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  1. When you make the choice for part list, it is for the First part list the function will use. If it doesn't find all the parts in the First part list, it will go to your other part lists that you have made available, find the parts needed, and remove them from those other lists.
  2. At this point you should see a page with the Missing Parts and Buy Parts Tabs. Make sure your settings reflect the region and stores you want to use. Then you can use the Buy Parts Tab to get a list of Stores that have the parts you need. Custom List parts are not added to your rebrickable inventory Set/Parts Lists. The system doesn't do anything with any of the "virtual" parts from your Custom List Build. It just shows you where to find the actual physical parts you own or where to buy them. I found it was much easier to part out the sets that I was willing to use, not just virtually at rebrickable into one loose parts list, but also with my actual physical sets. This is what I have done for a large Friends display I'm working on that is made up of several MOCs. When I'm ready to take the display apart, I can use the inventories from the sets I parted out, to recreate the original sets I started with. This presumes that you aren't overly compulsive about keeping the original parts from a set. (For example, 4 Red 2x4 bricks, 1 each from Set A-D, were combined in the part-out. Compulsive would mean each one needs to go back to its original Set A,B,C, or D, rather than possibly the one from Set A ending up in Set C when re-combining the parts to the original set.)
  3. Create a Custom List. If you like you can change the Other to the To Build selection in the Edit list details. Go to the MOC and look for the Add MOC's Parts to a List(Edit- I really have to stop hitting the submit button by accident...) in the right sidebar. Choose the proper custom list in the pop-up and click Add Parts. Then go to the custom list and use the Build this List button to see what parts you have, and what you need to buy.
  4. thea

    Adding lost parts

    I've looked at this and I think the problem may have something to do with the the fact there are 2 inventory versions for this set. When you are on the set inventory page, check which version you are viewing. Most likely you are one of the 3000+ members who have added this to their set lists as v1 Initial Inventory. It appears that the set view is defaulting to v2- Version 2 with 15456. Changing the version will refresh the page and should solve your problem. Thanks for reporting this. I'm going to ask @Nathan if he can make v1 the default.
  5. I've made sure the mappings are correct. I've also created links between the torsos with yellow and light flesh hands to help find the right one quickly. To change the numbers and make the co1 and c02 part match exactly between Bricklink and Rebrickable would have probably impacted far too many imports.
  6. Most of the foil packs don't have minifig or new printed parts, so they are fairly easy. It's just getting to them through the submissions of poly-bags/sets with exclusive minifigs that takes the time. So indulge your son and help Rebrickable at the same time.
  7. Welcome to Rebrickable! Admins questioned the extra roll cage, and made a note on the set. Someone else verified they had an extra one in the box too. The members were from Australia and Malaysia, so it may just be a random happening that you didn't get one. Over 600 members have set 60127-1 in their lists. It would be nice to hear from a few more. There isn't a way for members to change an official set inventory. If you are missing some parts, you can use the Lost Parts option. If your inventory is simply different from Rebrickable's, you can make a Change Request once you reach Level 2. As slangivar said, adding your sets and parts will help you reach Level 2. You can also browse the MOCs, and use the Like/Follow buttons for any models or designers you really like. Leave them a constructive comment, and you will soon have enough points to reach Level 2. A possible solution until then- Before I became an Admin a year ago, if I had a personal inventory that didn't match rebrickable's, I created a parts list. I named it with the set number and name, and then added all the parts from the set to that list. Then I could change it to what I actually have. The drawback to that is, you can't also have the set in your set list, because it causes a double count of the parts.
  8. Until Nathan fixes this, I will use dates posted here, because I don't have the original dates available for view. There are only 2 active Inv. Admins at the present time. I handle most of the poly bags with minifigs, or similar sets that require extensive research(usually because there isn't information available directly from our lego download). The next submission I am going to work on is dated 28th April. Based on the original date of 7th April, I will start on slangivar's after that one. There are still quite a few waiting from between April 28 and May 26. @Lucky-Ramses If you would like to save your inventory and delete your submission to work on your BrickLink orders, I will let you know when to re-submit it for front of the line based on the May 26 date.
