nathan. Have you asked him if he can run a report on the tags to see which don't have sets in them? Would it be worth putting in a change suggestion asking for tags to be added to the API?
  9. Find a part - In which specific set?

    If you want to see them on that table rather than clicking onto the individual part/colour page then that would be the way to do it.
  10. Adding Tags to Sets

    is there a way to run a build with only one partlist other than by removing all the others partlists from your build calculations? @Simon, could you please add the powerfunctions tag to the relevant train sets: Thanks
  11. Find a part - In which specific set?

    If I understand you correctly what you need to do is open the Owned section of the Drill Downs (to the left of the set list) and un-check the Not Owned box. Then click Apply Filters and you should see just the sets you own.
  12. Import parts using LEGO Element ID

    lists which come directly from LEGO can contain the element id (instruction manuals/PAB or BAP orders, etc). I have a spreadsheet which uses the API to convert the contents of a PAB order to rebrickable csv format for importing so if I understand this change correctly I can now cut out the API query part of the process. Thanks again Nathan.
  13. Color blind breakthrough!!!

    There was an interesting article on the BBC website this week regarding plastics in older toys (including LEGO) failing today's toxicity standards: I wonder if that is one of the reasons for this change in fluorescence.
  14. when did Lego changed it's molds

    I don't think there is a definite answer to this question. The reason being that LEGO generally use a mould until it wears out and even then they have leftover stock so some colours/sets change before others. For that reason two different moulds can appear at the same time and overlap by a number of years. If you take a look at the part page: you will see that there have been many variations of the 2 x 4 brick. Similarly details some, although not as many variations. The yellow brick on the right is the a variation: this was used into the late 1990's and possible even beyond 2000 although I'm not certain about that.
  15. OK, I have neither the stand nor the MF so can't help with it I'm afraid.