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  1. 40237-1 wasn't in our list of sets available for download, so thanks for asking about it. I moved it up to the top of the queue due to its current Seasonal Theme. Only 2 minor problems so it was easy to check and approve. The picture you posted from BrickLink actually originates from LEGO, and is the same one we receive through our LEGO download. We do not accept member-submitted BrickLink images/photos because of their Terms of Service.
  2. There was a discussion about this in the BrickLink forum and it was determined that the 2002 reissue of the Black Seas Barracuda, 10040-1, has 12. I have the original 1989 version and there are only 10 in 6285-1.
  3. The 504 error happens when there are many large requests for server use at the same time. It's basically a 'timed-out' because the task was too large to complete in the amount of time the server could allot to it. Limiting the request by narrowing the theme is a good way to get the server to complete the task.
  4. thea is a BrickLink project. It would be better to ask your question in that Forum.
  5. thea

    Strange Part

    I have not seen any LEGO part like that. I did a search at BrickLink for 'dark bluish gray squares' and 'pixelated', and in the Reddish Brown, Medium Dark Flesh, and Dark Tan colors, and didn't find anything. The best option now is to post the picture in the BrickLink Forum. There are members there that love challenges like this.
  6. I'm not sure if you can cancel your own request. Try going to the home page, where they should be listed. Click on one and see if you can. I'll go ahead and cancel the bricklink ones and look at the brickset ones. Let me know if any others meet the copyright requirement. If you wish to submit from your own page, please include a statement that says something like...I am the copyright holder or... I have permission from the copyright holder to use this image.
  7. Photos to which you own copyright may be stored at Rebrickable's free companion site,, and links submitted from that site.
  8. I added a message to one of your submissions, but the email may not have reached you. Rebrickable cannot accept links to photos from Bricklink or other sites unless you hold the actual copyright to the photo. Brickset and use policy) allow us to use their images. I approved the first photo because I thought it was your own. The second one approved was a Brickset link. The third one I looked at was from BrickLink, and I added the message. I did not look at any after that. Please cancel any requests that do not meet this requirement.
  9. Here's a little trick for you. Under the Other Tab, choose Change Log. Where it says 'What' pick 'MOC' Where it says 'Action' pick 'Addition'
  10. There are choices in the build feature that can help you with finding blind bags. In the drop down menu under your name at the main site, Choose Settings and then Building LEGO Tab. Scroll down to Build Search Filtering Options. Set the Number of parts to 0-50. Tick the Include Accessory/Supplemental. Not my optimum choices, but the best I've been able to come up with as a work-around. I'll ask Nathan about the possibility of lowering it to 0-10.
  11. This is a known problem, and Bricklink is looking into it. There were some recent changes at BL that caused problems with importing orders also.
  12. When a part is created by the system, by default it lists the Rebrickable part number in all the external site links. Sometimes the part hasn't been added to BL or BO yet, so we can't change it. Other times, it is just a matter of the link mapping being checked when the Rebrickable part description is written. (If you see minifig descriptions in ALL CAPS with a number, the descriptions haven't been changed from the one we get from the LEGO download.) When you find incorrect links, please submit a change request.
  13. The SET is already in the database. Most of the PARTS are in the database. If you tick the boxes in the Search Parts that say Include Unused Parts and Include Printed Parts, you should be able to find them using the BrickLink numbers you provided. Then you can add them to your loose parts. The change request is set on Waiting for Users. I was waiting for an answer to the email you should have received. If you did not receive an email asking about the chessboard, please let me know. Please understand that your change request was added to a list that currently has over 60 others ahead of it. Admins take a quick look at new ones to see if any further information is needed. You do not lose your place in the list when the status is changed to Waiting for User.
  14. I've questioned this to Nathan, but haven't received an answer yet.
  15. An example is 70909-1 part 970c00pr Check the change log for about 22 hours ago.
  16. It may happen when a part # gets changed on the part summary popup "Edit this inventory part". I've noticed that I sometimes have to go back to the original part # and add it back to the set and then use the popup to delete the original part to get it out of the "in sets" on part details page. Should I start giving it 24 hours before doing that?
  17. Can you try to duplicate this on your computers? Search for 970c00pr1040. Click on the related parts tab for 970c00. On the 970c00 popup summary do you have any pixellated images? I had 970c02pr0430. Clicked on it and went to the part detail page and the large top image was fine, but the lower thumbnail was pixellated. Edit-I also noticed that the color bar for Tan was elongated. Later on I ran across it again on part 970c00pr1213.
  18. The topic is exactly what the OP is talking about. That's why it was familiar to me. You may have missed my edit, or I wasn't clear that it was a different link.
  19. Edit--- @legolijntje Not sure if I'm able to see this because I'm a Moderator. Let me know if the link doesn't work for you and I'll quote it instead.
  20. Is this the post you were thinking about? I couldn't find anything else that was related to the current question.
  21. I don't think it's a browser problem, but it's hard for me to duplicate it, because I have other default Admin permissions that come up on that popup. If I click on my black or dark blue 1 x 1 it shows as black or dark blue, not white. @Nathan Answer?
  22. Hi Dan, It was a bit of a coincidence to read your post, because my husband was just complaining tonight about the same kind of problem in a project he's working on using Excel. Making an @Nathan note to bring this to his attention. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but it sounds familiar. I think it is on his list for next v3 improvements. Thea
  23. Then I guess for now, we'll have to use the good old-fashioned v2 way. Just post the info here in the forum using rebrickable part numbers. Is there an MOC that you've seen that you could like? Or an MOC-Designer that you might consider following? Those are 2 ways to earn points to help you get to Level 2.
  24. You can send me a private message with a URL, or submit the photo on any of the hinges' part details pages.