  9. V3 has brought some new challenges. This Topic is for posting parts you have accidentally added to your Waiting for Approval sets. Please list the date you originally submitted the set for approval(from your email) and the set number. Note if you have already corrected the inventory, or list parts that still need to be removed.
  10. Nathan has plans to make this better, but it isn't a high priority. It is not an automatic thing, and it doesn't prevent you from adding your parts. Also, there are about 20 other sets ahead of yours waiting for approval. It is a bit unfair to ask to jump to the head of the line, when others have been dealing with the inconvenience for a longer time.
  11. I have brought this to Nathan's attention. I don't want to approve the set until he's had a chance to see/explain your problem.
  12. A change request stating the number that is molded on the part would be great. Since LEGO parts are showing up more often dual-injected with 2 or more different colors, it's also good to have that type of information from members with the part in hand. We can't always tell from the pictures.
  13. My husband Paul has started working on his own LEGO collection, and has bugged me about not finding things in the search too. It takes way more time to walk to the other end of the house to help him Turned out he would type something in the box and immediately choose the first item in the drop-down(without reading it ), and it wasn't the one he was looking for. Another possibility is that you type a number like 970c00pb045 into the search box, and no drop down appears. It looks like the part is missing, but when you click on the green search button, it will bring up the correct rebrickable part. I still haven't figured out what causes that one to not have a listing in a drop-down.
  14. Rebrickable prefers to use the number molded on the part. When creating a set inventory, the bot uses the design ID number assigned to the part by the download. This is not always the same as the number molded on the part. We may have to wait for a member who actually has the part to tell us that it needs to be changed. Thank you for providing the information! legolijntje is correct that these should be renamed using 23766prxxxx. @BUWHITE I notice that your level is not quite high enough to submit a part, but if you would like to earn some points to raise your level, you can submit a change request for the parts.
  15. An example for me was set 41075 I had 3 of this set in one set list. I wanted to move one set from list A to list B, and type a note about each of the sets left in Set A. A problem also occurs when you use the move function to move just 1 set from a list with multiple copies of the same set. So the workaround I was going to suggest, moving your built sets into one list, may need its own workaround. If there is a solution, I haven't found it either, so I'm bringing this to @Nathan
  16. 970c00pr0127 is also mapped correctly. You seem to be having difficulty using the search. Can you tell me what method you use to look for these parts at Rebrickable?
  17. done. and thanks again for providing the links. It saves me a great amount of time.
  18. Quoting the description for Bricklink part 3626cpb1029 Minifig, Head Dual Sided Female Black Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Freckles, Pink Lips, Lopsided Smile / Determined Pattern (Wyldstyle) - Stud Recessed
  19. 973pr2141c01 also has the correct link to the Bricklink part.
  20. The head is included in the 5 x 3626cpr1013 which has the correct link to the Bricklink part.
  21. Still trying to untangle this and match the correct number to the right part. I'm putting it into a change request so I don't forget about it.
  22. Thanks for the links. Easy to work with so it's all done now.
  23. These just showed up in our available list. It will take a few days to research all the new parts and add them.
  24. In your picture it seems that you have a set in '25 New' that you want to move to a Set List that is cut-off on your screen. Sometimes it takes longer for the light bulb to be switched on. All our fancy directions didn't take note of the fact that you weren't typing anything in the box. When you have so many set lists and you want to move a set, you need to make the list smaller in the drop down menu. Type the first characters of the set list name where you want to move it. If it's still cutting some off, keep typing in the rest of the set list name. I also found that if I typed in a character and then deleted it, the drop down went to the top with all the lists showing. The key is to get rid of that -------- that appears at the top of the menu when it's first opened.