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  1. I took some screenshots of parts that ended up in Other that belong to different categories. Also some slopes are still in regular Bricks. These are all parts from sets-no loose parts.
  2. Under the Set Tab choose Search sets and type in alternate If you want an alternate for a specific set, go to that set's home page and any alternates will show up as related sets under the main picture. For example---
  3. I'm aware of looking at the profile to find the number of parts, but I'm still adding sets so the number will be changing. When I do it, I'm going to time how long it takes to load an exact number.
  4. Posted 21 February 2014 - 04:55 AM Yesterday for the very first time I looked at the almost 270,000 parts in my 1100 sets using the myparts with images. It took quite a while to load. Today I turned off the images and it loaded faster. You have tons of work ahead of you. I have almost 600 items in Other. Quite a few of them are train things. ------ I have added some large sets since I posted the above. If I find some free time this weekend, I'll take a look at my sets in myparts again. It will be close to 300,000.
  5. This is the main reason I have only added a small percentage of my loose parts. So far I've mainly included the Technic parts that I'm least familiar with where the images are really needed.
  6. I had the same problem with 10197-1 . If you read my updates you will see that it will correct itself on the build page. I'm not sure if it auto corrected after a length of time on the set page or if my clearing cookies and rebrickable history is what cleared it.
  7. I did something similar to this many years ago when I was a Computer/Library/Science aide who sponsored a LEGO club . Started with the largest gray castle set I owned and had the kids figure out what parts they would need to add to that set to be able to build 3 other small castle sets(minifigs excluded) all at the same time. It was much easier then when there were fewer colors available.
  8. I think this falls under Nathan's "things I want to improve in rebrickable 2.0" Someone was asking a very similar question before and that was the answer. I KNOW he is working on the multiple loose parts lists. I am waiting for that myself. In the meantime, I came up with a workaround that he approved. Contact him directly for more details. (Look for Nathan's icon in the forum topics, click on it, and send him a message.)
  9. okay that makes sense now. Thanks!
  10. A search for airplane parts using just the word plane brought up some tiles from set 9531-1 which is a numbers and mosaics set. Is this a misspelling of "plain"?
  11. Today in the mail I received a Spring 2014 LEGO catalog and a LEGO Club Junior magazine. Before I looked at them, I logged into rebrickable and saw the Mixels in the New Sets listing. At that time I wasn't quite sure if they were "my can of Dr. Pepper" (translated from Texan=my cup of tea). Next I paged through the magazine and there is a "Find the Mixels" Challenge. They're looking cuter as cartoons. Then I looked through the catalog and there's a VIP special Double Points if you buy all 9 of them. That makes them a "Good Deal" so they're now a 'must buy' at 10, 2 and 4.
  12. Yesterday for the very first time I looked at the almost 270,000 parts in my 1100 sets using the myparts with images. It took quite a while to load. I took a look at the regular Brick category and at the bottom there are about 20 printed slopes that need to be moved. That was all I had time for then. Today I turned off the images and it loaded faster. You have tons of work ahead of you. I have almost 600 items in Other. Quite a few of them are train things. So there's my shout out. Roger Miller would say you can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. I'm gonna say you shouldn't be able to ski on the slopes in the regular Brick category.
  13. I just used my rebrickable test account and I couldn't import my current Peeron file or the peeron file I used back in Sept 2012.
  14. Thanks for the set picture. I do have that set, just not sure where it is at the moment.
  15. Congratulations on completing this huge part of the process!! I haven't been able to find the red and white tiles on the lawn chair in any of the stores where I've ordered. Where did you get yours?
  16. I just tried to access peeron to do a test of my set list for you. I couldn't even get to the login page. But I remember that when I first started using rebrickable with my Mac, I had trouble with the peeron files. If I tried to open the tsv file on my computer, it did something to the file that rebrickable didn't like. Once I learned to just download the file with the default settings from peeron and upload it without opening it, I was able to import the set list. I'll give it a try later on and see if peeron can be accessed.
  17. I just did a quick look because it seemed a little confusing for me. It might be easier if I had the actual pieces in front of me, but Paul and I don't have much free time right now to try to build it. This isn't meant to be a criticism, just a statement of preference because I've been conditioned by the LEGO instruction books to see the parts needed first, and then the picture directions.
  18. That's a much better picture than the one I did. Does this mean that you only have the house with the 32x32 baseplate left to finish?
  19. Be sure to read all the Comments at the bottom of the Ultimate 42009 page. There are some tips and substitutions you can make to lower the cost and make the build easier. My husband had a blast building his. We were fortunate to have a few Technic items left from my son's building days. We knew he had bought a set with a metal hook, and just kept looking until we found it. If you have to buy one at the current prices, it will be an expensive part. Also, you need to look at BrickLink for the hook as part 70644, not 70496.
  20. If the number in parentheses is a color, it may be that rebrickable doesn't recognize that part in that color. For example part 4286 shows 0 occurences for the color (11) light turquoise.
  21. This link doesn't work. The word "files" in your link should be "pages". If this is the model from pages 4-11, you need to look at the peeron scans, especially page 11. The placement of your motors might be your problem.
  22. Thanks for the info and the behind-the-scenes colour work. (I'm just curious...if you type color does your spell-checker say it's incorrect? When I type colour, my spell check underlines it in red. )
  23. LEGO Part 4346* - Container - Box 2 x 2 x 2 Door with ******Sometimes these decorated parts end up in Windows and Doors, but most are in Container category. Please check my loose parts and see which ones need to be moved. Thanks!
  24. This is the first step in the process. Are there step by step instructions for the pictured models included in an ideabook for the sets? If yes, they qualify as alternate/subsets and all that's needed for submitting is an inventory and picture of the finished model. If you are building from a single picture in the set ideabook, then it's classified as an MOC associated with the set. Building instructions, inventory, and picture of the finished model all have to be submitted. It's quite a bit of work for the simple designs that are pretty intuitive like the giraffe in the Safari set. Definitely worthwhile for the more complicated monkey. Funny coincidence...just last night(before I read your post), I was at Wal-Mart and picked up the Forest Animals to look at the toucan. I didn't buy the set because I probably have most of the parts already. I would be very happy if you were to submit the toucan as an alternate!
  25. 78234 Blue 7 1 0055BF 23 Bright Blue 0D69AB 100,47,0,0 293 C Nathan, this came from Peeron chart and shows two different RGB. LDraw=0055BF for the old word BLUE. Is Bright Blue the different RGB of 0D69AB? I posted in BL Forum, but never got a real answer about this.