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  1. OMG! this is like deja vu. I just got a message from someone at BL asking me the same thing and it wasn't Loremonger! The answer is: Any train can become a Christmas train. Build it in the traditional colors of Red, Green and White. I just uploaded a picture of ours that is a 9v. The year the Holiday train was released, I bought a motorized set for the "Denver family". My son didn't like the engine, so he went to the LEGO store PAB bins(no wall back then) and brought me a cup full of red, green, and white pieces and said, Build it better Mom. That's where I got the idea for the one in the picture. The engine and tender are a combination of a large black My Own Train set, an extra green passenger car, and of course, spare parts. Being something of a stickler for recreating a set with pieces from the actual era it was released, if I were trying to faithfully recreate the Holiday Train, I would use 9v layout. The beauty of 9v track is that you can run RC, PF and 9v on it. And if you want to have a few places where you switch over to RC track, it will connect easily. But 9v is no longer available from TLG, so use what you have or can buy now for the least amount of money. One of the questions I was asked by the other person is: Will putting the motor in a tender car cause any problems with pushing and pulling at the same time? I haven't run into any problems having the motor in the middle of a train in any of the systems. What has caused me problems is newer cars with longer baseplates not taking the curves well on 12v track. Also some of the newer train cars have parts that extend out and when they pass each other on 12v tracks right next to each other, the extensions sometimes "bump" into each other. End of today's train tutorial. I have parts to inventory and dismembered minifigs begging for attention. I just checked the definition of dismember and discovered it really only applies to "living things". Guess from now on I'll use "parted-out". I also played around with some of the reply options and added in the picture after the link. It lets you put the picture where you want it. Way more cool than BL!
  2. I am starting to do some actual building for the BlackBrickFriday challenge I didn't get finished last year. A Grand Emporium at one end of our mobile home with a line of shoppers stretching all the way down the middle to the Cafe Corner 70+ ft away. Each shopper has to be unique and have a black body part. There will also be a Thanksgiving Day parade that will be next to the shopper's line. 250-1-s26-1 will be in the parade along with any of the other 250 models I build. Then there's the annual train display at Christmas time. After that the really big task of creating an educational display covering the 30 years we've been collecting LEGO sets. Followed by the monumental amount of time sharing it with kids at various schools. However, I will be here regularly so just ask for the help when you need it. I will offer advice or suggestions always with the understanding that everyone has a life outside of rebrickable and getting things done right slowly is so much better than fixing mistakes fast...over and over again. Now for some sleep. Later I hope to get some pictures transferred from my cell phone to the computer and upload them to bricksafe.
  3. this should be 3626ap01. Please see my post under BL vs rebrickable numbering.
  4. I have just run into one of the parts that I was talking about in another post with regards to keeping an inventory true to the parts available at the time the set was made. One of the big errors with BL inventories is their use of 3626bp01 with the description "stud hollow" in sets that were released before hollow stud minifig heads existed. 3626ap01 is the correct part for sets before 1989. A search for 3626ap* here brings up a number of printed heads with solid stud, but they all have 0 sets listed. Is there any plan to correct these inventories at rebrickable? I read the explanation for why it's that way at BL but it still bugs me that the inventories are wrong. When I've purchased a pre-89 set, I always asked first about the minifig head stud if it wasn't already in the description.
  5. Thanks to both of you. I've really never cared for the way BL does the minifigs in inventories.
  6. you can see the pages of 250-1 at peeron in the scans section. Do I use the individual body parts for minifigs like at peeron or find one complete minifig that is close? Can I note the difference like cas108 with blue hips?
  7. 250 subset 26 has 3 minifigs. None of the 3 matches one that has appeared in a set. How do I inventory these? The lady's cone headgear, x107, only comes in white in one set, 6023-1, and white doesn't show in the x107 list, only black. Do you have a form for inventory submission? In other words, please help. This is my first inventory submission.
  8. Those red door rails are gonna be tough. I have enough of them, but they're stored away as boxcars with my train stuff that I don't normally get out until November to work on the Christmas layout. I'll save subset 5 for last. Maybe someone else can do it before November. I found a wind-up red motor so I can do subsets 2 and 3 one at a time. I actually built a ferry in blue years ago that looked very much like subset 4. I have lots of yellow windows available, so I will do subset 4 Ferry also. Lunchtime for me. Back in a little while.
  9. I've rounded up the parts and built subset 26. I'll take pictures when I have a couple more sets built. Now I'm working on an inventory. Have you been using only parts that were available before 1987 in the inventory? It doesn't matter what we use when we build it just for a picture, but to keep it accurate in the inventory things like 4085 need to be correct to the time the book was printed. How can we show that it could be 4085a or 4085b? While doing all this research I sometimes stumble across something interesting. 6846-1 was the only set prior to 1987 with a white 4032. So if we were doing this in 1987, a white 1 x 2 round plate would have been very rare.
