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  1. I have tested the process using Opera (similar functionally to chrome) and it works as Thea (and the screen text) described. Taking the majority of items from the selected set and them using another set for the remaining parts, you don't have any control over the additional sets and it doesn't tell you which parts were taken from where so I would suggest using the "Build this Set" functionality to work out what will be used before combining. This is the screen just after I combined my sets, you can see the sets used at the bottom (note the second set appears at the top).
  2. When I view my set lists and then try to filter by a set tag I get told that the setlist is empty even though the filter would only appear if there were relevant sets and the link tells me how many sets there should be. For instance my set lists page tells me I have 33 collectible minifigures: But when I click this link I get this: This error occurs in both Chrome and Edge when using Windows 10, I don't have access to test any other combination currently. The same issue also occurs when filtering search results on the search page. Although it's slightly harder to reproduce as the available tags also apply to any MOCS which are not on the main sets search page.
  3. The filters being an issue makes sense. I often open up that page for a part with any sets because I want to see which of the sets I own. I don't normally care if it's such a common set but if I do I'll manually add a filter to the URL to get it working.
  4. Sounds like a good idea. As a workaround you can search for members in the forum and send them a message via it. I don't think it's guaranteed but I would assume most members use the same username in both the forum and the main site.
  5. I think it depends on how busy the site (and therefore the servers are). At quiet times such as when the US sleeps (morning in Europe) the site works better. @biodreamer, I think you are right. Either have some sort of cache which stores the sets or retrieve just the first 48 sets and wait for the user to click next before loading more. The delay when clicking next suggest the server is retrieving the entire list every time you load a page which seems remarkably inefficient. I assume that @Nathan is aware of these ongoing issues and will implement a better solution when time allows.
  6. My pro plan had expired after I added some comments to pieces. Prior to renewing my plan I could still read (although not edit) the existing comments using the tootips on the parts lists. ie, hover the mouse over the blue flash in the corner of the parts box below: Given that none of the other pro-plan features appear to be available on a read only basis I assume this is a bug.
  7. It's hard to say without knowing what your way is. But I would open the part (Middle click in windows). Select the colour, click sets owned and see what apepars. That's three clicks.
  8. Thanks
  9. I see that when new sets are being imported from LEGO that those containing the minifig seat are all created with the original version ( however the sets that we have in our house all appear to have the new mold variant with the centre sprue mark ( Has anyone seen a set with the sprueless seat recently and if not should the old one be marked as no longer in use and any imports mapped to the new variant? This thread on eurobricks suggest the new version has been in use for at least 8 years:
  10. I combined some of my parts into sets a couple of weeks ago. I don't think I had parts in more than one part list but I was definitely missing some parts. The system added the sets to my lists as requested and removed the parts I had, ignoring any missing parts. I've got another box of mixed parts to sort so hopefully I'll be able to add some more sets in this way again soon and can test whether the system is removing items from multiple parts lists.
  11. OK, being one of the 600 members who have the set listed I thought I decided to open the box for the greater good. I haven't built it so can't confirm the rest of the inventory but I can confirm that I did not receive an extra roll cage in the box.
  12. Thanks
  13. It sounds like the roll cage might be an inventory error. Although I don't have this set I haven't received a spare one in the LEGO juniors set I have opened and most sets with that part don't list it amongst the spares. With the green cruiser however it sounds like LEGO made the mistake. That would be a very large part for them to be including as a spare and the instruction manual only lists 2 of them. Do you have access to the submit change request button on the set's page yet? You need to be level 2 so by the time you have added a few sets you might well be there already.