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    Parts ranking

    Hello all. I found this site a while back, but didn't start adding my stuff until the middle of last week. I just want to give a quick shout-out to everyone who's helped developed it. It's obviously taken a TREMENDOUS amount of work. I have a quick question followed by my comment. I noticed that on V2 they had ranking in terms of total parts owned versus the community. Since the V3 rollout I haven't been able to find that feature. Has it been removed? Now on to my suggestion... I've read multiple posts and understand the logic behind not giving every registered user certain privileges on the site. That said, I'm more of a set/part collector and don't really do MOCs. This prevents me from ever reaching lvl 2. As I'm going through and entering my parts, I've noticed a couple of incomplete/incorrect sets. Is my best bet just to post them on the forums since I'll never be able to click the appropriate button? As far as my suggestion, possibly altering the privileges for collectors that don't really do MOCs. Thanks! -Matt
  2. Thanks man. I didn't know. I'm new to rebrickable and am in the process of entering in all of my boy's sets and parts. Appreciate the response and love the site/community.
  3. Set 60023 is missing 2x 2496 pieces. These are the skateboard wheels. They are currently non-existent on the rebrickable instructions.
  4. Missing Set: 10816 LEGO Duplo - My First Cars and Trucks 2016 Pre-school