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  1. Thanks Eilu! Okay guys how can you refuse such a cutie????
  2. Approving MOCs isn't one of my duties, so I can't answer your question. I just wanted to say I really like your colorful LEGO companion. Any chance of a photo of your live pet for comparison? @Nathan or @TobyMac Is the requirement that the designer has to create all the instructions without copying anything from the LEGO instructions?
  3. Hi Bastiaan, The errors probably occurred because the b model submitter built it with parts on hand. I'll work on getting the 2 inventories in sync. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Thea Edits for corrections and comments done in green.
  4. I would suggest trying the Bricklink studio forum and see if someone there can help.
  5. The search has been upgraded to do this. If you type the EID number 6071246 in the search box and just hit enter(don't select anything from the drop down menu), it will take you directly to the Medium Azure page.
  6. Thanks for the more detailed help. I don't use the rb API, so maybe that's why I couldn't duplicate it. I can give it another try on my Mac after I've had a few hours sleep. For now I'm bringing it to @Nathan's attention.
  7. Fixed. Just a little explanation of what happens when a part is added here at rb. The external site links in the side bar are filled automatically with the rb part number. When someone lets us know that they're incorrect for a particular website, we can manually fix them. ps...If you can supply photos of any of these old bricks in the various colors, it would be a great help to us and earn you points towards rewards.
  8. Just wanted to let you know that I've tried to duplicate your steps, but I'm having difficulties duplicating the "If the part did already exist in the part list" step. As Nathan mentioned in another topic, he is doing some extensive work on the site. This may be causing what you have experienced. With a little time it may be fixed, so your patience is appreciated.
  9. I don't know how you could reduce both structures like the Sun Voyager and Angkor Wat to 6-10 inches and maintain the reality of the enormous difference in their sizes. That is one of the things I dislike about the Architecture series. How much time you have until the wedding is also a factor. If you have time, you might contact Stefano at STEBRICK. He designed MOC-1392 and then a mini version of it, and might be able to help you with your project.
  10. Admins are still discussing this. Simon and I have both been absent for long periods because of illness, and this being summertime, others have been/are on vacation. I want to thank Nathan, TobyMac, and Jared for all the extra time they've spent looking out for the Forum while the Moderators have been away.
  11. Hi Bekki, You can try the LEGO Architecture series for some of the famous ones. If you are looking for others, you'll have to give us more specific information. Thea
  12. From what I've read both online and in the pamphlet that came with 10155-1, the last of the original Maersk Blue color was used in the 2004 version of 10152-1. A new color to be used as Maersk Blue was created by LEGO in 2005 and given the name Pastel Blue. Based on this I have used Pastel Blue in the inventories for 10152-2 and 10152-3, and the later 10155-1 and 10219-1. The color that is displayed with the element IDs from for Pastel Blue seems different from the color of the parts I have from both 10155-1 and 10219-1. I am certainly open to discussion about this, but I will be on vacation for about a month and unable to use my parts for comparisons.
  13. Parts in a Custom List are not included in your All My Parts count. They cannot be removed from your part lists or set lists available for building. When you use the Build This Custom List button, it takes you to the Find My Parts page. There is a notice there. "Note that no changes are made to your collection, this is just a way to help you figure out where to get your parts from."
  14. Thanks for the really apropos description of the problem. There is a solution coming for this, but it may take some time. Suggestion for now: Click on a part with No Image Available to access the pop-up window. If there is a correct image there, it is a thumbnail problem, and should be reported here just for data purposes. If the pop-up image is also missing, use the full detail page to verify that there is an actual element or LDraw image available. If both of these show No Image, use your best judgement of whether it warrants a change request, or it is part of this ongoing problem and report it here.
  15. Thanks for letting us know where you are seeing the problem. Can you tell us some specific parts? @Nathan has been working on images site-wide and sometimes fixing one thing causes problems in another area.