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    B-Model Builds

    Yes I am building the official Jeep like model, but it isn't anywhere on rebrickable so the only way I could add it to my "set list" is to submit it as new set...am i correct?

    B-Model Builds

    I have Lego 5580 and have built the B-Model 5580 but I can't seem to find a way to add it to my "Set List", am I missing something? There is only a "V1" inventory and does not appear in the "Alt Builds" tab. Can I submit a inventory list? Is there a procedure for this?

    My Set List

    I am a little confused if I should be using "My Set List" or "Assembled Set" as to where I keep my sets that I have put together. I have them right now in "My Set List".

    Incorrect Picture

    This part has an incorrect photo, I'm not sure if it draws the photo from rebrickable or another source. 973pb0125c01 https://rebrickable.com/parts/973pb0125c01/torso-soccer-vertical-striped-redblue-and-no-4-back-print-red-arms-yellow-hands/#parts
  5. I think I can find the part and and make the request if needed!
  6. Looking at part #25047pr0001 My part has 23766 as the #, can't find that part number anywhere

    Building a new set

    Ah, so I pick a list that the program starts with and then it auto selects the other lists to fulfill the other parts. Got it!

    Building a new set

    Since I haven't gotten a response yet maybe someone can tell me what I might be doing wrong with this procedure. 1) Go to "Sets" and "Search Sets" 2) Type in Set number I am trying to do "8671" 3) Click "Build this Set" from the green button on the right 4) Click "Combine my parts into sets" 5) Once I do this I get this error? 6) I don't know if this is the error but I have 7 pars lists....do I have to pick one, then it picks from my other lists? I'm concerned with it messing up my lists.
  9. Well perfect...sorry for the late response.

    Building a new set

    Could someone go through with me the right procedure to build a new set that I now have all the parts to...I would like to chose a model/or a moc and have rebrickable pull the parts from my available parts lists and remove the parts from the available parts. I can't seem to make it work as I would expect it to. I'm probably a bit dense....
  11. chris38911, I think I have been avoiding that issue by having my settings naturally showing me 496 parts per page and only trying to edit when I have selected the drill down of the part that I want. Since this only shows me a max of one page I guess I don't end up with that issue. Hopefully it will get worked out.
  12. When you go to "My Lego" are you going to "My Parts Lists" or are you clicking on "All My Parts"? "All My Parts" doesn't allow me to change the number of parts. 1) Click on "My Parts Lists" from "My Lego" 2) Click on the list on the left, even if you only have one list 3) Click the part you want to edit 4) Change # of parts Hope this works
  13. I feel that you have more than one parts list! If so you need to be in that parts list before being allowed to edit a part. So go to my parts lists, click into the parts list where the part you would like to edit is, choose the part and edit the numbers Hopefully this does it for you
  14. Nathan no problem, I will keep trying, hopefully it will work soon.
  15. Don't know if this helps but it only seems to happen when I have "Any Theme" chosen...it doesn't happen when I choose a specific theme.