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  1. I think it might be best to start on one of the Technic Ideabooks first. Rebrickable was started with Technic as the foundation. After New Year's when I take down my train layout, I will be able to do some rebuilding of engines and cars to fit with 7777 Idea Book. I do have some extra red plates with rails on order along with some shuttle parts I needed. The Seller is willing to hold the order open and has a good supply of older pieces, so bio, when you get the complete inventory ready, I can order any parts that I don't have that you need. I have a nice repeat customer discount with her that will help out too. That is a great summary of the IdeaBook process. Just for clarity, we might want to add "It isn't necessary to submit instructions for a subset, just a picture of the actual model with the inventory." We need to make a decision about alternate models created from the MASTER inventory that aren't actually pictured in the Idea Book, but were inspired by the parts in the MASTER inventory. Should they be given their own prefix or included in the x prefix? How about this for starters? "Models built using the Idea Book MASTER inventory will be considered alternates if they are not compatible with the major theme(s) in the Idea Book. Alternate models will need detailed instructions and pictures with an inventory submission having only parts from the MASTER inventory. They will be given a ??prefix." This probably won't happen with 250-1 because Town, Castle, and Space cover just about everything, but there may be other IdeaBooks that are more specific to one theme.
  2. You're moving right along! Sorry I haven't been able to build the last few days. I've been organizing the main LEGO closet where the unopened sets are. And working on some of my son's sets. I just added a 10030-1 that I found in the bottom of a huge box. There are probably some pieces missing, but it boosted my 2001 Space Odyssey Discovery to 77%.
  3. I'm sure Paul won't exclude the string on his new Mobile Crane, I need the rubber on my train wheels to give the traction for inclines, and I'm pretty sure my son wouldn't exclude the hose from his pneumatic Log Loader. All three of these serve an integral part in the building of sets. Stickers just make things pretty.
  4. Translation... Calling all LEGO fans. Submit something in the style of Shakespeare or Henry James that has to do with LEGO bricks. If you want to. Otherwise, go build or fall asleep. 61184 is a Pin with a Bar. bb299 is a metal LEGO screwdriver. A typical screwdriver comprises: an approximately cylindrical handle of a size and shape to be held by a human hand and an axial shaft embedded in, and protruding from, the handle. Escapees from Arkham Asylum. Prices at the Grand Emporium. Shelter at the Winter Cottage. 2bee or not 2bee=To be, or not to be.
  5. "If you're not rewriting Shakespeare with Lego for a living you should be! :D" I thought I would bring this over to a new topic. 10th grade Honors English-pick a soliloquy out of the hat, memorize it and recite it in front of the class. I got the 2bee or not 2bee. Been mangling it regularly for almost 50 years now. For those who missed the original post that led to the LEGO rebrickabled version of Shakespeare, theskirrid, on 17 Oct 2013 - 05:58 AM, said: To screw, or not to screw, that is the question: Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Pins of outrageous Technic, Or to take bb299 against a Bar of troubles, And by opposing end them: to sleep......... Forsooth methinks tis time for me to slumber. Exit...stage left --------------------------------------------------------- The day after I posted that, a dear friend and BL Seller sent me this message. --------------------------- Be warned: if all my orders come in, over the next few weeks I'm parting out 5 Winter Cottages, 9 Grand Emporiums, and 9 Arkham Asylums. So we can go ahead and pack-pay-ship the two current orders, or (if you think you may find some of those 45,000 parts to your liking) we can leave this open until then. To impress upon you that I've been reading Henry James lately, I conclude thus: It would not be remiss, were one even to fancy the ephemeral notion, and with placid consideration of the bountiful prospects our young hobbyist has painstakingly outlined with a view toward enhancing the heretofore already gleeful relationship, to state that, even without such extraneous beneficence, the decision of whither to proceed remains, as indeed it always has, enjoying that transcendent state of harmonious agreement born of the indissoluble union of silence and friendship, the prerogative of our incontestably sagacious Princess, from whom we now await a word as delicate and decisive as the plummet of a 1x1 round plate into the carpet. Zzzzzz... *-* Or if you prefer English: It's up to you, just let me know! ------------------------------- My reply: To wait, or not to wait, that is the question: Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Escapees and Prices of outrageous Asylum and Emporium, Or to take Shelter against a Winter of troubles, And by opposing end them: to sleep......... Methinks I will sleep on it and consult with the other half. I just bought a 40lb box(free shipping) of LEGO pieces with Paul's blessing, so I don't know what he would say to your offer. We already have a Winter Cottage and 2 Grand Emporiums. -------------------------------- BACK TO CURRENT POST TOPIC I conclude thus: it would not be remiss, were one even to fancy the ephemeral notion, and with placid consideration of the bountiful prospects our young hobbyist has painstakingly outlined with a view toward "creating a LEGO version of 2bee or not 2bee or anything Henry Jamesishly harmoniously enhancing our beloved bricks", to state that. the decision of whither to proceed remains, as indeed it always has, the prerogative of The Reader, to write, or not to write, to build, or not to build, or simply fall asleep. Give it your best shot. There may be, or may not be, a LEGO reward in it.
