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  1. Hello, A quick thanks to Nathan and the rest of the team here. This site is awesome. When I first got back into Lego, after an elder sister gave away all my bricks to a boyfriend's little brother years ago , I started to track all my parts in spreadsheets with the idea of creating a relational DataBase at some point. Then I found this site and my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder was satiated Though I like building Technic I also play work with Mindstorms and originally bought the 31313-1 set to get my daughters into Robotics using familiar technology. I discovered the Education Set 45544 and eventually figured out the parts differences and where to source them rather than buying the complete set. My wife is an Elementary School Teacher and they are looking at buying the Core (45544) & Expansion (45560) sets for their school but also want to have the parts so their students can build the Home (31313-1) sets as well. I have created parts lists for the differences between these two sets (45544 -> 31313-1 & 31313-1 -> 45544) here and would like to be able to share them. What would be the recommended way to do this? It seems they aren't quite MOCs nor are they sets per se but these lists seem very much in keeping with the spirit which this site was created. I'm willing to create PDFs of the notes for sourcing the parts and take a few pictures if that would help. Bruce