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  1. Yesterday for the very first time I looked at the almost 270,000 parts in my 1100 sets using the myparts with images. It took quite a while to load. I took a look at the regular Brick category and at the bottom there are about 20 printed slopes that need to be moved. That was all I had time for then. Today I turned off the images and it loaded faster. You have tons of work ahead of you. I have almost 600 items in Other. Quite a few of them are train things. So there's my shout out. Roger Miller would say you can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. I'm gonna say you shouldn't be able to ski on the slopes in the regular Brick category.
  2. I just used my rebrickable test account and I couldn't import my current Peeron file or the peeron file I used back in Sept 2012.
  3. Thanks for the set picture. I do have that set, just not sure where it is at the moment.
  4. Congratulations on completing this huge part of the process!! I haven't been able to find the red and white tiles on the lawn chair in any of the stores where I've ordered. Where did you get yours?
  5. I just tried to access peeron to do a test of my set list for you. I couldn't even get to the login page. But I remember that when I first started using rebrickable with my Mac, I had trouble with the peeron files. If I tried to open the tsv file on my computer, it did something to the file that rebrickable didn't like. Once I learned to just download the file with the default settings from peeron and upload it without opening it, I was able to import the set list. I'll give it a try later on and see if peeron can be accessed.
  6. I just did a quick look because it seemed a little confusing for me. It might be easier if I had the actual pieces in front of me, but Paul and I don't have much free time right now to try to build it. This isn't meant to be a criticism, just a statement of preference because I've been conditioned by the LEGO instruction books to see the parts needed first, and then the picture directions.
  7. That's a much better picture than the one I did. Does this mean that you only have the house with the 32x32 baseplate left to finish?
  8. Be sure to read all the Comments at the bottom of the Ultimate 42009 page. There are some tips and substitutions you can make to lower the cost and make the build easier. My husband had a blast building his. We were fortunate to have a few Technic items left from my son's building days. We knew he had bought a set with a metal hook, and just kept looking until we found it. If you have to buy one at the current prices, it will be an expensive part. Also, you need to look at BrickLink for the hook as part 70644, not 70496.
  9. If the number in parentheses is a color, it may be that rebrickable doesn't recognize that part in that color. For example part 4286 shows 0 occurences for the color (11) light turquoise.
  10. This link doesn't work. The word "files" in your link should be "pages". If this is the model from pages 4-11, you need to look at the peeron scans, especially page 11. The placement of your motors might be your problem.
  11. Thanks for the info and the behind-the-scenes colour work. (I'm just curious...if you type color does your spell-checker say it's incorrect? When I type colour, my spell check underlines it in red. )
  12. LEGO Part 4346* - Container - Box 2 x 2 x 2 Door with ******Sometimes these decorated parts end up in Windows and Doors, but most are in Container category. Please check my loose parts and see which ones need to be moved. Thanks!
  13. This is the first step in the process. Are there step by step instructions for the pictured models included in an ideabook for the sets? If yes, they qualify as alternate/subsets and all that's needed for submitting is an inventory and picture of the finished model. If you are building from a single picture in the set ideabook, then it's classified as an MOC associated with the set. Building instructions, inventory, and picture of the finished model all have to be submitted. It's quite a bit of work for the simple designs that are pretty intuitive like the giraffe in the Safari set. Definitely worthwhile for the more complicated monkey. Funny coincidence...just last night(before I read your post), I was at Wal-Mart and picked up the Forest Animals to look at the toucan. I didn't buy the set because I probably have most of the parts already. I would be very happy if you were to submit the toucan as an alternate!
  14. 78234 Blue 7 1 0055BF 23 Bright Blue 0D69AB 100,47,0,0 293 C Nathan, this came from Peeron chart and shows two different RGB. LDraw=0055BF for the old word BLUE. Is Bright Blue the different RGB of 0D69AB? I posted in BL Forum, but never got a real answer about this.
  15. I have been doing my loose parts manually onsite as well. Nathan recently added an import/export that is rebrickably simple. It's the cvs file. Here is a sample of a small inventory Part,Color,Num 4285a,7,2 4285a,15,1 4073,0,4 4073,19,1 4073,36,2 4073,46,2 4073,47,2 4073,57,2 This is all the information you need to supply. You can find a color chart showing the numbers here The part number will add it to your loose parts and you can view the details by mousing over the picture or clicking on the picture to go to the parts detail window. If you click on the picture in that window, it will take you to the actual part listing page. Just wanted to add that you can see several other options on your "myparts" page for import and export.
  16. It appears that there are more colors available for the top disc. Check the BL lots for sale and you will see black brown green and tan. Granted it's a little suspect that only 2 stores have those colors available at rather high prices. I bought a few bottoms only to use in an MOC. They make great stained glass windows when you use translucent plates instead of the disc. I got the inspiration from this Link edited May 19, 2016
  17. Before my husband decided he wanted to upgrade to the Ultimate 42009 Crane, I had never used a BL wanted list(8 years). Thanks Nathan for making it so easy. He votes it the best feature here. Personally I like the ability to make multiple set lists here and look forward to the multiple part lists.
  18. My choices based on instructions that I could view with my Mac 1. 1085 2. 1114 3. 1125
  19. I clicked on your link and it took me to the listing. If you click on the "Use this part" it will show you how many you have in how many colors in how many sets and how many in loose parts. I have 2 Death Stars so it said I have 2 parts in one color. 2 of these parts are in 2 sets and 0 in loose parts. Once you have the information, just close the window without making any changes. You can then scroll down on the part page past the listing of stores to see the colors available. If you click on the different colors you will get a listing of the sets that color appears in. Any sets you own with a particular color part will appear green in the list. Mouse over the green sets and it will tell you the set name and how many times the part appears in the set. So by clicking on pearl light gray it shows me 10188-1 is green and it appears 1 time in the set. This is a pretty simple example and when a part has more colors it can get complicated. If someone else has a different easier way to do this, please let us know.
  20. Paul and I did a City Advent calendar each this year. Mine was 2012 and his 2013. Many days we opened the little packets and they had extra hats and other parts in them. I can see where keeping an inventory of each packet is necessary for BL, but not so much for rebrickable. I will probably take the ones we opened and add them to loose parts. I still have at least one of each year unopened that can stay in mysets until the grandkids are old enough for them.
  21. Work on the advent calendars is a low priority thing but it will happen one day. In MySets, I have created one list that I call Calendar subsets and put all but the main set in there. That way they aren't filling up pages and pages in the other lists, but I still get almost all the parts credited. For what you are going to do, it would probably be easier to just add the most rebrickable parts into your loose parts list.
  22. There will be some additions to the 250-1 subsets soon. Biodreamer and I have been gathering up the parts he needed to finish some of them. If you would like to contribute to the work-in-progress, just let us know. Pictures can be posted for free on the rebrickable sponsored site called bricksafe. Oh, and if you don't mind sharing, we'd love to know what country you call home.
  23. That needs to be redone using the same format as 1298-1, the 1998 Advent Calendar.
  24. I have been clicking on the set and editing from the homepage of the set. I think your method would probably be faster. It also means I don't have to remember how many are in each set list when I have the same set in 3 different lists. Can you post an example of a set with "." in it?
  25. During the 80s and early 90s, we were given several "board" games by toy stores in Europe. I found a good picture of our German one from 1984. We had all the sets shown in the picture. We took a cardboard mattress box and drew the game to accommodate the sets on the cardboard and played it in our basement with the neighborhood children. I still have the original game board and "most" of the playing cards, but no way to take a good picture of it. I have a similar paper Castle game we got from a toy store in England in 1992.