  10. Set Stats Summary There are a total of 9702 sets in our database, of which 634 are custom MOCs (My Own Creations). These sets consist of 1741471 parts. All of the following stats/charts exclude the accessory/supplementary and MOC sets. copied at 22:00 CDT USA Note the palindrome in number of parts. Can anybody compute the odds of that happening?
  11. The book has a 1987 date on it. The only set I can find with a yellow 3045 pre-dating the book is a Basic Building set 740-1. Fortunately, it has been used recently in the Friends Olivia's House 3315-1. I have several of this Friends set and was planning on building them soon. So that's the 250 subset I'll start on. When I get up.
  12. I started this thread in Help because it looked neglected with that big 0 sitting there. With the limited number of parts I've inventoried so far, I knew a search for a random set to build from only my parts would be low percentages. But the laugh came when my highest percentage set turned out to be Hockey Puck Feeder.
  13. How about a Technic, Steering and Pulley category Today's please rename the part nominee Technic Wishbone Suspension Arm
  14. Saying the "other" Forum was just a way to vent some frustration. :rolleyes:I'm not afraid to say BrickLink. I'm not even afraid to post '"MY Side of the Story" over there as a sort of "cease and desist" of my own. I didn't post it here as a reply to theskirrid's personal comment because so far this Forum has focused on sharing ideas for creating something new and exciting. I can build, and/or have built, most of the sets in the three ideabooks 250 6000 and 7777. What I'm not very good at is taking pictures. But if I build a set from these books, I will try to get a picture of it uploaded. I'm really excited about this project because it will be useful next year when I do my 30 Years of Building with Bricks event. Place isn't determined yet but it will probably be from Aug-Dec. 2014
  15. Thanks for the list of what you need help with. It's my sleep time right now, but when I get up, I'll have a look in my "before 1993" collection to see if I can build some of the ones you can't. And maybe we can work out a trade for some of the parts you're missing. I'm always in need of 12v straight track that you can find much easier in Europe.
  16. You may have seen the picture already over at that "other" Forum. What I wanted to point out is that there are builds in 7777 that don't need train parts. The train car with the elephant cage right behind the engine I'm "retracking" in the picture is part of the circus theme like in 6000. You can check out the 7777 pages at peeron. You might enjoy building the conveyor belt model on page 13. I will see what my husband Paul can do about the sticker sheet. He's the printer/copier expert of the family.
  17. rebrickable can continue to draw the line at what's used for building. Including an ideabook or poster with building instructions is necessary. Including a pencil just because it has a LEGO logo on it is not.(even if it was the one used to "draw the line" As for a response to your personal opinion, I'll put it in the Off-Topic section of this Forum.
  18. We didn't use our 250 ideabook very much. The stickers are still in it in mint condition. Our favorites have always been 7777, the train book, and 6000, the Bill and Mary book. Okay, I will join and upload pictures to bricksafe.
  19. No one was ever told before they couldn't use the BL catalog outside BLL. I know it isn't Nathan's objective to have a comprehensive LEGO catalog, but rebrickable provides the best solution right now to what BLL has taken away. Good points about the LEGO DUPLO inventories and pictures.
  20. 2 years ago I would have said get rid of them. However, I just spent a fortune last Christmas on Duplo sets for my first granddaughter. Since then my son's family moved into the "other Grandma's house." She has a puppy that happily chewed on any bricks left out. So when I was there recently for the birth of my second granddaughter, I spent some time finding replacements for the chewed pieces. If we are going to make the word rebrickable a definition of using bricks from several sets to build another set, it doesn't hurt to start young. My granddaughter already uses a touch-pad to put together puzzle pieces and she also looked at a picture I brought up on my computer to sort through her Duplo bricks to find the parts to build it. She will be 3 in Nov. I agree there needs to be a middle-of-the-road solution. Listing basic Duplo bricks that someone uses for structural reasons in an MOC seems to be a good middle ground. Would it also allow someone to submit a combination of Duplo sets as a private MOC if they wished to? I haven't used that part of rebrickable yet, so I don't know how it works.
  21. Which ideabook and subset did you use for your test? I would rather not upload pictures that will be used in rebrickable's catalog to a site other than rebrickable.
  22. Thanks for that link. I'm pretty fluent in sarcasm delivered in British English.
  23. Just looked at my Other category and it has really dwindled down. Give yourself a pat on the back! Here's a couple arches that didn't move. 6060 in Light Gray 30528 in Black and Sand Purple. What about Antennas in Bars Cones in...? Cones are definitely bricks, but kinda sloped and curved at the same time. Castle Turrets in....? Maybe as BUCTs(big ugly castle turrets) in Panels Just throwing these out there as I think of them. No pressure. Squeeze them in between your lion's sex education and taming your sex partner.
  24. Is it possible to upload a picture like on the BL Forum? I have several "sets" from ideabooks that we have kept together through the years. It might save someone else from spending the time on it.
  25. Looks very organized. Perhaps add the word, Ladders, to the Bars and Fences and include 6020 and other ladders. There are also some other bars still remaining in my Other category. Again, if this is already on the to-do list Thanks.