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  1. I added some parts to the inventory. Please check your list for any corrections needed. The minifig parts were still not available. All we need is the element ID number. That shouldn't go over 1000 characters. And it might be easier to split it into two requests, one regular parts and one spare parts. Thanks!
  2. @Nathan 6156495 this is a part from set 30606 that I just scraped. It won't show up in the search using the EID. I can find it because I have the error report showing me what number was assigned by the bot. Probably one of those -wait an hour- things, but I'm going to bed now. Another problem-When I click on the EID, the popup doesn't have any info or image, even though the actual part number description has the correct LEGO name and number and there is an image. I don't think this is an hour thing, because it happens often. Maybe the 7 day?
  3. I'm going to run a download and see how many parts it adds. Will get back to you in a few hours.
  5. I'll put a note into Nathan's 'look at this please' suggestion/problem list.
  6. Version 9.1.1 (11601.6.17) Safari
  7. Anyone else having this problem on the main site blog? The URL for other number pages displays correctly in my address bar, but the blogs are always the page one posts.
  8. I don't have the API, but in regular Rebrickable, you can just enter the element number in the top main search bar, and it goes to the page with all the colors. If you have a large number of the part, you might need to scroll down a little, or toggle the word 'Details' to close the lists you have with the part.
  9. There are about 10 Nexo Knights Sets in line to be added. If you own one of these new sets, please consider adding it through the Submit A Set in the Sets Tab.
  10. I don't have a BL store, so I'm not sure of the answer. The errors could be occurring because BL is saying that you are trying to import a wanted list to inventory. Price and Condition don't matter for an export as a wanted list, which is what I'm seeing with only the <minqty> in the code. Anyone else?
  11. It looks like there may be some site-wide issues. I'm having some difficulties too. I'll post more info when I have it.
  12. Whenever you are having logon issues, you can send an email to [email protected] At the present time we ask that you use this only for logon issues.
  13. The information you are looking at is provided as a link. The rebrickable part numbers are entered for the links for all other sites when the part is created. Sometimes these don't get changed right away. BL or BO may not have inventoried the part yet. This is what I meant by broken links. There is a part number there, but it may not be the correct one.
  14. The problem could be you are trying to export more parts than the limit allows. It was 10,000, but Nathan recently raised it. The 504 is a time out error. If you create another list, it could be a work around for now. Check out this previous topic.
  15. There is a way to Ignore them. In the drop down under your name when you're logged in, choose Settings. On that page choose Building LEGO Tab. At the bottom are set choices. Don't forget to Save Changes.