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  1. I've made some corrections to the mappings that should solve the problem.
  2. I've notified Nathan about the missing image problem. Just a note- It is early morning of a national holiday in Australia, so there might be some delay.
  3. You could check Account>Settings>Building to see if your color matching and alternate settings might be affecting your Building results. 47296 and 61053 are alternates.
  4. I'm going to ask @Nathan to have a look at the mappings between BrickLink, LDraw, and Rebrickable for those colors.
  5. Please check your Account >Settings>Notifications>New MOCs You Can Build are set to your specifications. There is also the possibility that the MOC inventory was changed between the time the notification email was sent and your reading of it or your inventory was changed between those times by yourself or a part adjustment by an Admin.
  6. thea

    A short question

    A technical question: Does the survey take into account the possibility of multiple responses from the same IP address?
  7. thea

    Can't find a part...

    I thought at first glance it was Fabuland Window, but that doesn't come in Red. So my thanks to Vokhev too.
  8. Thanks Eilu! Okay guys how can you refuse such a cutie????
  9. Approving MOCs isn't one of my duties, so I can't answer your question. I just wanted to say I really like your colorful LEGO companion. Any chance of a photo of your live pet for comparison? @Nathan or @TobyMac Is the requirement that the designer has to create all the instructions without copying anything from the LEGO instructions?
  10. Hi Bastiaan, The errors probably occurred because the b model submitter built it with parts on hand. I'll work on getting the 2 inventories in sync. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Thea Edits for corrections and comments done in green.
  11. I would suggest trying the Bricklink studio forum and see if someone there can help.
  12. The search has been upgraded to do this. If you type the EID number 6071246 in the search box and just hit enter(don't select anything from the drop down menu), it will take you directly to the Medium Azure page.
  13. Thanks for the more detailed help. I don't use the rb API, so maybe that's why I couldn't duplicate it. I can give it another try on my Mac after I've had a few hours sleep. For now I'm bringing it to @Nathan's attention.
  14. Fixed. Just a little explanation of what happens when a part is added here at rb. The external site links in the side bar are filled automatically with the rb part number. When someone lets us know that they're incorrect for a particular website, we can manually fix them. ps...If you can supply photos of any of these old bricks in the various colors, it would be a great help to us and earn you points towards rewards.