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  1. This set will need to be submitted by a member. We do not copy inventories from Bricklink, and there is no inventory available from
  2. Answered here There is also a note at BL under part bb170.
  3. Looking at 93218 in the change log, the number was deleted. I'm not sure why, so I'll dig a little deeper and get back to you. In the Forum, post a photo taken by you of the part you purchased from the LEGO Store build-a-minifig. After allowing some time for members to comment on if it's already listed or a valid new part, the part could be created.
  4. This set has now been downloaded and added to the database.
  5. Hi Arjen and welcome to Rebrickable! Currently the only one who can help you is Nathan, the owner of Rebrickable. I'll bring your message to his attention @Nathan, and you can also send him more detailed information by using the private Messenger feature. It's the white envelope icon at the top of the page. Thea
  6. There isn't anyone registered on the Forum by that name, so you can't send a message here. You could leave a comment on one of his MOC's. Comments are sent via email if the Designer has notifications turned on.
  7. thea

    Set 6090

    There weren't any official instructions for the "back of the box idea pictures" like there are now for what we call b-models. For this set you can see a picture of the back of the box at, and also the last page of the instruction scans, to see the suggested b-models.
  8. Glad that was a solution. If you run into the problem again, let us know.
  9. I intended to add one of the Scala sets that have 33173. Something came up and I haven't gotten back to it. Waiting for user means an admin has sent a message/question via email and is waiting for the user to reply. When the user replies, it will go back to waiting for approval.
  10. Were you trying to submit the image or inventory for the new Taj Mahal? Please take a screen shot/print screen of the error message and post it here. Thanks!
  11. Under your login name at the top of the screen, Click on Settings in the dropdown menu. Once you have the Profile Settings screen, find and click the Inventories tab. Check to see what you have selected as Default Viewing Options. I don't know if this choice affects part lists, but it might help solve the problem to rule out this possibility.
  12. There is nothing from you(nicola) pending in our Sets Waiting for Approval or In Progress. Is there anything in Your Rebrickable homepage list when you log in? If there is, try clearing your Rebrickable cache and cookies. If that doesn't work, send me a private message, and I'll try to help fix it from a different angle.
  13. @Nathan I ran his list through a Multi Buy and came up with 0 Sellers having 60897 in LBG. However, if I went to one of the stores and typed in 60897 it took me to the listings for 4085d with plenty of the part available in that color. Don't know if that will help solve the problem, but it was the only thing I could find that was .
  14. Brickset accuracy depends on when the set inventory was downloaded from lego replacement parts. Rebrickable uses the same source. If I downloaded the inventory today of an older set that had 6005, the download would show 92903, because that is what is available now. This is good for the primary goal of helping Rebrickable members find possible substitute parts that are currently available and likely to be less expensive. Not so good for the historical accuracy.
  15. I'm not thrilled with using 'larger bow', but haven't come up with anything better. What I really need is a specific word description that defines the difference. I did look at a few of my own, and am willing to make the split because the 92903 is actually molded on the part. This may cause some old part list back-up files to have incorrect information, because this isn't a situation that can be normalized. If someone will make a list from the instruction book inventories showing the element ID and the Set Number/s it belongs to, I can transfer the 92903 ones out of 6005. Please put it in a change request marked FOR THEA. We can never make a clean break using a date, because there will be carry overs and random occasions of old stock showing up in later years. I know the instruction books aren't always correct, but they are the main reference for the majority of casual LEGO users.
  16. Bricklink and Brickowl combine 6005 and 92903. Someone could probably figure out which sets have one or the other, but it would require checking the actual instruction inventory for each set to get the element ID and compare it to the design ID. What appear as little changes to you still have to be researched and verified.
  17. I've tried to include the picture in the notes section for part 6005, but it is just too large.
  18. Bringing this to @Nathan He checks the Bugs Topic fairly regularly, so you should have an answer soon.
  19. Rebrickable doesn't catalog boxes or instructions. I've solved this problem for my own collection by creating a Custom List for boxes and another list for instructions. Several Admins are working privately on a list of Element ID numbers that includes boxes and instructions. This may be made available in the future.
  20. If you have any Fabuland figures that you would like to add, I'm doing some work on that category now. Please provide as much information as possible from peeron, BrickLink, and Brickowl. Also, indicate if you can provide a photo that you have created from a part you own.
  21. Yes! I deleted the set, but kept the list because of the link in my post.
  22. Maybe that was is the problem. I moved 8043 from another list into that list when I couldn't delete it. And Sorry! but I just tried to delete it and got the 404 error still. My bedtime now, so I'll check back later.
  23. Flagging this for @Nathan attention, because I'm from the 'bookkeeping=handwritten ledgers' and 'rotary dial phones' era.
  24. It's much easier for Admins to make the changes from a change request. Changes can be made from the Forum topic, but we ask that it be limited to new members. You can easily reach the level needed to submit change requests, just by liking some MOCs, or making some constructive comments on the main site homepage .
  25. @Nathan He's saying that the MOC is based on Set 5571, but when you look at the 15 suggested sets, set 5571 doesn't show up. Here's the result of a comparison between the two. 1336 parts in common (200 unique) that appear in both MOC-0830 Tow Truck and 5571-1 Giant Truck (excluding spare parts). I think back in June I ran a test making only 42023 and 42000 available for building, and set 5571 didn't show up in the 15 suggested.