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  1. In your picture it seems that you have a set in '25 New' that you want to move to a Set List that is cut-off on your screen. Sometimes it takes longer for the light bulb to be switched on. All our fancy directions didn't take note of the fact that you weren't typing anything in the box. When you have so many set lists and you want to move a set, you need to make the list smaller in the drop down menu. Type the first characters of the set list name where you want to move it. If it's still cutting some off, keep typing in the rest of the set list name. I also found that if I typed in a character and then deleted it, the drop down went to the top with all the lists showing. The key is to get rid of that -------- that appears at the top of the menu when it's first opened.
  2. (Actually those are links to the inventories for each day's sub-set.) We cannot take the inventory directly from BrickLink. You may submit each day as a sub-set using your own pieces to create an inventory and photo of the built model. As an alternative, you may scan the images for each day from the individual doors if you have the box, and use those to submit a sub-set with inventory.
  3. He noticed you have a large black space at the bottom of the picture you posted. Did you unlock/move the taskbar from the bottom when you used the restore down?
  4. I think he is referring to the links to the BL catalog for the sub-sets being incorrect. Unfortunately, BL is doing the monthly maintenance hour right now so I can't access the site. I'll check it later.
  5. Edit/Rewriting on Paul's advice. He taught Computer Literacy/Microsoft Office at College Level, so he has done a lot of troubleshooting like this. At the top right of your screen you probably see 2 overlapping rectangles. If you mouse over them, it probably says Reduce Down. If you click on them, it reduces the size of your window...BUT not the size of your font This is NOT the zoom function that you are talking about being 85%. If you are in 125% Zoom and Reduce Down with the Maximize button, you will still be in 125% Zoom, just in a smaller window.
  6. At the top of your screen on the right is an open rectangle. If you mouse over it, it probably says Maximize. If you click on it, it reduces the size of your window...BUT not the size of your font This is NOT the zoom function that you are talking about being 85%.
  7. Further investigation has revealed a possible solution. Paul added enough set lists to recreate the problem. Before trying to move a set, he resized his window slightly so it was out of maximized size. When he tried to move a set in the non-maximized window, the dropdown resized itself to accommodate all the lists.
  8. Ok..Just thought I'd check.
  9. I just asked Paul about this because he has Win 10 also. He says when he has that problem, he clicks inside the dropdown menu and uses the scroll button on his mouse instead of the side scrollbar. Have you tried this?
  10. I'm going to bring this to @Nathan attention, because my answer is basically the same as slangivar's. I can't use my husband's account for testing a free plan anymore, because he upgraded to Pro.
  11. This is what I see using Safari. There is a login at the very top above the black banner.
  12. The part was entered correctly in the inventory, but the spare did need a change. Thanks.
  13. Waiting to hear from Nathan if there is an easier way.
  14. If you Submit a Change to the Set Inventory that is supposed to have the shield, we can create the part and then you will be able to submit the photos. And you will receive much gratitude from the Admins. Getting images for these shields is one of our biggest headaches. ps I just bought the Nexo Knights Season 1 DVD for half price. Last night I watched The Golden Castle episode. It brought back some really great memories of all the MOCs my son and I made with that set. (375-2)
  15. I'm not sure which image and title you mean. Is it an image in a set inventory, or perhaps a specific color on the parts detail page?