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  1. On my iPad Pro v. 10.2 (14C92), in Firefox v. 5.3 (2), when I try to add a part or set to my inventory, when I try to select a menu item it selects a different, lower placed item instead. Then when I touch higher up where I estimate the offset object might have been displaced, I often am able to select the correct item, but some items get displaced above the top of the screen. This doesn't happen the first time I am adding a part after conducting a search, but does happen every time after I go back to the search results and select a new item. For example, I search for white plates, select the 2 x 4 plate, fill in quantity, etc. and add the item to my inventory. Then I use the back arrow to go to the search results and select the 2 x 6 plate. At this point the menu items won't align with where you need to touch to select them. If I conduct a new search, then I will be okay on the first item again, but the issue will reoccur on subsequent attempts as before.
  2. Ok, figured it out. Really not very intuitive to me. For those who have trouble figuring this out in the future and find this post - you can't add parts manually while looking at either variation of your parts list (previously there was a "manage your parts" link on that page), you can only import from various sources. You need to go to parts>search parts and enter them from there.
  3. I am trying to manually add parts to my existing parts list, but I can't find a way to add new parts, and the old method of adding parts doesn't work anymore. I can add different colors of like parts when I click on a part in my list (basically a workaround), and I can edit the current items in my list, but it doesn't seem possible to add any types of parts that aren't already in my parts list. edit: I notice that the same thing is true when trying to manually add sets.
  4. Please add the following to new set 40236-1 Romantic Valentine Picnic minifig hol084 minifig hol83 edit: Under the new system I can't submit parts now since I am too new, so I would appreciate it if someone could add this new part color from the above set: 22888 Bright Green Plate, Round Corner 4x8 Double