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  1. From what I've read both online and in the pamphlet that came with 10155-1, the last of the original Maersk Blue color was used in the 2004 version of 10152-1.  A new color to be used as Maersk Blue was created by LEGO in 2005 and given the name Pastel Blue.  Based on this I have used Pastel Blue in the inventories for 10152-2 and 10152-3, and the later 10155-1 and 10219-1.  

    The color that is displayed with the element IDs from for Pastel Blue seems different from the color of the parts I have from both 10155-1 and 10219-1. 

    I am certainly open to discussion about this, but I will be on vacation for about a month and unable to use my parts for comparisons.  

  2. 54 minutes ago, Antarctica said:

    So, I would like to do the following:

    - Design in LDraw each model I have made physically.

    - Import the LDraw file into rebrickable as a custom list.

    - Mark the custom list as assembled so the corresponding parts are no longer marked as buildable in my collection.

    - Get the list of all my buildable parts.

    - See whether that list matches the parts in my storage and rework my "loose parts" and "lost parts".

    Is this possible or would that be a new suggestion?

    Parts in a Custom List are not included in your All My Parts count.  They cannot be removed from your part lists or set lists available for building.  When you use the Build This Custom List button,  it takes you to the Find My Parts page.  There is a notice there.

    "Note that no changes are made to your collection, this is just a way to help you figure out where to get your parts from."

  3. 2 hours ago, Retrieverfalcon said:

    I've submitted a few CRs about particular ones I've noticed and a refresh has often fixed the color/part combo I mention but sometimes breaking a different color/part combo that wasn't broken before. It's kind of became a game of wack-a-mole. 

    Thanks for the really apropos description of the problem.:)  There is a solution coming for this, but it may take some time.

    Suggestion for now:  Click on a part with No Image Available to access the pop-up window.  If there is a correct image there, it is a thumbnail problem, and should be reported here just for data purposes.  If the pop-up image is also missing, use the full detail page to verify that there is an actual element or LDraw image available.  If both of these show No Image, use your best judgement of whether it warrants a change request, or it is part of this ongoing problem and report it here.

  4. 3 hours ago, Nathan said:

    So I figured out a way to make this work. If anything looks wrong, please let me know.

    I checked several of my set lists that had a good variety of numbers.  Everything was going perfect until this one.  It started out through the 3 digit numbers and transitioned perfectly to 4 and 5 digit numbers until the MOC for 31079.  5 sets later it is back on track all the way through the transitions for 6 and 7 digit number sets.


  5.  Nederbrik said that he was not just talking about his photos, but many photos submitted by members were disappearing.  Yesterday I was researching Nederbrik's post with the 3005 image showing photos submitted by meregt on Oct 28, 2018.  At that time the member photos did show up for me.  I had to go do other things, and when I returned, the member photos were gone, leaving me with this photo.  


    In looking at the change log, I found that the photos from Nederbrik's 3005 screenshot had all been deleted during the time that I was gone.  

    So he is correct, member photos are disappearing because they are being deleted.  Given the choice, I would much rather see 1 photo showing both top and bottom than have the two photos that are currently displayed.

  6. 12 hours ago, Nederbrik said:

    Just made a test run and it is still not working BL numbers are

    85863pb083 > Rebrick 85863pr0090

    85863pb078 > Rebrick 85863pr0085

    This are just printed parts and made out of 1 part so i still can not believe that the reason they are not imported is because they are minifigs.

    So can you take a look again.

    I've looked at these and have submitted a possible reason to Nathan to check.

  7. 2 hours ago, 19goldwing98 said:

    I want to build a 3-4ft. tall xmas tree. Can some of you that are in the know help an old man?? need to figure the diameter of the tree trunk, and the diameter of the branches to make a blue spruce sort of tree? Do you think it's possible? Would like to hear from someone that would give me some advise. thanks for the time. GM

    I can make a suggestion from experience with 10181-1 Eiffel Tower.  It's about 3 1/2 ft tall and about the right shape.  Then imagine all the green bricks you would need to fill in the open spaces to create branches.  It will be very heavy, and unless it's built in modules, very difficult to move.

  8. On April 19, 2019 at 4:44 PM, hwayhway said:

    I want to know if it is possible to copy or transfer my inventory from bricklink to rebrickable OR is it better to enter inventory into rebrickable and transfer to bricklink. I dont want to key the inventory 2x.

    Please help

    It depends on why you are considering using Rebrickable for storing your inventory.  Since Rebrickable doesn't include instructions, boxes, and whole minifigures at the present time, trying to import those items from a BrickLink store inventory will give errors.  If you just want to list your set parts and loose parts for building models, I would suggest using Rebrickable first.  


  9. 15 hours ago, Retrieverfalcon said:

    Step 1: Search for "3003" in the Part Catalog

    Step 2: Sort by Part (technically Part Name) in an Ascending direction

    Expected result: Somewhere in the list, likely near the beginning but accounting for some odd-ball parts that include the characters 3003 that aren't actually a 2x2 Brick, you'd "3003 Brick 2 x 2" followed by all the multiple printed variants (3003pr0116, 3003pr0103, etc) in somewhat an alphabetized list based on part name.

    Actual result:

    The photo below. The first three make sense - those are new parts imported by the bot that haven't been renamed yet so they are named as "Brick 2x2..." (note the lack of spaces around the 'x'). This makes sense and is a quick and dirty way of spotting parts needing new names. Then comes one of the oddballs (30030p1). But then we get 31 bricks named Brick 2 x 2 with Black "XX" Print where XX is a number. I can't figure out what's causing these to appear early. My guess is that they have an extra space at the beginning of their names that isn't appearing on screen but is impacting sorting.

    This is causing these parts to appear out of place in more robust part lists. 

