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  1. It doesn't look like you did anything wrong so it appears that the creator of the MOC has got the inventory wrong. It's too late for you but if you take the time to contact them hopefully they will update it for anyone else who wants to build the MOC. I'm not aware of it being a common problem, although we are all humans and some of us make more mistakes than others.
  2. Hi @Brelha, welcome to the forum. is a good choice. It can certainly fulfil item 1 on your list. Just open the file menu, select import set and import an official LEGO set. You will get this dialogue. Make sure you import it as a palette and you will get all the parts in the set. I haven't worked with a stickered set before but testing it on the train above it appears to fail to import the stickers. However it does seem to import a clean version of the stickers for you. 2) I don't think has sticker support so you would need to plan your stickers separately. 3) Unless you need to work with stickers then I would recommend It is very simple to learn and has a powerful instruction maker right out of the box. You can also import a .io file directly into Rebrickable to get the parts list.
  3. The old blue tracks aren't compatible with the newer track without building a converter where the two join. However the gauge hasn't changed so you can run the older (battery) trains on any track.
  4. @macfreek, Would custom lists work for you? That way you can create a list of parts and call it whatever you like. As it would not be published you would not need to worry about any copyright issues. Of course you would need to have a list of the parts in the MOC which may not always be the case if a MOC you have built is suddenly deleted by the author.
  5. If I recall correctly there isn't because the data is pulled in from third parties. Although Rebrickable has a licence to use the data on the site they do not have permission to further distribute it via the API.
  6. also has a great feature for converting instructions into a pdf file. Both my MOCs were created this way.
  7. I have the award so the answer is less than 172.
  8. @Simon, did you notice the footer: I'm going to guess that they don't have any agreement with Rebrickable to be a "Trust By Brand" site. (Whatever that actually means.)
  9. I think that all three models can be classed as b models. Take Vacation Getaways for example ( it has only one b model currently which is the largest one from the set. I think it would make sense for the largest model to be b1 and the smallest b3 but that would depend on them being submitted in the correct order.
  10. Is this the only set where the set number changed when the packaging changed? Tower bridge for instance had a packaging refresh but is still 10214-1.
  11. Thanks, We've got about 50,000 part at the moment although 10% of those are Ninjago City so it looks like We'll need a similar size setup.
  12. Out of interest how many elements are you managing to store in setups like this?
  13. slangivar

    Editing Part Photos

    That's a great guide. Thanks for putting in the effort. Because almost all photos taken under artificial light have some sort of tint to them, I add another intermediate step. Assuming that the picture was taken against a white background you can use the levels tool found in the colours menu to correct the entire image. In my view this gives a final piece colour closer to the actual colour. To do this open colours/levels and select the pick white point option: Then click anywhere in the white background of the picture (or if using a white part then the actual part). This sets the background to white and adjusts the part's colour accordingly. Doing this to your before.jpg image gives this result, I may have gone slightly too far by selecting part of the shadow as the background but personally think the colour of the brick is better: Removing the shadows from this is then a slightly easier process. I also skip your crop step because the upload process on Rebrickable provides the option to crop the image. If you are already aware of the colour levels tool and chose to omit it then please accept my apologies for treading on your toes.
  14. slangivar

    Parts without images

    Am I remembering correctly to say that when the missing images list was created Nathan said he would consider adding the option to see parts with an image but no photo?
  15. For the benefit of anyone following this, here is a couple of details I have added in a pm which I previously forgot:
  16. To get an API code you need to go to and click generate API code. This will give you a random set of letters and numbers which you paste into my command. If you can share your google sheet and pm me the link I can take a look for you.
  17. I think you have hit the jackpot with that one. From what I can tell on bricklink it is this set:{"iconly":0} I can't find the equivalent on Rebrickable and given it's exclusive nature it's quite possible it has never been added to Rebrickable.
  18. I'm not sure if there is a simpler way to do this. I have a google sheet which I use to convert the details from the order into a rebrickable csv file which I can then import. This requires a certain amount of experience dealing with spreadsheets. The setup is complicated by the fact that google sheets doesn't have native support for JSON. The instructions for this step can be found here: Once you have that setup the command I use in google sheets is: =importjson(""&substitute(A1,"_","")&"/?key=123YourKeyHERE456","/part/part_num,/color/id,/part/name,/color/name","noHeaders") You need to copy and paste the order details from your email into your sheets and then put the command above into the next column. You will also need to substitute your own API key at the relevant point. I don't know if this has ever been suggested on the suggestions forum but if not it would be worth asking for it.
  19. If you upload the .io file and select bricklink as the external source then it should import the part list fine. At least that is what I did for my penguin MOC last week.
  20. @cadman, Unless I am missing something the controllers are not listed in the parts lists under any of the three parts. I guess they are not included in his build on LDD and he has forgotten to add them manually.
  21. Yes, that sounds good. The officially numbered books such as build your own adventure have numbers similar to poly bags and some free gift sets so it makes sense to leave them as you say. But with ones with invented numbers the ISBN would make life simpler. I'll get the ISBN of mine tonight and send in a CR.
  22. Thanks. Will do. I usually do a CR but wasn't sure about books as I've never done them before.
  23. I have just added my three books with parts to my inventory. I had some trouble finding them because only one was in the books category. One was is in "Educational and Dacta > Technic" ( and the other was in "Town > City" ( Should I put in change requests to recategorise them as books? On a related note the Crazy Contraptions book is listed under what I assume is an invented set number (B110) while new books appear under ISBN. Am I correct to assume there would be no appetite to change the set numbering for old books as it would create more problems than it would solve?
  24. If I remember correctly it also uses advertised prices from Bricklink rather than sales data. So if some stores are over pricing items then the value can be skewed.
  25. I am trying to filter our overseas stores as the postage isn't economic for my order. I have changed my settings to only show stores from my country (UK) but when I go into buy parts from my list it only shows Bricklink stores and omits Brickowl stores. I am trying to buy the bricks from this list: If I list regional (EU) stores then the "Warehouse Hanger 51" Brickowl store appears ( However when limited to UK stores this store and all other Brickowl, GB stores in the original list are missing. I wonder if it is because Brickowl lists the stores as GB (Great Britain) rather than the UK (United Kingdom) which Bricklink uses. I don't suspect it can be my environment causing this issue but for what it is worth I am using various chromium bases browsers under Windows 10.