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  1. Bobflip - I agree with you on being able to delete all of a set's parts at once... that would be super helpful! Thanks for the suggestions. I found the page to delete which is great. Now I'll keep my fingers crossed for the option of sorting lost parts by set!
  2. Thea - Thanks for responding. Can you advise if there is any way to delete a part from the part list and do you have any suggestions for a work-around on identifying which set a part belongs to without having to drill down through some number of pages?
  3. Hello - while we really like the ability to now see all of our lost parts by multiple views, it'd be really helpful to still be able to sort by set. I could see using one view, say all lost parts, to search for the parts. Once found, it would be really useful to show all lost parts by each set to more easily add them to the incomplete sets. Thanks!
  4. Hello! Lots of great changes on V3 but I'm going to focus on some of the less than great ones! We typically print out the list of parts to complete sets and are no longer able to do this. All of the html code is being picked up - both when you just choose print screen or if you highlight area to be printed. We have resorted to highlighting parts, copying into Word, and formatting into columns. Not a great solution though as the rows vary in height between columns and it's hard to use this way. thanks!