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  1. When a Set theme is wrong?

    At the moment our motto is least effort = leave it. The example set you gave probably has its roots back to the very beginning of rebrickable when this was pretty much a TECHNIC only kinda place.
  2. 1064-1 Dacta buildings: missing inventory

    What biodreamer has said is very true. These Dacta sets could only be ordered by educators, and they came with a variety of parts that differed from one person's set to the next. When I lived in Germany, I was able to order set 1066 for my son's church class in 1986. I was able to inventory it here at rebrickable because I still had the original box with a label showing the contents I received. However, someone else may have received different parts from mine if they ordered it during the original release year.
  3. B Model link from main model

    @plastic.ati I shortened the links you had in the notes for 6881-1, but I'm wondering if they are really necessary now that Nathan has them in the alternate tab. As you mentioned, there is still the question of a new category. I've always felt that to label it a b-model, it needs to have official instructions from
  4. This has become a real challenge since the switch by to multiple design ids for the same molded part number. In this specific case, this is only the 3rd known print design issued on the molded part number 57900. The LEGO designation of No. 12 could mean that this is the 12th helmet in a series of helmet design numbers, OR it is the 12th internal print concept for this one design number, some of which have not been released. Please let us know when you find things like this. We don't always get complete information when we initially add parts to the database. This is especially true with minifig parts, and even more so between Dec. and Feb. when the replacement parts dept. is on holiday. The number of people affected by the change, and whether or not we can make the change by normalizing the part, are taken into consideration. Since there are over 1500 members with set 75153-1, it is probably best to leave this part with the 0003 designation.
  5. Waiting to hear back from Nathan about changing the set numbers. I've fixed the inventories and added a set image from my 1997 US catalog. Feel free to use it and make it fit better. Neither Paul or I are into that sort of thing. My 1989 Service Pack leaflet for GB, F, NL, and B indicates that 5107-1 and 5108-1 were available in Jan. 1989 for use in New sets out in Sept. 1989, so perhaps that's why peeron used the 1989 date.
  6. Multiple images for Sets

    I know there are quite a few features available to Admins in the notes section now. I've started using the links whenever I can. I can see there is something about code, but I don't know much about coding. I leave that to @Nathan (or my son who does coding for NASA Weather Satellites)
  7. Something weird there. It says I did something on Sept 7, but I don't remember what I was working on at the time that would have added it here. I'll check into it in more depth later today.
  8. I'm using the same Mac as you. I thought there was something in the Inventory options, but I've run a test on one of my sets and didn't find anywhere to exclude the spares.
  9. Hi and Welcome to the Rebrickable Forum. The reason you are seeing a higher number of parts in your list is the addition of spare parts. Check at the bottom of the set inventory to see the spare parts that will be added.
  10. Search restrictions 500 is way to low

    I just did a search for black minifig accessories. I included unused and printed parts. The results were only 477. I also checked some other colors that are used frequently and none were over 500. So 500 is sufficient for this category.
  11. Search restrictions 500 is way to low

    Admins are very aware of the problem. Admins have been trying to get Nathan to break down the Minifig category into at least the 4 major body parts- hair, head, torso assembly, and legs and hips assembly. Even that won't really solve the 500 limit problem, but it would be a start.
  12. B Model link from main model

    I think this one is just fine. So much better that the previous one.
  13. B Model link from main model

    @plastic.ati I've saved the current picture address for 6881-1. It looks like the same picture that is used for the instructions at BrickLink, so it would be good to change it. If you decide the old one is better than yours, I can change it back. A link to the back of the box picture will be fine for now. I would make it the first one in the list. I know the links don't look all that good, but hopefully there will be more options in the next revision.
  14. B Model link from main model

    Looks good to me. Do you still have the box? It would be nice to have the actual picture you used.

    I'm going to put this to @Nathan because I have no knowledge in this area.