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  1. Nathan will be working on separate parts lists. I proposed a work around for now and will be testing it after the first of the year. I suggest you contact him through private message to see if he will approve you as a tester as well. I need one of those too.
  2. quoting from the link..."There is a "remark" field which can be used to denote stock location then orders can be sorted/displayed in that order for order picking." He doesn't put them "in a pile". They are put in a "location" ie a drawer or box, that is noted in the remarks.
  3. Add a few more pistons to it and it could be a deluxe model of this car I saw earlier today. Another addition to my bumblebee vehicles! I know you have to use the blue pins, but if I build it, I'll use black or gray instead.
  4. I found that to be an unusual approach.
  5. Hmmm...looking at it from a convincing view....yours doesn't look like any scorpion that ever stung me. It's way bigger and more colorful than the tannish/clear ones around here that blend into our beige carpet. I'm thinking I might just build your model and have it around to scare the real ones away.
  6. OOOOOH!....A tractor to add to my Bumblebee collection. I left clicked on the Download button and got to the pictures with Safari.
  7. Nice job on that. The arrows are a big help. Once it's approved I'll see if I have all the parts and maybe I'll get the neighbor's son to build it during Christmas break.
  8. Please don't take this personally(or even seriously) . I have been stung by scorpions at least 7 times. A little while ago over on BrickLink someone mentioned set 2154-1 which looks like a scorpion to me. So I shuddered and decided to come over to rebrickable to get away from the image, only to find your contest entry. So now I'm going to go do some housework. Thankfully it's too cold here today for scorpions, so I won't be stepping on any real ones.
  9. Just looking at the pictures, I could follow everything except the placement of the string. Part of the reason it was difficult is because of the seams between the pieces of white paper on number 16. Using the zoom in helped. A better picture of that step is the only change I would suggest.
  10. Yes it is site terminology just to separate these two functions. Looking at it mathematically in reference to a LEGO set--parting out means you are subtracting a set pooling/combining means you are adding a set
  11. Just to clarify the English--parting out means taking the set you have and putting the pieces into loose parts. pooling/combining means taking the parts ONLY from the loose parts to make a complete set. building(in default mode) means taking the parts from your loose parts AND your sets designated for building. Be sure to check the "loose parts only" if you want to pool or combine your parts into a new set. If you are in building default mode you may not be able to create a new set to add to your mysets list, if you used parts from another complete set. Nathan, If any of that is incorrect, please let me know.
  12. What about using the karma points system you already have in place? When somebody makes a comment that they think an MOC is awesome and worthy of some compensation, you could assign karma points to the MOC creator and then eventually do some sort of monetary reward for reaching a certain number of points earned from those comments.
  13. thea

    Rebrickable V2 - Status

    Thanks for the update! All your hard work is appreciated especially knowing it's your summer down under.
  14. This is the question. If I only own Set 1 and Set 2 and those two sets contain all the parts for Set 3, do I also "own" Set 3 even though I can't build all 3 sets at the same time? Rebrickable is an honor system of people posting what sets they own. Only the person posting can decide if they truly "own" all 3 Sets or if it should be treated as "I can "own" Set 3 if I part out the other 2 sets into loose parts and then use the Build this Set feature." Not everyone would add Set 3 to a separate list designated for "buildable only". There's really no way to verify the actual ownership, so the statistics could still be incorrect.
  15. It probably happens quite often for biodreamer because so many of his parts are from the early LEGO days. I've noticed it a couple times with some of my sets from the late 70s-early 80s. In the other direction, with Paul's Ultimate 42009 Crane, I had an older part to use in place of a newer one.
  16. This is the Technic book that I don't have a copy of and you mentioned the scans not being very good. The one at peeron looks like there is part of a page missing. I can't tell how to do the gray part on the back of the cabin. I did look at your pictures. The tower looks really tilted -skewed- like you said.
  17. They must do these differently here in North America. I've never gotten a quarterly survey. I do get email requests to complete a survey every time I shop online at In their brand stores a request to fill out the survey is printed on the receipt. I only fill out the part of the survey that uses numbers for rating because on the website, they have the statement that they can use your comments any way they choose including editing them.
  18. You are absolutely right about needing some sort of order for displaying sets so other people can see what you have. I just looked at your profile-sets and this is how it's sorted. 1st is 2007-1972 , next is 2003-1955, then 2011-1957, then 1973-1963 then 2 sets 1987-1962 then back to 1995-1978, then 2012-1996 and so on through 11 pages. Sometimes I can see the logic of the break, like one of your lists is CMFs and another is Fabuland, but for the most part it is very hard to determine why sets are in that order. You of course can see the name of the setlist but I don't. So Nathan, is there a solution for this slightly chaotic viewing?
  19. As you requested Nathan, here is a new suggestion topic. My wish list on this particular subject is to be able to see mysets in numerical order instead of by year the way it is now. With a span of 30 years collecting, I can't be expected to remember which year a particular set was released. I could keep making new set lists I suppose, to get the 436 sets in my opened set list into a more easily managed form. Is there any maximum on the number of lists we can have in MySets?
  20. You're right about the possible conversion problem because Peeron hasn't been updated since mid 2011. But I think what I already have listed will be a much smaller number than what I will be listing from the 265 pounds, so better to have the current parts list be the one with the problems. I was waiting a few days to delete myparts because of this BrickLink Forum post. The person who originally asked the question took a look at rebrickable and sent me 2 messages thanking me for sharing this site with him and letting me know he had signed up here. Hopefully my post was seen by a few others as well. Thanks for the update on the multiple parts lists and enjoy the beach every chance you get.
  21. Hi Guys, Just wondering where this is on your priority list. I have 265 pounds of LEGO parts to go through, list here, and pull sets from. I really don't want to mix the 265 pounds in with what I've already inventoried until I've pulled as many sets from it as I can, so multiple parts lists would be a big help. If it's going to be awhile, could I download the current list, zero out MYPARTS, list the new stuff, and when I get finished pulling the sets, upload the original list as an addition to what's left? Any suggestions are welcome, but I'm limited by the fact that I use .tsv files that I can convert to .wdb files.
  22. It's been awhile for me too. I've been busy verifying orders I placed at BrickLink. One day there were a total of 14 boxes that arrived. As payment for all the work I did finding the parts he needs for his Ultimate 42009 Crane, Paul bought approximately 265 pounds of unsorted LEGO items for me that came in 5 VERY LARGE boxes. It's going to take me some time to go through all those on top of the 2 store sell-outs I already had in the works before he bought all that. On first look there seems to be a fair amount of Technic stuff, so maybe I can help you out with the 1x16. I'm pretty sure one of my orders in the last year had one lot of 12 or so strings in boxes. Not sure what length they are, but I'll take a look for them later today.
  23. 250-1-p46a-1 I was inspired by the 250-1 model I built. I thought the medieval M'Lady's Sedan Chair could use a few upgrades and accessories.