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  1. It is better to wait until we ask for members to check for ones that we've missed. With the problems downloading new set inventories and launching v3 in the last few months, some things had to be put on hold. There are still over 150 change requests in the queue that we're working through. Adding so many more for something we know about and plan to work on would be counter-productive.
  2. thea

    Photo reviewing process

    Thanks for thinking of our workload! Once the picture is submitted, you can't cancel it. The pictures end up together on the set or part page, so it's not a big deal for us to look at both and pick the right one.
  3. This sounds like a good idea for the Suggestions Topic. I don't know if there's a way for @Nathan to retrieve it now.
  4. I propose combining a couple people's suggestion and going with 42063-40 and having the Set Name be "Technic 40 years 42057-1 + 42061-1 + 42063-1". I think the actual set number should be short and as close to the LEGO website download as possible. Putting all the set numbers in the name makes it searchable using any of the 3. I'll also add tags to/for each set, and a note explaining that some parts are taken from each set. In v3 we can have multiple submissions for inventories. Anyone who wishes to submit an inventory for 42063-40 can do so. I'll look at all of the submissions received and choose the most accurate. Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion.
  5. We are still working on a way to protect the privacy of members and Intellectual Property Rights of MOC Designers. Instead of making comments on the MOC page about IPR concerns, it would be better to send a Forum private message to Nathan or myself.
  6. thea

    Photo reviewing process

    TobyMac does most of the Photo approvals and usually does them within a day or two . If you check the Change Log (Drop Down menu under Other), there are quite a few from today that were probably yours. You also might notice a change in the number of points to your next level, or even a new level.
  7. I'm willing to buy instructions, but none of the recommended MOCs I was shown today were of any interest to me. I'm with biodreamer completely on this. I would rather have more spaces for RECENTLY ADDED MOCs. New ones don't get nearly the exposure time they used to have.
  8. That option is for your loose parts only. If you want to search for loose parts AND set parts, you need to choose the 'All My Parts" in the dropdown menu under MY LEGO. You can then choose the Drill Down Category or Color that you need.
  9. I've been adding Tags for Friends minifigs. Check out the one for Andrea I just added to set 41130-1. I think it takes some time for new tags. I had the same results for Marie and Andrea right after I added the tag to City Park Cafe, but now the set comes up in the main search. Clicking on the Andrea or Marie tag from the set sidebar still gives error.
  10. I'm working on my own collection tonight, but I'll do a preview download of 75878 before I go to bed. It hasn't shown on our available list, but I see that it's on Brickset so it should be good to go over the weekend. Thanks are always nice to receive. Edit-Base Set added. Spare parts are needed if you can submit a change request with those.
  11. Nathan has said to make up a number for it. I'm open to suggestions for the number. Decision will be made by April 30.
  12. Never tried it. I like the Idea. Maybe this should be moved to the suggestion topic so it can be voted on.
  13. Nathan has said to make up a number for it. I'm open to suggestions for the number.
  14. Hi, I started on the Elves sets back in March, but had to take some time off from Rebrickable because of traveling and family medical problems. I should be able to catch up on these by the weekend. I had solved most of the issues TobyMac mentioned right before I left. There are a couple TRUNEXO Knights in the Waiting for Approval queue. Thea Edit- The Base Sets for all the 2017 Elves sets are in the database now. Some still need spare parts and a few corrections/descriptions. Please submit a change request for anything incorrect you find.
  15. The set has been approved and the duplicate submissions deleted. There are still corrections that need to be made to the minifig parts, and to bring the part count equal to the box number. If you can assist with these or the spare parts, please use the Submit Change to give us the information.
  16. Several members have submitted an inventory for this set. I'll be checking them, and the most correct one should be added shortly.
  17. I've made a start on the minifigs from this set and set 70594-1. It will take some time to research them because information isn't available directly from a lego download.
  18. thea

    Building a new set

    I believe the error occurred because you did not select a list. Are all the 558 parts in one parts list? If Yes, then you need to be sure that list is set to "Available for building". If the 558 parts are in different lists, you need to choose the primary list you wish to use. The build function will start with that list, and then go to other parts lists to find the remaining parts needed to complete the build. Protect any lists you do not want changed by making them unavailable for building. Or, instead of making the list unavailable, do an Export Parts as a backup of each list you want to protect, so you can restore the list(s) if necessary.
  19. Thanks for catching this. I've fixed a couple other items that needed corrections in this set as well. Still need images from for some minifig parts.
  20. Quoting from Brickset "LEGO has produced instructions for creating an up-to-date version of the classic 8860 Car Chassis from 1980 using parts from this year's sets 42057 Ultralight Helicopter, 42061Telehandler, and 42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure." Because the parts come from 3 different sets, it can't be a B-model.
  21. @Nathan I tried searching for this at Rebrickable. I only happened to find it after reading a post over at Brickset. How does one find Custom Lists through the Rebrickable Search that are available for public viewing?
  22. Since it's not an official set, and not an MOC, it is found here at Rebrickable as a Custom List.
  23. I've used your picture since it is much less pixelated. Thanks! I've also cancelled your in progress set 1147. Perhaps you didn't find the set before because you were looking for it without the -1 that designates a set, or there was an accessory/supplemental setting that interfered with the import/search. Or .... One of those new Goblins from the Elves sets was up to some mischief.
  24. Sorry for the delay. The Admin message caused the set to be placed in the queue at a later date. I'll work on it today. Did you send any pictures? I don't have access to them via the email, so I'll have to check with @Nathan to see where they were filed.