  6. thea


    I know it sounds like a "DUH! Of Course I did that!" thing, but you can search your computer to check and make sure the pdf isn't lurking in some weird place.
  7. Once again, great timing! Paul just finished taking apart the poor mangled 8480-1 Space Shuttle. He sorted and counted all the parts and left me a highlighted inventory showing the missing parts. I entered all 103 of them into mylostparts without a single problem. Listing all those loose Technic parts last week really helped me get it done faster. Except I think there is an error in the count of the black Technic Axle 8. I'll have to look at the instruction book. rebrickable shows there should be 29 but peeron and BL both show 17. After I figure out what the correct number is, I'll post it on the comments for the set.
  8. testing [set]6080-1[/set] hmmm that didn't work. I went to the 3rd icon that says Special BBCode when you mouse over it. Selected Set and typed in 6080-1 in the content box. 2nd test 6080-1 looks like this will work. I left the content box blank and then typed in the 6080-1 between the two.
  9. Which tire are you missing? I thought I had the bucket, but it was one without the teeth. I've added 2347 to an order I already had open so you won't need to buy that one.
  10. blah blah blah I tried and tried to link the 375-2 in the post above but it just wouldn't work. and now if I try to type 375-2 to replace the blah blah blah it doesn't work. Any suggestions or tips that will make me do a forehead slap?
  11. Your creations are really impressive, and I'm going to be collecting the parts for the 2001 Discovery as well because I have 73% of the parts for it. The following is meant to be humorous, not criticizing. I just have to poke fun at people who think 10 years ago is "way back in the day before the new colours and modern pieces". I can remember buying many many multiple copies of the same set back in the mid-80s just because it had pieces like plates and round 1x1 bricks you could actually build with in a "new" color---green. Before that green was basically baseplates, plant parts and window shutters. And sometimes "modern" pieces take half the fun out of building. I know many people including myself, were upset by the introduction of the "modern" castle panels in the mid-80s because you had less flexibility to rebrickable with them. As time went on I learned to work with them, but I still prefer to build castles in the style of 375-2.
  12. On my computer the time is announced every HAL. Paul says I was kinda weird about it the first week or so because I would say "Thank you HAL"
  13. What do they have in common? For me it's the percentage of parts I need to build them. I have 49.4% on both so I need 50.6%. But ONLY the percentage is the same. The actual Number of Parts I need is way way different. 307 needed for the Truck compared to 1846 for the Leonov. Which one am I going for? Paul has already said he doesn't care for the 8041 Truck. And today he brought home the package with the Mobile Crane from the post office so that's not a surprise for his birthday anymore. I downloaded the pdf for the Leonov and it looks like something he would like to build. I have tons of parts that aren't inventoried here yet so I'm sure the number I actually end up needing to buy will go down quite a bit. I'll be buying the movie to go with it too. So thanks to True Dimensions for creating the MOC pdf instructions for those of us without LDD, theskirrid for bringing it to my attention by commenting on the MOC, and Nathan...well Nathan always deserves thanks for so many behind the scenes things, but this time it's for bringing back memories of Paul and I reading Arthur C. Clark's book and then watching 2001: A Space Odyssey at a drive-in on one of our early dates.
