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  1. Best way to catalog parts collection

    Getting a really good light helps too. Under fluorescent bulbs some combinations of colours look identical to me.
  2. Best way to catalog parts collection

    Unless you are familiar with LEGO colours then I find it useful to try and keep a brick from some of the more obscure colours (eg medium lavender) to hand so that I can compare any bricks I'm unsure about.
  3. Does it have the LEGO tm on it? If not it could be a rival's product.
  4. Photo reviewing process

    Yes, I think that's it. A steady hand, gravity and a stable display space would work.
  5. 3rd party parts

    There are a number of parts which do exist and have been in sets but rebrickable doesn't currently record the usage of different set parts. For instance the modern manufacturing of the classic erling brick ( has a slot below the front stud ( but the earlier version is used in nearly all sets (except some new 2017 sets). This means that we probably all have a bundle of 4070a bricks in our collections which rebrickable doesn't currently think are valid.
  6. B Model link from main model

    Great, I think that was pretty much exactly what I was looking for back in March. It'll be much easier for me to check which B models already have inventories when I build a 3-1 Creator model now.
  7. Photo reviewing process

    That depends on what you are keeping them for. I saw a picture of a MOC house made entirely from these warped bricks and it had a certain charm, although google isn't leading me back to it just now. They are like any LEGO brick, provided you can find the right place in the right model for them they will look awesome. Alternatively you might find that you can find a buyer for them on ebay, especially if you have enough for a complete set.
  8. Photo reviewing process

    We've got a number of those early bricks too. All in red or white and made from cellulose acetate rather than ABS. They are mostly warped now though so don't site quite straight when you build a wall.
  9. Photo reviewing process

    Thanks, that was what I thought so it's good to have it confirmed.
  10. Photo reviewing process

    @HerbertHavu Do you have your Fabuland sets kept separate? or are they mixed in with other LEGO? The reason I ask is that I suspect a lot of the fabuland sets (and maybe others from the 80's) have the single stud wide bricks listed incorrectly. For instance instead of the standard 1x4 (3010) they actually contained 3010a which has the lowered cross support My mum has a box of LEGO from when we were growing up and most of the 1x4, 1x6 and 1x8 bricks have lowered cross supports but as it has all been mixed together for around 30 years it's not a reliable source for any single model.
  11. API call or export option to get parts prices

    Thanks @Nathan, Did you realise the link to your stats in your signature is incorrect? I'm guessing the format changed with V3.
  12. Group by type in My Part Lists

    Nice idea. You can see a single category in your parts lists by filtering, although that doesn't work in a set's inventory and only shows one category at a time.
  13. Add Lost Parts to Backup

    The paid plans currently include the very useful backups features. However this only stores Set, part and custom lists. Any parts marked as lost from a set are not backed up. It would be very useful to be able to retrieve and restore backups of lost parts. Similarly it would be useful to be able to add notes to lost parts and for the export of lost part to include the details of which set they are lost from.
  14. API call or export option to get parts prices

    Do you have an example of a part which you cannot see? The price information is (I think) pulled directly from Bricklink so you may be able to obtain something similar directly from the bricklink API.
  15. Part Images

    According to there are two common types of scanner. One of which gives a depth of field of about 1cm while the other has almost no depth of field. Looking at the scans above it seems clear that legolijntje has the more expensive type.