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  1. Missing Set: 10745-1 Florida 500 Final Race 2017 Juniors - Cars 3 BrickSet - Florida 500 Final Race Thanks.
  2. Is there a reason why part 29050pr0002 is listed as "This Part is disabled and cannot be used."? The part appears correct and is unique to set 76077-1. Thanks.
  3. I also got a spare part 4282.
  4. techmonk

    Missing Set Images

    On sets with the message, "We have no image for this Set! If you can contribute, please Submit a Change Request" how do you actually contribute? I don't see a way to submit and/or attach a photo as part of a change request. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I successfully deleted 30389 from my parts list.
  6. How do I remove an inactive part from my part list? It is part 30389 and got added when I parted out a set to my list. I have discovered the set inventory was incorrect and should have had the part as 30389b. I submitted a change request for the set, but that won't fix my part list. All editing options seem to be disabled with the message "This Part is disabled and cannot be used". Thanks.
  7. techmonk

    Part Submission

    Thanks for the clarification. I didn't want to submit parts that you then had to delete. It is clear a Change Request is the way to go. Thanks again.
  8. techmonk

    Part Submission

    How do I correctly submit printed parts, e.g. torsos, legs, etc., with no official part number? I tried my first submission using BrickLink's part number and received the following message. "Your submission was fine, but we use slightly different numbers than those at BrickLink. This one was especially tricky because the element ID number didn't give us an image or other info we needed. When that happens, we use 973prxxxxc01--xxxx being the next number available counting down from 9999. Sorry you won't get the credit for it. As soon as I post this email, I will cancel and delete the part." I tried responding to the message for submission clarification but the "Reply to Message" button just sends me to a 404 page. I don't care about getting credit, I just like having complete inventories. Thanks.
  9. My first thought was special characters might be a problem. However, one of the first variations I tried was an alphanumeric 18 character password and it continued to give me invalid username/password errors.
  10. It appears Sync From/Sync To Brickset will not work if your Brickset password is greater than 16 characters. My Brickset password was 18 characters long and I kept getting invalid username/password errors. I tried multiple password variations and discovered syncing would not work until I shortened my Brickset password to 16 characters.