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  1. There's only one Texas that I know of, but I've visited 2 different non-USA cities named London. that's a really great tip for people who sort by color. The stuff I bought from ebay and BL around 2005 is stored by part type in 24 large drawers. So far I've inventoried 2 drawers. I digressed and did the Technic stuff that was in the trays I need for my CMF series 11,12,13, ..."to infinity and beyond" <what the heck does this emoticon mean? Next up is Bricks, Modified, Round and Special in drawers 3 and 4.
  2. I used a magnifying glass on page 11 of my book and I think the hair should be 4530 female hair. Is that what you used? Hard to tell in your picture because of the windscreen stud. Did you notice that the build on page 13 uses those red plates with rails too? I'll add those hinges to the list of things I need to look for. Don't order any replacement parts yet. When you finish as much as you can, let me know what you need and I'll send you what I have that I can spare.
  3. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't coming up with 100% on a set I have in MySets. Then I realized the set was in a "Do Not Use" list and the build search was only using available sets and loose parts.
  4. You are missing 2 of 155 parts (you have 98.7%)to You are missing 148 of 155 parts (you have 4.5%) by following Nathan's advice. "You can modify the URL eg: by setting setlist or partlist to 0 to not use them." Fortunately no bricks were lost and no data was corrupted in the making of this post.
  5. from myparts-other Aquaman has travelled back in time to become a medieval knight. Please change 973px138c01 from aqua to red. Once you've done that I'll do the move request.
  6. This is helpful information. I was working on one of the ideabook subsets. I had put just the parts I needed for that into myparts and was working up a private MOC inventory to test removing the parts from myparts as an MOC and then parting it out to myparts again. Couldn't figure out how to use just myparts and NOT the sets.
  7. Uh..are you sure it's Billund air? There are LEGO factories all over the world now. We went to Legoland in Billund in 1987. Pitched our tent and then did the tour. Came back and the "genuine Billund wind" had blown the tent apart. The kind German campers next to us had gathered up our stuff and stored it in their VW camper van. Not to rub it in, but I was saving this for the Grand Finale. And yes, there is an employee at the San Antonio store that looks quite a bit like the minifig.
  8. the other side of the Fire Safety card
  9. You ain't seen nuttin' yet! I'm waiting for you to finish up the major part of bio's stuff before I start adding to mine again. Did you notice I only have 1 red 1x2 in the plain old bricks category? Lots of those plain old bricks sittin' here waitin' for you (and me) to get "a round tuit".
  10. It may be awhile before Nathan can get to it. I was suggesting private MOCs as a possible work around for now, but I haven't worked with it enough to know the ins-and-outs of it. I guess if the system doesn't recognize private MOCs as sets(because well they ARE private) , they can't be found in build searches. Thanks for helping me come to that realization. I was getting kind of frustrated myself trying to work with them.
  11. Well I'm having trouble getting pictures to post here. Could be time for me to get some sleep. I'll up load to bricksafe when I get up.
  12. These came with the order I just received. I have to post each picture separately. The first two are front and back of an approx 8.5" x 11" card
  13. Here is a post about peeron from May 2011. That was about the last time there were any major updates listed at peeron. I remember someone explaining what happened to peeron in the BrickLink forum sometime ago, but those posts disappear after 6 months and my memory of what's actually in them usually disappears 6 days after I read them. I use the Search keywords alot.
  14. I'm exhaused just reading it all. And really really sorry you didn't get to the beach. I'm going to read all the new posts before I get back to you about the 80s-90s parts.
  15. When I first joined rebrickable, I asked Nathan the same question. Fortunately, he's such a clever boy, he can work with just about any listing method you throw at him. I did my set inventory at rebrickable through my peeron account file. However, I don't know if peeron is still accepting members. Many of "you boys" are about the same age as my son. All grown up men now, and some with children of your own. ndbacon: Could you let us know your country/location? It's always fun to see the global population of rebrickable. I'm always hoping to run into someone who would remember the LEGO Lady from a school where I had a display. Our collection has been shared with children from many countries, including Russian Germans who returned to Germany after the break-up of the USSR. Sorry for going off topic above. Just elderly lady in rambling reminiscing mode. If I put this as an actual link, it shows the video here and while I know it would be ok with Nathan, I don't know it that's ok under youtube rules. Copy, paste, enjoy the music and pictures.
  16. The category is: Modular Buildings I'll take Modular Buildings for $1000 Alex.(In my day it was Art Fleming) The Jeopardy answer is: MiniFigs x 55 What Modular Building has 55 minifigs? I don't know, but whichever one it is, I'll take 100 please.
  17. Nathan, can you explain about private MOCs? I was trying to use that feature last night to accomplish what CADScott seems to be asking. Sugar Pretty Please!
  18. Another source for identifying older bricks is Choosing the "see pictures" option is a great help for printed bricks. Once you've worked out which set you're dealing with, you can usually find a scan of the instruction book as well. The only drawback is that it hasn't been updated for several years, so you won't find newer things. I've been collecting LEGO sets for almost 30 years, but I managed to avoid the Technic stuff most of the time. Thanks to Nathan(rebrickable), BrickLink, and peeron, I just inventoried 1000+ Technic parts my son left behind when he graduated from college. It wasn't toooo painful. And maybe Nathan will give me a few extra karma points for boosting his beloved Technic stats...hint hint.
  19. This gives you lots of karma points to make up for the handicapped monkey. Just hope you weren't in the middle of a Megabloks burning when you did the printed bricks.
  20. The DK Friends listing in MySets isn't showing the picture.
  21. When I went to add the Brickmaster Friends to My Sets last night, I typed in Brickmaster and it wasn't in the list. Just now when I typed Brickmaster, a whole bunch more showed up that weren't there last night. So thanks if you fixed it, and "What the heck happened?' if you didn't do anything to it.
  22. Is there a setting to change the default -sorted by year- to -sorted by set number-?
  23. If one of y'all can find a picture for the DK Friends Brickmaster book/set, I have 2 copies and can use the LEGO element numbers for an inventory. This one is especially dear to me because on the back under the UPC code it says...Always Learning PEARSON which is the company my husband works for.
  24. So I guess the monkey only has arms and legs-no hands or feet?
  25. I'm waiting impatiently to see that torso with arms and legs!