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Side note 1 - part 3003p03 has its own error of using single rather than double quotes in its name.

    Side note 2 - it would be cool if these parts actually were in numerical order somehow rather than 1, 10-19, 2, 20-29, 3, 30-31 as they appear now.

    Side note 3 - if this really is an issue with spaces, a scan of the whole part catalog for this extra starting space would be useful but would have to be done by someone who can access the database directly (and a safety check to avoid it in the future would be great).


    Your search is limited to 1990 to 2019.  3003 is much older than that.

  10. On April 14, 2019 at 2:59 AM, biodreamer said:

    for the key chain why not make a new mold part entry for it. to reflect the changes between a 3001 and one with key chain attachment. I am sure I am not the only one bugged by those entries.

    Yes it is annoying, but...

    The brick comes out of the mold correctly, so there is no mold variation.  Technically when you buy a keychain with a 3001, you are buying a damaged brick.

  11. 11 hours ago, Retrieverfalcon said:

    On the main Rebrickable page under "You have these Sets in progress", there does not appear to be a discernible order - not numeric, not alphabetical or anything else I can figure. In the example below, see how the various 60099-1-sXX sets are all spread around and 41498-1 is way down below all the 416.. sets. This doesn't seem to care the stage the submissions are in ("In Progress", "Waiting for Approval", etc. This makes it difficult to quickly locate the set I'm looking to work on.

    I believe when you save at Step 1, a submitted set is assigned a sequential number.  If you click on the links to your listed sets on the main page and check the numbers in the address bar, you will see the number assigned to the set (currently in the 34xxx range of numbers).  If these are sequential in your list, I'm correct.  If they aren't, I'll have to get an answer from Nathan.

  12. 8 minutes ago, Retrieverfalcon said:

    It appears the algorithm is factoring the Set List "buildability" check box into account for more than just opting sets out of the 'include X of Y' checkbox at the top of the Build screen as potential part sources. It is also treating these sets as excluded from the search results which isn't the intended outcome.

    I had reached the same conclusion just a little while ago.  If you remove the check for the inc_owned, you are basically telling the build function to Ignore those sets completely, not just their parts.

  13. 2 hours ago, biodreamer said:

    The set that are missing while being logged in are sets I have marked "owned" and is in one of my set lists available for builds, just not used in this query, neither do I tell it to skip sets I own.

    I usually do use this setting, so I haven't noticed this bug earlier.

    It is because of Your Settings.  If you look at the items on your ignore list, most of them have a 3001 in the inventory.  There is a 3001 in 1551-1.  In your Search you are choosing to look for 1 of any color of 3001.  The build function will not display an ignored set with a 3001 no matter what color it is.

    What do you do with the check boxes on this screen?  build.thumb.jpg.5f79d97e05fa98824b4654ed520caa26.jpg

  14. 1 hour ago, biodreamer said:

    If I run the exact same build query "1551-1" when logged in, I get a different result than if I am logged out. This is  not because of what I have in my Ignore List. I have cleaned that and only have a few keychains in there.

    It looks like it ignores all my owned sets in the query even if the checkbox isn't checked for that. 

    Please check the complete URLs from your address bar for both logged in and logged out searches.  There is probably some difference between them because of your default settings when you are logged in.

  15. 16 hours ago, Retrieverfalcon said:

    I personally haven't yet decided if I consider the BrickLink AFOL Designer Program sets "official"-enough LEGO for me to spend the money that the more interesting ones would cost me. That said, however, there has been a recent debate on Brickset over including these sets in that database with the ultimate decision being to include them as an exception to Brickset's standard rules based on community demand. This prompts me to pose the question here - what will Rebrickable's stance be on these quasi-official sets? Are there considerations about providing an inventory for sets that are essentially MOCs in a forum different from that which the designer is selling them? If we don't include these sets, can we ensure the Brickset Sync function ignores them (I know I can't be the only user who doesn't like seeing import warning errors)?

    These will not be inventoried at Rebrickable as Official LEGO Sets.  The original Designers may submit them as MOCs using Rebrickable's submission requirements.

  16. 19 minutes ago, thea said:

    edit-And now you can't, because like I said he's working on this.;)

    The problem seems to be because on the new Find Sets page, you need to go to Advanced Options and check the Include Accessories.

  17. 28 minutes ago, Retrieverfalcon said:

    Go to a set in the Town > City > Supplemental sub-theme such as 7280-1 or 40303-1. Select the theme name from the right hand panel. Instead of going to all sets in the theme as expected you will always go to set 40170-1 which is just one of at least 6 sets marked as being in this sub-theme.

    @Nathan is doing some work on tags.  This may be what is causing the problem.  If you use the Find Sets search page, you can use the Show Drill Downs >Supplemental Tag to find the sets.

    edit-And now you can't, because like I said he's working on this.;)

  18. 3 hours ago, Vokhev said:

    Yes, that's the part. I have 2 of those and I used 1 this week so I can confirm.

    Thanks to retrieverfalcon.  I've added "with axle hole" to the description to help the next person find it easier.  

  19. 22 minutes ago, cadman said:

    Hi , I would like to build MOC- Crawler Crane. I have followed the link to get the building instructions, installed the Studio 2 programme that is needed to view the ,IO files and as far as I can tell there are no instructions. Just a list of steps. I have downloaded both files that are on Bricksafe. I also have Lego Digital Designer but all I seem to have is a screen with the modules on it. Activating the Insgtuction part of the programme just locks my Laptop up. Have to use Task Manager to close it down. Have left it for over ann hour. Can any one help with what I am  doing wrong or if I am using the wrong programmes or need more.
    Thank you

    If you post a comment for the MOC, the designer will receive an email.  Explain what is happening, and maybe the designer can help you.