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  1. I asked him about this again. He said it didn't happen the first time he entered something in the search after a complete shut-down and turning the pc back on. But that would be a real nuisance. He also mentioned that if he was looking up a set, as long as he completed typing in the number with the '-1', it would take him to the set page.
  2. Thanks for asking. It was a small glitch left-over from the early learning days of v3. Give it an hour to clear the cache, and then let us know if it still needs something done.
  3. Nathan did some work on image problems, but it may take 3 days to work. This is because the image download access is on a cycle.
  4. I got annoyed by this too, so I started adding the sticker to the regular inventory for new stickers that I could submit photos for. Part of the problem is that we have changed the way we add stickers to the database now. We use the 5 digit number on the sticker sheet instead of the old 'stk' method. So all the old stk parts need to be normalized into their 5 digit number. Right now I don't have a great deal of time to devote to database work. I've taken some time off while I work on my own collection and several other non-LEGO related projects that have been on hold until v3 was running well.
  5. My husband's PC has this problem when he uses Edge. If he uses IE or Chrome, no problem.
  6. @Nathan < Using the "Get Nathan's attention". Because I don't use the API, I can't really help or comment.
  7. Possibly a combination of one or more of these parts--47458 47456 47755 87580 99563 If you use the Search Parts and choose Pearl Gold for the color, you will see what parts are available in that color.
  8. The idea of creating a Christian LEGO group is acceptable under the Forum topic "Community". Posting religious comments under an MOC is not acceptable. As a compromise, I've left some of the comment with a suggestion to use the Forum.
  9. Premium MOCs are handled by @Nathan. Please send him an email or a private Forum message if he doesn't respond to the prompt here in a day or two.
  10. Putting this to @Nathan He's the only one that should do it.
  11. thea

    B-Model Builds

    Alternate models that are designated as stand alone model images and have separate official LEGO instructions will use the B-model designation 5580-1-b1. If the model is shown as part of the Set image, it is considered a sub-set with the 's' designation.
  12. The reason this price is so out of line is because of the light bluish gray doors that were used in Cafe Corner and Market Street. That color is used in the average, and people have bought them at ridiculously high prices.
  13. thea

    unknown color

    I did a search and all the parts can be found in regular Blue. 4 of them appear in Blue in set 6206-1 from 2006. Did you purchase the parts in a mixed lot or from a source other than a LEGO set? Is there any situation that could have caused them to fade over the years?
  14. 6177318 14210 STRING 21M W. SHAFT Ø3,2 W. 2 KNOPS The part information available for the 7 digit number at the time it was added to Rebrickable.(Those were very difficult times!) The minifig wasn't inventoried at Bricklink at the time. Thanks for the info, and the link to the Bricklink number has been added.
  15. Sorry but the set has been "rebrickabled" and is no longer in stock. Thanks for pointing out the error.
  16. You might find some inspiration from this French Palace MOC.
  17. They are both Pearl Gold. To summarize this BrickLink Discussion- Officially 1x1 round plates only ever came in one color of Pearl Gold. Inconsistency in Pearl Gold occurred from batch to batch in the early days. Once LEGO reformulated Pearl Gold to take care of the consistency problem, it became the darker color that you have on the left.
  18. thea

    Color variations

    This question was just recently asked at BrickLink. Here is a link to that discussion. I can't really say it any better than what was posted there.
  19. I'm not sure about removing the 9v tag from train cars like this one. The train cars that come with RC and Power function sets can have problems running on 9v track because of parts extending beyond the old standard width. Having the 9v tag on the older cars lets you know they will run on 9v track without a problem.
  20. @Nathan I tried to add 10402 to my set list using the new pop-up and got an error. Same error with 10401. I think it's because I can't choose an inventory version. I was able to add it by going to 'My Set Lists' and using the new search box. I've tried to correct the part error on the 60 year tile by deleting it and adding it again. It continues to say "part not in use" in the pop-up from the set inventory, but it shows that I have one in the correct set list on the full part detail page. I got the EID numbers from the instruction inventory for the color errors and added them. The images for Bright Light Blue aren't available from the download yet.
  21. If we can't find anything after a thorough search, we can also "make up" a number that fits Rebrickable's numbering system.
  22. I haven't had the need to test it yet, but I think you can build/auto-subtract without having 100% now. To get a definitive answer--- @Nathan
  23. I believe you are posting about set 9550-1(9950 is a Duplo Set). 2833 was an inactive part. I've reactivated it so you can add it to your inventory submission. If you come across any other parts that return the same error, let us know here. Please wait to submit the other parts with 'bb' numbers from Bricklink. The 'bb' are exclusive to Bricklink. It means they were made up by Bricklink because they couldn't find a number either. I'll check with another Admin to see if there are LDraw numbers that we can use instead.
  24. Just thought about this...where are you seeing the number 42? If you click on the part in the Build function list of parts you need, the pop up will show you how many total 1 x 1 bricks you have regardless of color. If you are seeing the number 42 on your actual light bluish gray part in a part list that's available for building, it is definitely a bug.