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  1. thea

    Using Estimated Value to Appraise Collection

    Making a notation of your set and part condition can be done through the paper and pencil icon edit feature(each set's notes and each part's notes has a checkbox to show whether it is used)
  2. thea

    Look in My Part Lists Only doesn't seem to work

    As I expected, I got no results for classic space using the my parts lists only, because I don't have any of my loose classic space parts inventoried yet. I tried this out using Classic Space with Look in my SET lists only. Got 56 results, all of which I own. When I did Classic Space without the my Sets only, I got 154 results, including a Speed Champions 75881-1 because it has the words space and classic in the set notes. I don't have time right now to dig deeper right now, but will play around with it later tonight to see if any of the parts might have the words classic or space in notes or change log entries.
  3. thea

    Wrong image

    @NathanSame here! edit-looks like on Dec 12 this EID 6096416 was added and then deleted from the minifig legs part
  4. thea

    Parts without images

    I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who's submitted photos. When I first encountered my list of missing images, there were over 800 parts on it. Now it is down to 296 and most of them are sticker sheets or game cards.
  5. thea

    Set 40262 missing items

    Thanks! I've added the 2 missing minifig parts.
  6. thea

    Question about partnr 44510

    Thanks for the photo. I thought I had one of the 44510 baseplates, but no luck finding it. Is that 1 large stud or hole in the center of the 2x2 space, or drawn that way by you? I was expecting to see a 4 stud section like the 2 on the lower left.
  7. thea

    Question about partnr 44510

    Can you post a photo and show exactly where you are describing?
  8. thea


    I can't answer your question from personal experience because I only purchase LEGO brand products.
  9. thea

    Set 7907-1

    The advent calendars are undergoing some changes to bring them in line with sub-set standards. There will be errors until we resolve some issues. It would be really helpful if you put this as a change request. A change request puts it in a list on the main site and creates links directly to the sets, and a 'Working on it' checkbox so we don't have 2 people duplicating efforts.
  10. thea

    Early LEGO History (1949 - 1965)

    Will there be a sorting problem mixing 1 and 2 letter designations? If you want the standard sort with Bk being first is what I mean. I know these sets are in a limited number of colors, but it looks strange to me when I think about other multi-word color names usually being in all caps, like DBG for Dark Bluish Gray, and Upper Case+lower case for abbreviated one word colors.
  11. thea

    Exo-Force 8101 Claw Crusher inventory

    I had just looked at this torso because there was a discussion at BrickLink about the trans-red in set 8105-1. You can submit the trans red torso at Rebrickable as 53988pat04 following the same name format as 53988pat03. Once the part is approved, you would need to submit your photo for the trans red part. If you found this torso in a sealed set 8101-1, you would then be able to submit a change request for set 8101-1, and we would consider adding an alternate second inventory version.
  12. thea

    "Lion Knights" vs "Crusaders"

    Hi Adrien, I'm still doing some research on this. I have 1992 catalogs from 3 different countries, UK, USA, and Deutschland. I'm looking for any catalog images showing the named grouping for these sets from other countries. It is unlikely that they will be merged. Both BrickLink and Brickset have separate categories, because there is a specific group of sets labelled by TLG as Crusaders. Thea
  13. I'm confused. When you say you do not have any parts, are you referring to "loose" parts? If you have sets available for building, you have parts, as evidenced by the 252(1145-893) parts you have in your example. There is no single part in your example with 252 parts in that set, so the parts that make up the 252 must come from sets available for building.
  14. I've done some research on my own set lists. It's a little more difficult for me to post a screen shot because I have green frogs in 20 set lists and 3 loose part lists. I can't get them to all show at once on the screen. According to the top line I have 218 parts in 7 colors. 52 of these are green. When I go to the owned sets, I only have a total of 47 green frogs.(counted 3 times to be sure). Adding the 3 that are in my loose parts makes a total of 50. The only anomaly I could find was with Advent Calendar sub-sets. 7952-8 and 60063-3 each have 1 frog. I have 7952-1 and 60063-1 in my set lists. Both of these contain only the sub-sets, no parts. I looked at the black minifig hair, 64807, that only appears in 7952-8. It shows I have 1 in black in 1 set list. But when I go to owned sets for the black hair, 7952-8 doesn't show that I own the set. The other parts in 60063-3 appear in a great many sets, so it's too time-consuming to go through and check them. @Nathan Any ideas?
  15. thea

    Official Alternative Models

    1) Unless it's because you just removed the instructions yourself, the first 3 links go to a 404 page not found. 2) Yes, that's why I've sent a question to Nathan.