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  1. Include username in RSS feed

    Thanks. A quick search reveals that in 2012 they said it wasn't possible without a custom modification although they would consider it as a development request. I guess they decided against it then. I'll assume the unread items list and next unread link using different sort orders is also a built in feature too.
  2. I've been using an RSS reader to try and keep an eye on what is happening in the forum. However it doesn't currently include the username of the person who posted the content so almost impossible to read any lengthy discussions on it. On other forums I use the post subject is username on "topic name" Would it be possible to implement something similar to this in the rss feed for the site?
  3. Every page triggers an error on Dolphin

    Thanks. I'll dig out an old device when I get a chance and try that out.
  4. I get this error on every single page when using my phone. I use Dolphin Browser on Android. The error doesn't appear to have adverse affects once cleared so I don't remember when it started as I have been ignoring it for a while. I suspect the percentage using dolphin is tiny so low priority to fix. × Oops, something has gone wrong Please see the Bugs Forum for help with the issue below, or create a new topic for it if not found. Or you can try refreshing this page. Message: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token else - URL: - Line: 6 - Column: 10 - Error object: {}
  5. How to buy from a Brickstore xml

    I am not familiar with the format of a BrickStore XML files file, however can see that it is included in the list of supported file formats when importing a parts list and so importing it into rebrickable should be straightforward. However I see that you are getting an error message so perhaps as Simon says the XML contains a set or MOC reference rather than a list of parts. As Simon says the actual purchase of pieces will take place on Bricklink/Owl even if you start from a Rebrickable inventory.
  6. How to Handle inventory of 3 in 1 Sets

    Yes, that's much clearer than my description.
  7. How to Handle inventory of 3 in 1 Sets

    That doesn't sound right to me, is it an official recommendation? The main inventory should surely contain all the parts required to build each of the models in the set as that would be the inventory you would need to complete the set. If the main model doesn't use all these parts then rather than moving the unused (but not spare) parts to the spare parts list the largest model should also be listed as a b model. For instance If you look at then you will see that the campervan contains 2 less parts than the full set. If the unused parts are listed as spares then there is no way to find out all the non spare pieces you need to complete the set. Looking at the box picture for 31031 it looks like there will be 4 lots of 44567a in the chameleon so I think it is correct that these are listed as parts in the main inventory.
  8. Size of MOC-7985 Interdictor Cruiser

    You may find that the creator knows the dimensions. If you post a comment on the MOC page then they should see it there.
  9. Can help me anybody out in german

    I think the answer you are looking for is that you need to click on Build this MOC. And then on Combine My Parts into My Sets: This will remove all the parts from a part list and put the MOC into a set list. Beware when you are using this feature though. Although you can choose which part list to remove parts from if there are any missing which you have in another part list then they will disappear from there.
  10. Can’t create a set (error 403)

    The forum accounts are not directly linked to main site accounts so level 2 on the forum just means that they have not submitted more than 50(?) posts.
  11. Hallo ich bin neu

    Hallo, wilkommen. mein Deutsch ist nicht gut, so ich Englisch schreiben. On the model page ( you will see a button for buy parts which will allow you to quickly add all the parts to a Bricklink or Brickowl order. Alternatively you can also follow the link on that tab where it says " Already have some of the parts? Use the Build this MOC page to only show the parts you are missing."
  12. Here is a much smaller version of the pic for 6005, 92903, 33243 and 88293 I've also made it a little brighter and cleared up the foreground shadow. I hope @allthenamesaretaken doesn't mind.
  13. Add Power Functions as Sets or Parts

    Baseplates and the brick separators are the only other items I can think of where this happens. Although technically it could happen with any "Set" which only contains one part so I'm sure there are other examples (possibly duplo figures sold in a polybag which I think may have happened).
  14. Best way to catalog parts collection

    Getting a really good light helps too. Under fluorescent bulbs some combinations of colours look identical to me.
  15. Best way to catalog parts collection

    Unless you are familiar with LEGO colours then I find it useful to try and keep a brick from some of the more obscure colours (eg medium lavender) to hand so that I can compare any bricks I'm unsure about.