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    konofo got a reaction from thea in Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here   
    Is there a form for submitting inventory?  If not, here's the parts list for the TRU mosaic:
    94105 (Plate 16x16): White x1
    3005 (Brick 1x1): White x4, Black x2, Blue x4, Red x2
    3004 (Brick 1x2): White x4, Black x2, Blue x4, Red x4, Tan x3
    3622 (Brick 1x3): White x4, Black x2, Blue x4, Red x4, Tan x2
    3010 (Brick 1x4): Red x2, Tan x6
    2357 (Brick 2x2 corner): Tan x2
    3002 (Brick 2x3): Blue x5, Red x2
    3001 (Brick 2x4): Red x4
    2456 (Brick 2x6): Blue x4
    71 total pieces
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    konofo reacted to dkurok in Mark set as build/assembled in SetList   
    In the "My Sets" overview of the sets (in a setlist) add a button to mark a set as "build/assembled" (see attachment for suggestion)
    This makes it easier for owners of bigger collections, who have maybe a lot of sets assembeld and don't want to use them in build calculations. Going into each sets details and then doing the same is a little bit awkward.
    Best regards