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  1. Waiting to hear from Nathan if there is an easier way.
  2. If you Submit a Change to the Set Inventory that is supposed to have the shield, we can create the part and then you will be able to submit the photos. And you will receive much gratitude from the Admins. Getting images for these shields is one of our biggest headaches. ps I just bought the Nexo Knights Season 1 DVD for half price. Last night I watched The Golden Castle episode. It brought back some really great memories of all the MOCs my son and I made with that set. (375-2)
  3. I'm not sure which image and title you mean. Is it an image in a set inventory, or perhaps a specific color on the parts detail page?
  4. If you are adding parts to a pending set, you need to go to the part page and "Use part" pop-up. There you will see a list of your pending sets for adding the part. Sorry, I couldn't test the Bricklink connection because I don't have any orders available right now. If there are a large number of parts in your order, you might try creating a custom list. Import the Bricklink order into the Custom List. That should give you error messages for parts with a problem. I'll be here for a couple hours, so let me know if you have any specific problem parts.
  5. I'm doing some research on this. So far I've found no 30091 were included in any sets in 2005 or 2006. I think the better cut-off date is any set released after 2006, unless the new mold can be verified with an MISB for a set before that time. I will create a new part with the mold variation for people who want to inventory these separately in their loose parts lists. Please use the Submit Photo for 30091 for your 2 images so we can include them in the notes portion. Making the changes in the set inventories is not a high priority. If you submit a Change Request for part 30091 with a list of the sets after 2006, we'll get to them when the Change Request reaches the top of the queue.
  6. You can use any of the following file types to import your inventory into a Rebrickable MyParts list that you've created. Rebrickable Brickset Peeron CSV/TSV files; BrickLink Orders/Inventory or BrickStore XML files; LDraw MPD/LDR files; LEGO Digital Designer LXF files; Any flat file with field headers: 'part', 'color', 'quantity' for part files or 'set number', 'quantity' for set files. Max file size: 10MB
  7. When you make the Custom List, a Buy Parts Tab should appear. Clicking on it does a Multi buy. Don't forget to set up your filters to show just the stores you want, for example Only Bricklink stores in North America or Only Brickowl in Europe or whatever fits your needs.
  8. No inventories have been submitted.
  9. I've just been looking at these Ninjago sets and ran the download again on 70605-1. This download had less parts than the rebrickable inventory, so thanks to those members who've contributed already. I don't think we're ever going to get the info from lego that we need to create these parts according to our standards. So we'll have to revert to Nathan's plan B and make them up. I've moved these up my queue to work on next.
  10. A few days before you submitted the corrections another member dumped 100 change requests for items in the Other category. Unfortunately it was right before I had to be away from Rebrickable for a month because of a family member medical emergency. We're trying to catch up and appreciate your patience.
  11. thea

    Private MOC's were did it go.

    Private MOCs became Custom Lists. You should find the ones you had in v2 under the MY LEGO tab.
  12. I took a look at Peeron and there is a note there from the person that did the inventory based on a MISB. It indicates that the instructions show 6159, but the actual parts were 4447. Differences between what's actually in the box and what's shown in the instructions happened quite often. I'll make a note on our inventory. Thanks for letting us know about it.
  13. My screen looks a little different from yours because of my Admin permissions, but I think the site needs to know a specific set from one of your lists. You have to have the set inventoried in one of your set lists first, before the lost parts can be subtracted.
  14. thea

    Points, badges

    You can see your points and the number needed to reach a new level. It's at the bottom of your profile page(Drop Down Menu under your name when you are logged in.) Making comparison charts like you suggested tends to lead to members trying to move up the chart by using inflated/falsified numbers.
  15. For the main site, I'll have to refer this to @Nathan. Here in the Forum you can set your location on your Profile, and it will stay the same.
  16. thea

    Bug or Not

    You need to go to the part list that has the incorrect count. Click on the incorrect part and a pop-up will let you Edit the part to the correct amount.
  17. Is this happening on the main site, the Forum, or both?
  18. Ideally Admins get a download notice from lego. It's much easier for us than for you, because the backend things for new parts, like part relationships and element IDs, are handled automatically. (This set isn't on our list at the moment, but I'll try to get it done in the next day or two.) Then we depend on members to submit all the spare parts, if possible in one change request. Edit-I didn't look closely enough. It was on the list, but hadn't been added because of the high number of missing parts. I've added it in the hopes that you will be able to help with those missing parts. The printed Nexo power shields are rarely made available by LEGO download, so we have no images or part identifiers for them.
  19. Here's hoping that we can get the information for Series 17 quickly. LEGO printed minifig parts are notorious for taking a long time to make their "walk down the runway".
  20. This was actually 11816pr0005. Emma has Green Eyes. All the minifig parts are added as well as Tags for Sarah and Emma.
  21. I hadn't even noticed that they were split. I agree they should only be 1 part as that's the way they are listed in the LEGO instructions/inventories. They are like the Duplo Figures and should go in the Non-Buildable.
  22. This is the only way I know as of now: Create a Custom list and append each of the 16 set/bag parts. Export the list and then Import it to a Submit Set for 71013-18.
  23. Thanks for the detailed information. One of the Admins will add them in the next day or two.
  24. Welcome to the Forum. Yes, please re-post it as a Suggestion. Thanks.
  25. Nathan has said he's not ready to add that feature...yet! Which means there is hope. I keep reminding him that minifigs are Builds too!