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  1. Thanks for the list of what you need help with. It's my sleep time right now, but when I get up, I'll have a look in my "before 1993" collection to see if I can build some of the ones you can't. And maybe we can work out a trade for some of the parts you're missing. I'm always in need of 12v straight track that you can find much easier in Europe.
  2. You may have seen the picture already over at that "other" Forum. What I wanted to point out is that there are builds in 7777 that don't need train parts. The train car with the elephant cage right behind the engine I'm "retracking" in the picture is part of the circus theme like in 6000. You can check out the 7777 pages at peeron. You might enjoy building the conveyor belt model on page 13. I will see what my husband Paul can do about the sticker sheet. He's the printer/copier expert of the family.
  3. rebrickable can continue to draw the line at what's used for building. Including an ideabook or poster with building instructions is necessary. Including a pencil just because it has a LEGO logo on it is not.(even if it was the one used to "draw the line" As for a response to your personal opinion, I'll put it in the Off-Topic section of this Forum.
  4. We didn't use our 250 ideabook very much. The stickers are still in it in mint condition. Our favorites have always been 7777, the train book, and 6000, the Bill and Mary book. Okay, I will join and upload pictures to bricksafe.
  5. No one was ever told before they couldn't use the BL catalog outside BLL. I know it isn't Nathan's objective to have a comprehensive LEGO catalog, but rebrickable provides the best solution right now to what BLL has taken away. Good points about the LEGO DUPLO inventories and pictures.
  6. 2 years ago I would have said get rid of them. However, I just spent a fortune last Christmas on Duplo sets for my first granddaughter. Since then my son's family moved into the "other Grandma's house." She has a puppy that happily chewed on any bricks left out. So when I was there recently for the birth of my second granddaughter, I spent some time finding replacements for the chewed pieces. If we are going to make the word rebrickable a definition of using bricks from several sets to build another set, it doesn't hurt to start young. My granddaughter already uses a touch-pad to put together puzzle pieces and she also looked at a picture I brought up on my computer to sort through her Duplo bricks to find the parts to build it. She will be 3 in Nov. I agree there needs to be a middle-of-the-road solution. Listing basic Duplo bricks that someone uses for structural reasons in an MOC seems to be a good middle ground. Would it also allow someone to submit a combination of Duplo sets as a private MOC if they wished to? I haven't used that part of rebrickable yet, so I don't know how it works.
  7. Which ideabook and subset did you use for your test? I would rather not upload pictures that will be used in rebrickable's catalog to a site other than rebrickable.
  8. Thanks for that link. I'm pretty fluent in sarcasm delivered in British English.
  9. Just looked at my Other category and it has really dwindled down. Give yourself a pat on the back! Here's a couple arches that didn't move. 6060 in Light Gray 30528 in Black and Sand Purple. What about Antennas in Bars Cones in...? Cones are definitely bricks, but kinda sloped and curved at the same time. Castle Turrets in....? Maybe as BUCTs(big ugly castle turrets) in Panels Just throwing these out there as I think of them. No pressure. Squeeze them in between your lion's sex education and taming your sex partner.
  10. Is it possible to upload a picture like on the BL Forum? I have several "sets" from ideabooks that we have kept together through the years. It might save someone else from spending the time on it.
  11. Looks very organized. Perhaps add the word, Ladders, to the Bars and Fences and include 6020 and other ladders. There are also some other bars still remaining in my Other category. Again, if this is already on the to-do list Thanks.
  12. Please take a look at the Arches. There are some in my Brick and Other categories. Shouldn't they all be in Brick Curved? If this is already on the to-do list Thanks.
  13. Is there a glossary of abbreviations at rebrickable? I can figure out STAMPs from the context of the previous message, but would like to know the actual words it represents.
  14. It could be classified as 9398v2 meaning version 2 of the same set number. If you are using -2 for sub-sets, what about the sets that LEGO assigned the same number having a -2?
  15. Having more part categories will be a big help and might even be enough incentive to get me to start some serious work on my loose part inventory. Please move part 6641 Technic Changeover Catch from Other to Technic Bricks. Also would it be possible to add a tag for "axle hole"? I spent about an hour trying to find the part number using Peeron BL and rebrickable catalogs the other day. Not being a Technic type person, when I look at the part, I have no idea what its function is, but I can see that it has an axle hole.
  16. Agree with both of your suggestions. It goes with my question about the number of sets used to determine the most popular.
  17. So...umhhh...yeah this is a reply. Just to build up the stud level. Seriously Thank you and I it! I came to look up something in my part list and got sidetracked by the forum. Now I can't remember why I came in the first place.
  18. I would like to see a page with set ranking as well. When you are determining a set's rank, is it based on just one per member or on the number of copies a person has listed of each set? For example, I have so many loose parts from large castle sets from the 80s. Listing each of those sets might not be possible because the set might be missing a number of significant pieces. However, I could "rebrickable" from loose parts and list multiple copies of a smaller set.