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  1. I have submitted a request with the parts list included for 5980-1. I'll see if I can find time to do the same for the other 3 sets. (, and
  2. slangivar

    Inventory change notification

    Sorry, I didn't mean to tread on any toes. I thought adding a button you would need to click to send the email would be an extra task for you, while if it was automated you wouldn't need to worry about it. The time limit could be set far higher for instance if it was 24 hours then no one would get more than one email a day for each set advising them that a change had been made. I guess it's a compromise between admin workload, number of emails sent and ensuring that users get a timely notification of a change even if there are other outstanding changes.
  3. slangivar

    Bulk removing parts from my lost parts list after a BL purchase

    The only way I can think of to do this would be to export the list and perform the subtraction in Excel before reimporting the list. Not ideal and requires a good knowledge of Excel. If you need to I can give you a couple of pointers to the formulas you would need which you could then read up the help for.
  4. slangivar

    Inventory change notification

    Rather than having a manual button could the emails be scheduled. If they are sent a fixed time (eg 2 hours) after the first change is made then there should be plenty of time for additional changes to be completed. We use something similar to this at work (not LEGO related) and it works well.
  5. slangivar

    MOC Instructions readable format

    I Assume you mean the ldd files. To open them you will need to install LEGO Digital Designer which you can download directly from LEGO here:
  6. slangivar

    api with google doc

    You can. The only slightly tricky part is that the API returns JSON and google sheets can't handle JSON natively. You can get a tool here which works in a very similar way to the importXML function: The only drawback is you are using google scripts to do the processing but it is a very straightforwards process.
  7. slangivar

    unknown color

    Could it be dark bluish grey which has faded due to being left in the sun?
  8. slangivar

    Plan ändern

    google tells me that you are asking: How to change your plan from designer to pro plan. I have tried it several times and it remains on designer. But I do not need a designer plan and have activated it only by default. For tips on how to change that back I would be grateful. If I understand correctly then any change will not take effect until the end of your current plans period (either 1 month or 1 year) after that you will be billed for the new plan type.
  9. slangivar

    how to request to add a new part, in a specific color?

    There is a thread where you can request them here:
  10. slangivar

    What color is this?

    I don't have the set so I'm working from the pictures on your link but I think it might be Aqua (
  11. slangivar

    Find a part - In which specific set?

    I'm not aware of a way to do that currently. You could add it as a suggestion.
  12. slangivar

    Adding Tags to Sets

    Simon, I don't know how closely you communicate with Nathan. Have you asked him if he can run a report on the tags to see which don't have sets in them? Would it be worth putting in a change suggestion asking for tags to be added to the API?
  13. slangivar

    Find a part - In which specific set?

    If you want to see them on that table rather than clicking onto the individual part/colour page then that would be the way to do it.
  14. slangivar

    Adding Tags to Sets

    is there a way to run a build with only one partlist other than by removing all the others partlists from your build calculations? @Simon, could you please add the powerfunctions tag to the relevant train sets: Thanks
  15. slangivar

    Find a part - In which specific set?

    If I understand you correctly what you need to do is open the Owned section of the Drill Downs (to the left of the set list) and un-check the Not Owned box. Then click Apply Filters and you should see just the sets you own.