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  1. Is there a form for submitting inventory? If not, here's the parts list for the TRU mosaic: 94105 (Plate 16x16): White x1 3005 (Brick 1x1): White x4, Black x2, Blue x4, Red x2 3004 (Brick 1x2): White x4, Black x2, Blue x4, Red x4, Tan x3 3622 (Brick 1x3): White x4, Black x2, Blue x4, Red x4, Tan x2 3010 (Brick 1x4): Red x2, Tan x6 2357 (Brick 2x2 corner): Tan x2 3002 (Brick 2x3): Blue x5, Red x2 3001 (Brick 2x4): Red x4 2456 (Brick 2x6): Blue x4 71 total pieces
  2. I've imported my Brickset data into a default set list. I'd like to split out all of my CMF sets into a separate list, but I haven't found any UI to do anything to more than one set at a time. I don't see myself clicking through ~100 CMFs to move them to another list. Is there no bulk operation to move things from one list to another? What's the intended process? Thanks, kono
  3. From my Brickset import: Errors:Set 30546-1 not foundSet 30603-1 not foundSet 30604-1 not foundSet 5002948-1 not foundSet trucapam-1 not found I've linked each set to their Brickset page, hopefully that helps. The first two and the fourth were promo polybags, I believe. The third one came with a DVD. The last was a Toys'R'Us in-store event, without an official set number, so I don't know what the policy on those is here. (Edit: I just noticed the TRU mosaic doesn't show a parts list on Brickset either.) Thanks, kono
  4. I signed up just to make the same suggestion! I use the Assembled/Sealed flags at Brickset, so I was hoping the import here would pick those up, but my Assembled list here is empty. Ideally the import would respect those flags, but having the toggle in My Sets would be useful either way.