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  1. I have been doing my loose parts manually onsite as well. Nathan recently added an import/export that is rebrickably simple. It's the cvs file. Here is a sample of a small inventory Part,Color,Num 4285a,7,2 4285a,15,1 4073,0,4 4073,19,1 4073,36,2 4073,46,2 4073,47,2 4073,57,2 This is all the information you need to supply. You can find a color chart showing the numbers here The part number will add it to your loose parts and you can view the details by mousing over the picture or clicking on the picture to go to the parts detail window. If you click on the picture in that window, it will take you to the actual part listing page. Just wanted to add that you can see several other options on your "myparts" page for import and export.
  2. It appears that there are more colors available for the top disc. Check the BL lots for sale and you will see black brown green and tan. Granted it's a little suspect that only 2 stores have those colors available at rather high prices. I bought a few bottoms only to use in an MOC. They make great stained glass windows when you use translucent plates instead of the disc. I got the inspiration from this Link edited May 19, 2016
  3. Before my husband decided he wanted to upgrade to the Ultimate 42009 Crane, I had never used a BL wanted list(8 years). Thanks Nathan for making it so easy. He votes it the best feature here. Personally I like the ability to make multiple set lists here and look forward to the multiple part lists.
  4. My choices based on instructions that I could view with my Mac 1. 1085 2. 1114 3. 1125
  5. I clicked on your link and it took me to the listing. If you click on the "Use this part" it will show you how many you have in how many colors in how many sets and how many in loose parts. I have 2 Death Stars so it said I have 2 parts in one color. 2 of these parts are in 2 sets and 0 in loose parts. Once you have the information, just close the window without making any changes. You can then scroll down on the part page past the listing of stores to see the colors available. If you click on the different colors you will get a listing of the sets that color appears in. Any sets you own with a particular color part will appear green in the list. Mouse over the green sets and it will tell you the set name and how many times the part appears in the set. So by clicking on pearl light gray it shows me 10188-1 is green and it appears 1 time in the set. This is a pretty simple example and when a part has more colors it can get complicated. If someone else has a different easier way to do this, please let us know.
  6. Paul and I did a City Advent calendar each this year. Mine was 2012 and his 2013. Many days we opened the little packets and they had extra hats and other parts in them. I can see where keeping an inventory of each packet is necessary for BL, but not so much for rebrickable. I will probably take the ones we opened and add them to loose parts. I still have at least one of each year unopened that can stay in mysets until the grandkids are old enough for them.
  7. Work on the advent calendars is a low priority thing but it will happen one day. In MySets, I have created one list that I call Calendar subsets and put all but the main set in there. That way they aren't filling up pages and pages in the other lists, but I still get almost all the parts credited. For what you are going to do, it would probably be easier to just add the most rebrickable parts into your loose parts list.
  8. There will be some additions to the 250-1 subsets soon. Biodreamer and I have been gathering up the parts he needed to finish some of them. If you would like to contribute to the work-in-progress, just let us know. Pictures can be posted for free on the rebrickable sponsored site called bricksafe. Oh, and if you don't mind sharing, we'd love to know what country you call home.
  9. That needs to be redone using the same format as 1298-1, the 1998 Advent Calendar.
  10. I have been clicking on the set and editing from the homepage of the set. I think your method would probably be faster. It also means I don't have to remember how many are in each set list when I have the same set in 3 different lists. Can you post an example of a set with "." in it?
  11. During the 80s and early 90s, we were given several "board" games by toy stores in Europe. I found a good picture of our German one from 1984. We had all the sets shown in the picture. We took a cardboard mattress box and drew the game to accommodate the sets on the cardboard and played it in our basement with the neighborhood children. I still have the original game board and "most" of the playing cards, but no way to take a good picture of it. I have a similar paper Castle game we got from a toy store in England in 1992.
  12. Nathan will be working on separate parts lists. I proposed a work around for now and will be testing it after the first of the year. I suggest you contact him through private message to see if he will approve you as a tester as well. I need one of those too.
  13. quoting from the link..."There is a "remark" field which can be used to denote stock location then orders can be sorted/displayed in that order for order picking." He doesn't put them "in a pile". They are put in a "location" ie a drawer or box, that is noted in the remarks.
  14. Add a few more pistons to it and it could be a deluxe model of this car I saw earlier today. Another addition to my bumblebee vehicles! I know you have to use the blue pins, but if I build it, I'll use black or gray instead.
  15. I found that to be an unusual approach.
  16. Hmmm...looking at it from a convincing view....yours doesn't look like any scorpion that ever stung me. It's way bigger and more colorful than the tannish/clear ones around here that blend into our beige carpet. I'm thinking I might just build your model and have it around to scare the real ones away.
  17. OOOOOH!....A tractor to add to my Bumblebee collection. I left clicked on the Download button and got to the pictures with Safari.
  18. Nice job on that. The arrows are a big help. Once it's approved I'll see if I have all the parts and maybe I'll get the neighbor's son to build it during Christmas break.
  19. Please don't take this personally(or even seriously) . I have been stung by scorpions at least 7 times. A little while ago over on BrickLink someone mentioned set 2154-1 which looks like a scorpion to me. So I shuddered and decided to come over to rebrickable to get away from the image, only to find your contest entry. So now I'm going to go do some housework. Thankfully it's too cold here today for scorpions, so I won't be stepping on any real ones.
  20. Just looking at the pictures, I could follow everything except the placement of the string. Part of the reason it was difficult is because of the seams between the pieces of white paper on number 16. Using the zoom in helped. A better picture of that step is the only change I would suggest.
  21. Yes it is site terminology just to separate these two functions. Looking at it mathematically in reference to a LEGO set--parting out means you are subtracting a set pooling/combining means you are adding a set
  22. Just to clarify the English--parting out means taking the set you have and putting the pieces into loose parts. pooling/combining means taking the parts ONLY from the loose parts to make a complete set. building(in default mode) means taking the parts from your loose parts AND your sets designated for building. Be sure to check the "loose parts only" if you want to pool or combine your parts into a new set. If you are in building default mode you may not be able to create a new set to add to your mysets list, if you used parts from another complete set. Nathan, If any of that is incorrect, please let me know.
  23. What about using the karma points system you already have in place? When somebody makes a comment that they think an MOC is awesome and worthy of some compensation, you could assign karma points to the MOC creator and then eventually do some sort of monetary reward for reaching a certain number of points earned from those comments.
  24. thea

    Rebrickable V2 - Status

    Thanks for the update! All your hard work is appreciated especially knowing it's your summer down under.