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  1. I had reached the same conclusion just a little while ago. If you remove the check for the inc_owned, you are basically telling the build function to Ignore those sets completely, not just their parts.
  2. It is because of Your Settings. If you look at the items on your ignore list, most of them have a 3001 in the inventory. There is a 3001 in 1551-1. In your Search you are choosing to look for 1 of any color of 3001. The build function will not display an ignored set with a 3001 no matter what color it is. What do you do with the check boxes on this screen?
  3. @biodreamer Note the difference where it says 500 results found. Logged in you are ignoring 15 sets from the list. I got the same results logged in as I did as a visitor because I have no sets in my Ignore Sets list. @Retrieverfalcon Can you verify you have no sets in your Ignore Sets list?
  4. Please check the complete URLs from your address bar for both logged in and logged out searches. There is probably some difference between them because of your default settings when you are logged in.
  5. These will not be inventoried at Rebrickable as Official LEGO Sets. The original Designers may submit them as MOCs using Rebrickable's submission requirements.
  6. The problem seems to be because on the new Find Sets page, you need to go to Advanced Options and check the Include Accessories.
  7. @Nathan is doing some work on tags. This may be what is causing the problem. If you use the Find Sets search page, you can use the Show Drill Downs >Supplemental Tag to find the sets. edit-And now you can't, because like I said he's working on this.
  8. thea

    Part ID

    Thanks to retrieverfalcon. I've added "with axle hole" to the description to help the next person find it easier.
  9. Working on it. Thanks for the additional info.
  10. If you post a comment for the MOC, the designer will receive an email. Explain what is happening, and maybe the designer can help you.
  11. I've tried to duplicate this, but my 2780 shows the complete total each time. Can you post a screen shot that shows the Grouping and Sort choices you are using?
  12. The specific set number seems to have come from the eid number on the storage box. Tracing back as far as I can, the change log shows the box was added as an inventory part. It looks like the packaged parts inside are in a bag that might have the original set number. I'll ask Nathan if he has any further info available.
  13. It is a known problem. I thought the reason it happens is because the 0 place holders that should be in front of the set numbers end up at the end. However, looking at this example from my own sets, if the zeros were added to the end of 119-1 it would be 1190000... -1(whatever the largest amount of zeros needed) and it would be listed before 11908-1. I'm going to refer this to @Nathan for the reason.
  14. When you add the set to a list, do you uncheck the box that says I still have the spares? I haven't had the situation as you describe it come up, so I don't know what consequences there are for someone adding the spares later if the box is unchecked.
  15. Since I'm not sure about this, I'm going to bring it to @Nathan 's attention
  16. There is a setting to exclude Stickers and other gear as well as minifigure parts from the Build Function. You can toggle it on by going to the ME drop down menu, choose Settings and then the Building Tab. The Ignore Sticker category was created fairly recently. Before that stickers were placed in the spares to keep them out of the Build Function. We are still working on changing many stickers that use the stk in the part number, and moving them from the spare parts to the regular inventory. The goal is to have the box total match our inventory as much as we can. There are going to be cases where this doesn't happen because packets/sprues of small parts are listed as 1 item in the instruction book inventory. Rebrickable lists these individually.
  17. You can see Set and Part Changes that have been completed by viewing the See Change Log for Set/Part link just above the Submit Change Request Button on each Set and Part Detail pages. You can also use the Change Log, which is in the drop down menu of the Other Tab at the top of each page. This allows you to filter for specific parts or sets and users.
  18. Most of the changes for TLM2 CMF have been accomplished. There are a few that may need a tweak, but I'm waiting for 24 hours to see if clearing the cache resolves the issues.
  19. It has been found that the Rebrickable numbering of some of the individual sets of The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigure Sets does not correspond to the numbering listed on the Instruction sheets. Errors will be corrected beginning in approximately 6 hours from this posting. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause in synchronizing your set lists with other sites during this time.
  20. Making a notation of your set and part condition can be done through the paper and pencil icon edit feature(each set's notes and each part's notes has a checkbox to show whether it is used)
  21. As I expected, I got no results for classic space using the my parts lists only, because I don't have any of my loose classic space parts inventoried yet. I tried this out using Classic Space with Look in my SET lists only. Got 56 results, all of which I own. When I did Classic Space without the my Sets only, I got 154 results, including a Speed Champions 75881-1 because it has the words space and classic in the set notes. I don't have time right now to dig deeper right now, but will play around with it later tonight to see if any of the parts might have the words classic or space in notes or change log entries.
  22. thea

    Wrong image

    @NathanSame here! edit-looks like on Dec 12 this EID 6096416 was added and then deleted from the minifig legs part
  23. thea

    Parts without images

    I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who's submitted photos. When I first encountered my list of missing images, there were over 800 parts on it. Now it is down to 296 and most of them are sticker sheets or game cards.
  24. Thanks! I've added the 2 missing minifig parts.