  14. There are two ways to look at this. I personally agree with you about things like flowers and tools on sprues that can't go back on the sprues. But then to be consistent with the idea of rebrickable=reusing and rebuilding, we would have to start separating out the individual minifig torso assemblies into torso, arms and hands and the leg assemblies into hips and right and left legs. So for inventory purposes, it's probably best to leave the sprues and minifigs the way they come directly from LEGO sets.
  15. Update: I received a second order with another free employee packet. I traded it at BL for a new Christmas set.(not the free ones) There is a story and legend developing about the box I shipped it in. I can't tell it right now or it will spoil the surprise for my trading partner. But after he gets the box, I will post the story here.
  16. To screw, or not to screw, that is the question: Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Pins of outrageous Technic, Or to take bb299 against a Bar of troubles, And by opposing end them: to sleep......... Forsooth methinks tis time for me to slumber. Exit...stage left
  17. I think this is on Nathan's to-do list. In the meantime the workaround is to change the address(URL) like this what comes up change it to show This excludes ALL your sets. You can see what it did to one of mine here.
  18. I bought a 6117 earlier this year and just parted it out to myparts. The set was first created in 2008 and at that time the 1x4x6 door frames had the number 30179. The set I bought has frames with the number 60596. So I was looking and looking for 60596 in my parts and noticed the 30179 was there instead. Is there a fix for this other than manually deleting from the 30179 total and adding to the 60596? Also there's a whole bunch of windows and doors in my other category. I know I'm supposed to report them in that other thread, but I figure skirrid will read this and fix it anyway. I'm tired and need to get some sleep.
  19. At first I thought this was a great idea. But then I realized how much work it would be for me to do an inventory of all the individual official LEGO stickers I have that are not applied to a LEGO part. How to go about it? We already have difficulty writing descriptions for printed pieces. At least with those there is a basic LEGO element to serve as a starting point. The complete sheets have a number, but the individual stickers do not. What kind of system of numbering could be applied consistently? Some cultures read left to right and others read right to left and still others read top to bottom. Other than the stickers that are magnetic, the regular stickers don't usually serve a purpose except to make things pretty. I would rather spend time building than inventorying "pretty".
  20. None of us want to get into copyright discussions, but here in the beginning of sorting out ideabooks is where they need to be. We all need to provide Nathan with as much correct information as possible, so he can see where any problems might arise. One problem is that The LEGO Group operates companies under the laws of several different countries. What is posted as acceptable usage of LEGO© on the North American website might translate differently on a European website. Add to that the laws of the hosting server's country for I think Nathan has covered that by stating that you can only post pictures here with the understanding that you hold the copyright to them under the laws of your country and you agree to share them without reservation. Once they are posted at, the usage of them is dictated by the administrators of the websites under the laws of the hosting server's country.
  21. I just tried to create a wanted list forllca3-1 Pelican Sculpture (Legoland California) and received error messages on part 3040 slope. The rebrickable xml file shows 3040B and BrickLink only has 3040. I went back and corrected the part and it uploaded ok. Did you have individual part error messages?
  22. Did you follow the steps here?
  23. Are we leaving off the -1 at the end? Are we leaving off the subset (s) designation for the actual models with instructions? And 7777-1 uses A,B,C on pages 24-29. How about a new topic for each ideabook that only shows the numbering system with the explanation and examples for that ideabook. Maybe a mention that the page number to use is the page where the model building instruction begins, not where the scene picture is. (Or will correcting the set numbering be taken care of during the approval process?) A link on each ideabook catalog page could direct people to the topic for that specific book to see what subsets people are already working on and if they need some help. Once an ideabook has all the subsets inventoried in the catalog, you could take off the topic link.
  24. Congratulations! Quite an achievement! Thanks for sharing with us here. I don't have 8889 in my son's stack of Technic books, but I looked at it at Did you build the bridge model on page 110-113? I may use that idea in my new train layout. After I found 8890 I looked through his technic parts and there are quite a few spare white beams. They may be needed to rebuild the 8480 space shuttle though. It met with a small disaster when we moved in 2011 and I haven't found the time yet to fix it. Right now Paul(my husband) is in the middle of building 10220 VW Camper. Maybe when he finishes that, I can put him to work on the shuttle.
  25. Much of the LEGO train things we have were given to us in exchange for a promise to share our LEGO collection with "children" wherever we went. Since you're about the same age as my "child", you qualify for sharing.